100 Best Kik Messenger Usernames For Guys & Girls

One of the best things about creating a Kik messenger account is picking a unique username that is memorable. You want to be known for your fun-loving attitude, your wit, and your humor, but a boring username will ensure that no one will remember who you are even if you are funnier than Louis C.K. With this in mind, we are going to present you with the 100 best kik messenger usernames according to our top users.


With your new username, you will be able to attract the types of people that you want to talk to. You can create a whole new identity and become a meme master, or you can simply use your nom de plume to chat and play games with friends. The options are endless, and the name that you go by will be the bedrock of your online popularity.

This list is meant to give you starting ideas so that you can use your own creativity to expand on what we know already works. Even if you don’t consider yourself very creative, mixing and matching a few of the usernames that we list (or simply using one verbatim) will guarantee a unique and memorable name.

We are going to categorize each group of names as well, so you can scroll down to the category that you would like to operate under and pick a name from the list. These usernames are meant to be starting points, and since they are popular, many of them are probably already in use. Therefore, you should take the ones that we list as inspiration to create your own unique variations. Even something as simple as adding a few numbers to the end of the name can work, and won’t detract from the greatness of it.


Let’s get right in to the list. We will give a category, and list the best names for girls and guys. Each category is quite broad, so we will try to add a lot of variation in to the mix. Feel free to try out a few  names or alter one to your liking. Also, if you are new to Kik, make sure to check out how Kik works. This amazing communication tool is waiting for you to join in with your amazing new username.

Our names are labels, plainly printed on the bottled essence of our past behavior. — Logan Pearsall Smith

Category 1: Names That Reveal Your Personality

These are usernames that tell others about who you are, or point out a specific like or dislike that you may have. Whether you are a people person, and introvert, an old soul, a nerd, or a combination therein, you will be able to find a name in this list that speaks to who you are. Names that reveal personality traits tend to get more responses because they not only open up a conversation topic, they reveal aspects of you so that the person (or people) on the other end of the chat feel more comfortable opening up.

Some of these names, since they don’t automatically give away gender, can be interchangeable between girls and guys. Never feel that you need to be 100% truthful either, this is the internet. If you are an introvert but you don’t want people to know that, feel free to pick a name that portrays an outgoing type. Alternatively, if you want to come off as a deep dark soul but inside you are really a bundle of sunshine, pick something more gloomy. These are the best personality-revealing Kik usernames for girls and guys.

Girl Usernames

  1. Super Giggles
  2. Happy Princess
  3. Nerd Goddess
  4. Lonely Kitty
  5. Gamergal
  6. Emo Snuggles
  7. Nature Babe
  8. 14 Going On 40
  9. Ms. Movie Lover
  10. Sleepy Princess

Guy Usernames

  1. Music Man
  2. Mr. Charming
  3. Constant Dreamer
  4. Big Hands McGee
  5. Football Fiend
  6. IhateSports
  7. Sad Clown
  8. Dancing Outlaw
  9. Fresh Everything
  10. MakeYouLaugh

Category 2: Names that express a hobby


Using Kik is all about finding friends that share your interests, and nothing can make that easier than stating something you like right there in your username. Whether you are a World of Warcraft whiz or an avid golfer, adding an interest to your username can attract the types of people that love doing the things that you love to do. If you are interested in a hobby, such as playing guitar, but you don’t feel like you are talented enough to make a username that reflects it, then turn that thinking upside down!

Even if you are a complete noob at guitar, putting something guitar-related in your username will ensure that you find other hobbyists that can help you navigate the road to mastery. What I’m saying is, don’t be shy.

Now, you still want to make the username nice to look at, so we don’t suggest something like, “WoWGuitarFootballBooklover” or something. That combines too much, and is way too complicated. Instead, you can combine an interest with something else about yourself, even if it is just your name. Let’s take a look at some of the best usernames in this category.

Girl Usernames

  1. WoWGrrl
  2. MissTechnoDancer
  3. Hula Girl
  4. Betterthan MarthaStewart
  5. Piano Princess
  6. Science Miss
  7. Kitty Pride
  8. Number Cruncher
  9. Bicycluster
  10. 420Princess

Guy Usernames

  1. Guitar Hero
  2. Badat Math
  3. Music Madman
  4. Travel Guru
  5. Art Throb
  6. Ruff Ryder
  7. Dog Lover
  8. MrMagic
  9. YogaMan 5000
  10. WoW Monster

Category 3: Names That Reveal Your Gender

Let’s face it, one of the main reasons we use social platforms like Kik Messenger is to start potential relationships (or to find a one night stand!). Nothing breaks the ice better than revealing something about your sexual preferences right in your username.


Not only can it start a conversation, it can make sure that you attract the right kind of people. With millions of users worldwide, Kik is great at bringing together like-minded people from all over the place. Let your wild side be your guide as you navigate the dating pool with a cool username!

Girl Usernames

  1. ILoveNerds
  2. Kinky Sara (Substitute with any name)
  3. MoistMarie
  4. QueenTakesPawn
  5. Girl4Girl
  6. LetMeSeeYourAbs
  7. DominateMe
  8. Puta Ringonit
  9. ILoveAthletes
  10. Chocolate Luvr

Guy Usernames

  1. Hopeful Romantic
  2. Adam&Steve
  3. MileHighGuy
  4. Dominator
  5. Bear Chaser
  6. Longman
  7. Marcus Ebony
  8. OneNighter
  9. Bone Chaser
  10. Mr Frisky

Category 4: Funny Names

Sometimes you simply want to go by an amusing name that evokes laughter from other users. This is where you can let your imagination run wild, as your username will not necessarily have anything to do with you as a person. “MC Butterpants” might attract a lot of fun people, while your actual name will just be… your actual name (not that there is anything wrong with it!). Coming up with funny names can be tough, and the best ones seem to come to you when you aren’t trying to think of them.

We have come up with some tried and true names that illicit chuckles, but for the best results you should try to put your own personal spin on whichever one you choose. Being funny does reveal something about your personality, that you have a superb wit. Take these names as inspiration to create your own ideas, and hopefully they will result in many guffaws!

Girl Usernames

  1. Betty Poop
  2. UserBot 1612
  3. MarshaMarshaMarshmallow
  4. Boogie Neon
  5. Strawberry Ham
  6. FruitsAndVages
  7. Remain Clam
  8. Fuzzy Taco
  9. Mitten Busy
  10. QueenPee

Guy Usernames

  1. Skrillex Mozart
  2. Butty McPoopface
  3. Gorgeous Roy
  4. Flappy McFlapperton
  5. Undiagnosed
  6. PinkPoodlePiss
  7. Orange Choad
  8. Wiggle Warrior
  9. Justin Beaver
  10. Shmart Alec

Category 5: Names For Anybody

The last twenty names are random picks that could be for guys or girls, straight or gay, or anything in between. These are fun and amusing usernames that fall out of any certain category, but will work well no matter who you are. As with all the names on this list, be sure to add your own twist to the one that your choose so it is truly custom. These jumping off points should provide you with enough inspiration to come up with something truly original and eye-catching. You can also pick a category from the top, and combine it with one of the names on the next list to mix things up.

  1. Bling Blong
  2. Grizzly Turkey
  3. Scooby Bumble
  4. Sweet Emotion
  5. DeaD HeaD
  6. Catch 22
  7. WeirdNWitty
  8. FlamingSmelt
  9. JustThe1 4You
  10. SmartGeek
  11. No One
  12. Aids
  13. Snarky Martian
  14. Brown Toast
  15. EnvyOfTheInternet
  16. Porcelain Ball
  17. Hottest
  18. Ca5hBack
  19. Formula None
  20. Pest Detective

There you have it folks, the 100 best Kik Messenger usernames for guys & girls. Now, before you comment on how these weren’t the best, make sure to remember that everything is subjective! We took votes, and these are the names that won out. There are bound to be more creative names out there, but you can get far by using some of these as starting points for your new Kik username.

Go down the list and pick out the ones that appeal to you. Write them down on a piece of paper, and start to combine a few. Exchange part of a name with another, or simply replace a part with your own idea. With these tools, you are bound to create a funny, and/or eye-catching username that will attract other Kik users. From now on, we dub thee (insert your brand new username here)! Go forth, and conquer the world of online relationships with your new persona!

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