10 Best Kik Messenger Profiles

Kik Messenger is, without a doubt, one of the most popular online instant messaging platforms around. One of the many great things about it is that, apart from being able to talk with people you know, you can also meet new people and make new friends.


Whether you are new to Kik Messenger or have been using the online messaging app for quite some time, it could seem difficult to try to find users to chat with.

Sometimes just because an app is free and as totally accessible as Kik Messenger it can make it be slightly frustrating when it does not work the way we expected it to. First you hear (or read) great things about it, and then you decide to download it and create an account. All is good until you open it and see that you have no one to talk to, or just the people on address book matching. If the reason why you downloaded the Kik Messenger app was to find exciting new people to talk to, you would start wondering how you should go about doing this.

It is true that you could just ask people that you know if they also use Kik Messenger and if so to give you their user names so you guys can chat. Perhaps, they would be people you already interact with on social media (Twitter, for example) but would like to have the opportunity to chat with more privately on a one to one basis. But what if you would like to keep your anonymity for whatever reason? Or, what about if you just want to chat to new people altogether?


It could very well be the case that you have some special interest (fandom, sports, etc.) and would like to find people online who share it so you can discuss it with them. Where do you even begin?

Luckily, it is actually extremely easy to find the best profiles to talk to on Kik Messenger as long as you know how to do so.

It does not matter whether you are using the smart phone app version of Kik Messenger or you are accessing it on your PC or Mac computer through an Android emulator. Everyone can find interesting profiles on Kik Messenger.



What Is A Kik Profile?

One of the things that puts people off or, maybe, just confuses them is Internet jargon. In Kik Login Online we try to avoid this jargon or when that is not possible at least explain it in the clearest possible way we are capable of.

We have been talking about Kik profiles but have not really explained what they are. You would probably already be familiar with the term but may not fully understand it. If you feel confident what a Kik profile is you can skip ahead to the next section.

If you are still reading this section, here is what a Kik profile is. In its most basic sense, a Kik profile is just the information about your Kik Messenger account that it is made public so other Kik Messenger users can find you. It is also how other Kik Messenger users will find out what you look like and other information about you before deciding whether they would want to go ahead and start chatting with you.

Every Kik Messenger profile consists of the following elements:

  • A Kik Messenger user name: this is the name that Kik Messenger users choose when they first signed up to the app.
  • A Kik Messenger display name: Kik Messenger users can choose any name to display. This is the name other users will see. It can be the same as your username but it can also be all or part of your name, or any nickname you choose. Kik Messenger users can change their display name as often or as little as they choose.
  • A Kik Messenger profile picture: Kik Messenger users can use any picture as their profile picture (meaning the picture other users will see). This can be any picture they already have on their phone or take a new one. Again, as with the display name, Kik Messenger users can change their profile picture as often or as little as they like.

So, as you can see profiles are the best way of presenting yourself to the Kik Messenger community and to see who is out there. If you have a good profile, other users will start contacting you with chat requests in no time.

How to Find the 10 Best Kik Messenger Profiles


If you are new to Kik Messenger, you would be keen to start chatting with different people. If you are looking for the best Kik Messenger profiles out there, you will firstly need to define what you mean by that.

What would be the best Kik Messengers for you? The ones used by the best-looking people? The ones used by the most intelligent people? The ones used by the funniest people? (Of course, these categories are not self-exclusionary. A person could be good looking and funny, for example).

There are lists of Kik Messenger user profiles where you can go through hundreds of profiles until you find some that would be appealing to you. You will have to be aware that the Kik Messenger profiles you find publicly on the Internet belong to users who decided they wanted to make their profiles public. This is particularly important to know if you are at all concerned about your own privacy. Kik Messenger will never publish your user name on any website. If you want your user name included in any user list, you will have to purposefully submit your user name to them yourself.

So, how can you find the 10 best Kik Messenger profiles? If you search for the best Kik Messenger profiles or, even, just for Kik Messenger profiles, what you will get dozens of different websites where you can find other Kik users.

You will need to be aware that many of these websites are for adults. We are not saying that everyone on those username or profile lists is just interested in adult content but it would disingenuous to claim that many of them would. If you are not interested in receiving photos or holding adult-themed conversations on Kik Messenger, you will have to be extra careful when adding users whose profiles you have find on lists online. This is why checking out their profiles first is so important. Very often Kik Messenger users who are interested in adult conversation. So, they will be quite easy for you to identify them even before you start chatting with them.

If you find someone that uses nudity (partial or full frontal) on their profile picture, you can safely assume what kind of chat or messaging you can expect from him or her. Sometimes, the profile picture is not enough, however. Some Kik Messenger users who make their profiles public on the different websites available, have very neutral or discreet profile picture. If that is the case, then you should carefully read their user name and their display name for clues. For users who are interested in a specific kind of chat on Kik Messenger will often have a user name or, even more often, a display name that leaves their chatting interests and preferences quite clear. This is not just good for when you are trying to see if another Kik Messenger user is after adult themed chats, but also, in general, if you are looking for profiles of Kik Messenger users who share your interests.

If you are at all worried that you might receive inappropriate messages for other Kik Messenger users you can be reassured that you will always be able to block them, if that is the case. They will never know that you have blocked you and will not be able to contact you again if you decide you do not want them to.

“When you get bullied, you automatically think that you’re the reason why you’re getting bullied. The reality is, it’s about them, not you… I’m all about blocking people. I’m all about saying, ‘You know what, I don’t need this in my life.’ “- Kat Graham

Another way to find the best Kik Messenger profiles is to share yours and let others find you. If you are not comfortable sharing your profile on some random websites, there is another much better thing to do. You could just share your Kik Profile on social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

All you will need to do is to go to “your profile” settings and tap on the option to share your profile and then choose the social network you will want your profile to be shared at. Just consider that by doing this you will effectively allow all your social media friends or followers to contact you on Kik Messenger.

So, while the list of 10 best Kik Messenger profiles is very subjective and could only include those profiles that have been made public (and who is to say those would be the best ones), we have given you some tips to allow you to find the 10 best profiles by yourself. You should be able to start chatting with amazing people in no time.

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