10 Best Kik Games

Whenever Kik was first developed, its purpose was to create a gateway for people who wouldn’t otherwise meet or talk, to do so. Bonds developed on the app can run very deep. You can meet a person who becomes a new best friend, or someone who becomes even more than a friend. Hence, where Kik games were invented.


The purpose is, this goes beyond texting in the sense that the cost and the environment promotes meetups from a wide range of users all around the world. You could say that Kik can now mimic the human experience without the actual physical presence. Just like in real life you meet someone and chat with them, you do the same here. Maybe you want to go on a date, for example, playing bowling or mini-golf. Good news for users is that Kik offers a feature that allows you to play games with your newly, or long lasting friends. However, this isn’t the only outlet that you can play games in.

There are also simple text games that can challenge the brain, or allow you to learn more about your friends. Now, let’s take the time to evaluate the top Kik games.

The obvious objective of video games is to entertain people by surprising them with new experiences.- Shigeru Miyamoto


10 Best Kik Messenger Games


10) Wasabi!

Cooking is an activity that creates many bonds between family and friends alike. From experience, the time I enjoyed the most with my own mother were the times she was teaching me her homemade recipes. One of the most quintessentially known dates out there is sushi night, and what Kik has been able to do is to bring the concept of cooking and sushi night together, put it in a competitive setting, and turn it into a fun activity to play with your Kik friends!


How to play: At the beginning of the game, players are asked to draw random cards that each contain different ingredients. You then have to go to the pantry, get your required ingredients plus any more you would like to use, and then try to assemble your sushi? The catch is, that not only do you need to try to assemble your sushi on a rapidly shrinking space, but you are also racing with your opponent.

How to win: This winner of this game is determined by the score of the players. Being the first one to complete yourself doesn’t necessarily warrant you a win; this is because bonus points are available for elements such as style and individual recipe completion time. The one who racks up the most points after the bonus points are tallied is crowned the winner of the round.

9) Would you Rather?

If the goal of your friendship is to learn more about the other person, then “Would you Rather” is a perfect activity to play with your friend. The rules are simple, but the questions can be quite challenging at the same time.


How to Play: The rules are simple: One person comes up with two challenging activities to partake in, while the other player must choose which one they would choose and why? For example, one dilemma your friend may pose is “Would you rather have to eat 30 spiders, or 1 snake?” There is no right or wrong answer, but everyone has their own opinion on which they would rather do and why, and that’s what makes the game fun to play and quite simple to do.

8) Words with Friends


Scrabble is one of the most well known games in the English Language. If you ask anyone out there if they know what Scrabble is, most of them would probably say yes. Little known fact though, there is a game similar to Scrabble out there that well, you can play with your friends! The name of the game is self-explanatory, and the rules for the game are simple as well; however, in order to win the game you must be able to evaluate the hand you’ve been given carefully, and spell words that offer more value than your opponent has.

How to play: You begin with 7 completely random letters. The first player must build a word completely out of scratch beginning on the star. From every turn after that, users must build words onto the original and newly planted words in order to try to get words with the highest point values. You are able to take advantage of your opponent’s letters in order to build onto your own word. Also, the board contains specific locations that can add on a bonus to your original score if you were to land on it. This game keeps going until you rather run out of tiles, or no other possible words can be added onto the board.

How to win: To win is simple, have the highest score when one of the two conditions in the previous sections are met. Winning seems simple in concept, but may be harder in execution. You may strategically hold out on high-valued letters in hopes that you can land it on a bonus tile, but you may also learn that this is impossible by the time it is too late. While this game may be frustrating at times, it is a fun game that truly challenges the brain.

If you want a list of valid words, you can go to the Scrabble site.

7) Kiss, Marry, Kill?

Kiss, Marry, Kill probably isn’t the best game to play with your significant other, as it could create some unnecessary anger. However, it is definitely a fun game to play with any close friends that you may have. The game can get scandalous, and make you uncomfortable at times, but that’s what makes the game fun! It doesn’t go overboard, but it’s one that definitely makes you think while at the same time puts you through a moral dilemma.

How to play: What you do is that you come up with a list of 50-100 celebrities with your friend, and one of you can write their names down on a piece of paper and place the papers into a hat. What the one player then does is draws 3 names at random and lists the players in the chat. What then both players have to do is choose one of them to kiss, one of them to marry, and one of them to kill, which makes for interesting discussion. If you and your friend have a lot of mutual friends, you can take this game for a twist and include some friends’ names in the drawing. What this does is create an even tougher dilemma and makes for even more fun drama!

6) Truth or Dare

The game Truth or Dare is a party classic. Mostly everyone has played Truth or Dare, and this game can actually be brought into a chat setting very easily.

How to Play: The rules of Truth and Dare are pretty easy. If you pick Truth, the other player can then ask a question in which you must be honest about. If you pick dare, the other player will give you a seemingly challenging activity in which you must complete. When playing this in a chat setting, the player may submit some sort of photographic evidence in order to prove that they completed the task.

How to Win: Don’t turn down whichever option you take. If you don’t complete it, you lose. The trick is to simply outlast the other player in tasks.

5) 2048

2048 is a single-player game that is meant to challenge the mind of the player. However, when timed, this game could easily be treated as a multiplayer game. This game went viral in 2014 and has stayed around ever since. To some users, this game is very easy. To others, it takes a bit of practice in order to get the groove of things. Regardless, this simple game could be turned into a fun challenge game for your friends.

How to play: The rules may seem a bit complicated at first, but once you begin to play they will become clear. What happens is you start out with 2-3 blocks that contain the values 2, 4, or 8. Every time you slide left, right, up, or down, the blocks move in the direction that you slide as far as they can go. However, if blocks of the same number come into contact with each other, they combine values. For example, if a 2 touches a 2, it becomes a 4. If a 4 touches a 4, it becomes and 8, etc. If you still don’t understand, an example can be shown below.

After sliding up, 2 of the 2’s combined to make a 4

How to win: The objective of the game is to keep sliding the blocks until you eventually are able to reach the value of 2,048. However, it is much easier to lose the game than it is to win. Your playing ground is on a 4X4 board, which means if you cannot get blocks to combine, the board will quickly fill up until there are no possible moves left. If this happens and you have not reached 2048, you lose. This game is addicting, challenging, and one that can really suck the consumer in.

4) Number Connect


Number Connect is a challenging game that requires the player to think ahead on what moves they want to make, and literally to make the connections that will allow you to advance to the next stage. If you are looking for a game that challenges your brain, but a game that also remains constant and object for all the players, then Number Connect is the right thing to play.

How to Play: Numbers will be laid out on a grid, and there will be 2 of each number. The objective is simple, connect the paths between matching numbers without making any overlapping paths. As you do this, you advance stages, and the puzzle gets more challenging.

Challenge a Friend: You can make this a timed race or a race for the high score. Whenever playing a puzzle game like this, when you have the added pressure of a challenge, it may make the challenge that much more difficult. If you like to play games in a competitive setting as well as solve a puzzle, this may be right for you.

3) Prism

Maybe the idea of numbers scares you, but you want to play a game of similar concept as 2048. Maybe you love the game 2048, but you want to spice up the visuals. If that’s your goal, than the game Prism is perfect for you. If has basically the same rules as 2048, but instead of numbers you are playing with colors, and there is really no target goal when it comes to the color.

Challenge a Friend: There are multiple ways you can play this game with a friend. You can challenge on who advances the most stages (by color) or you can challenge each other objectively by high score. Regardless of how you decide to play Prism, the possibilities are endless with what you can do and how you can challenge yourself, and others, with it.

2) Story Builder

Story Builder is another text game that is fairly simple. This game doesn’t have a winner or a loser, but it is quite funny, and can teach you so much about a person. Besides, at the end, you have a hilarious story, and an outlet to form many inside jokes!

How to play: This game is a back and forth game. What happens is that one friend will send a word, and then you will send another word back, and this will go back and forth. Basically what you are trying to do is to form sentences, which ultimately string together to form a story. However, this is done one word at a time. What makes this game funny is the number of plot twists the story can take. Your friend can add in a word that ruins an idea you have completely, but you’ll have to build onto it anyway to try to direct the story in a way you find would be interesting.

1) 20 Questions

20 questions is a text game that doesn’t require anything but back and forth conversation between the two participants. The job of the person who comes up with the object is to think of an object that you don’t think your opponent would ever guess. The job of the questioner is to play the devil’s advocate and ask good enough yes or no questions to lead them to the answer.

How to play: The rules are simple. One player can think of anything in the world. Whether if that’s a species of animal, a type of food, or a specific person. The other player must formulate 20 yes or no questions, and use the answer to the previous question to come up with the next. What the goal of the questioner is to ask the right questions within these 20 questions to give them a good enough idea to make a proper guess.

How to win: How to win depends on who you are. If you are the person who comes up with the object, the objective is to make sure they cannot guess your object. If you are the questioner, the objective is to guess the object. Pretty straightforward, but very fun.

If you want to practice your skills, go to 20Q.

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