100 Best Kik Usernames

As one of the fastest growing messaging platforms in the world, you will often have to get original when trying to select a username. It can be a frustrating process as each variation that you try may already have been taken by one of the 200 million other users of the platform. While you could use your real name, where’s the fun in that?


If you have a common name, it is more than likely that someone else has already grabbed the username before you anyway. It can also be a great way to explore your alter ego or maybe just try a cool, new name.

Without further ado, here is a massive list of usernames that you could use. You may decide to use one of those listed or some variation of it if it has already been grabbed by one of our readers.

When this article was being written, every single name listed here was available to use as a Kik username.


A good name is rather to be chosen than riches.- King Solomon

100 Best Kik Usernames

Usernames For the Sports Fans


  1. SportsLunatic

If you are frankly crazy about sports, this is the right name for you.

  1. Mamba247

The great “Black Mamba” or Kobe Bryant retired recently.


In the latter stages of his career he wore the 24 jersey to mark how hard he worked 24/7 every day.

  1. Swatt_em

JJ Watt is the most powerful and exciting defensive players in the NFL.

The Houston Texans is often called JJ “Swatt” due to his ability to swat down balls thrown by quarterbacks.

  1. MessiDemUp

Messi is constantly messing the opposition up and running rings around them.

  1. Tiger_Whoods

Who is Tiger Woods? He hasn’t been back to anywhere near his best since his stunning fall from a grace a few years back.

  1. WillettHappen

The recent US Masters winner Danny Willett surprisingly claimed the green jacket after Jordan Spieth threw it away.

  1. NotJordan23

Unlike Michael, Jordan Spieth threw away a Major Championship recently.

  1. RosingUp

Derrick Rose is constantly battling injuries and rising up from the ashes.

  1. B3ast_mode

The skittles lover has officially retired from the NFL. Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch will be missed.

  1. Old_Man_Manning

Old man Peyton Manning finally retired and rode off into the sunset with another Super Bowl ring.

  1. EliOrPeyton

Both now have two Super Bowl rings, so which one will have had a better career when they are both finished?

  1. Conor_McGoat

Conor McGregor is one of the most exciting and entertaining UFC fighters ever seen.

He reckons he’s one of the best of all time.

  1. Bones_In_The_Closet_Jones

Jon Jones certainly has some skeletons hiding in his closet following numerous incidents of abuse and violence.

The UFC fighter is back and rehabilitated.

  1. Ban_Man_Cam

Cam Newton underperformed in the Super Bowl, should his crazy celebrations be banned?

  1. Pigskins_Plus_Bacon

Two of many Americans favorite hobbies, football and bacon.

  1. Soccer_SupremoCR7

One of the best soccer players of all time, Cristiano Ronaldo.

  1. Going4Gold2016

The Olympics is just around the corner and many will be vying for those gold medals.

  1. Champ2k16

Is this your year to become a champion?

  1. Fast_As_Bolt

Can anyone beat Usain Bolt for speed? Prove it.

  1. Masterful_Mascot

For all you mascot lovers out there.


Random Collection of Kik Names


  1. GreenTLover

This is for all those people who love nothing better than drinking green tea.

  1. BeeSomething

Do something with your life and be something!

  1. TopTunes

For those music lovers that are always finding hidden gems.

  1. ArtistTwang

Any artists that have a unique twang to their music?

  1. TwinklingEchelon

The beauty of what lies ahead…

  1. CompetitorsCloset

Many experiences and emotions are hidden in a competitor’s closet, aka their head.

  1. ResidencesLedge

For those who have a great view of nature or a picture of beauty.

  1. PassiveBlackbird

For those who like to watch the world go by.

  1. SaltyTrust

For those who aren’t very trusting of others.

  1. Advisers Glass

Advisers peering through the looking glass into your business.

  1. WaxWilson

Tom Hank’s ball from the movie “Castaway” could do with a waxing.

  1. HeadedPencil

For all lovers of the eraser on a pencil.

  1. Snowball_Mowing

For those people who drive snow ploughs.

  1. DapperSmell

For those who always smell great.

  1. Tan_Inside

Perfect for people who experiment with different artificial tanning methods.

  1. Workflow_Nonstop

Always hustling and working.

  1. SterlingSalmon

For lovers of wild salmon.

  1. BuoyancyBlisters

For people who are tired trying to keep their heads above water.

  1. SmackPlaying

Perfect for people who love talking smack when playing sports.

  1. SortaAbject

For those who have an abject view of life.

  1. AdoringChrome

Great for anyone who loves the Chrome web browser.

  1. TellingWho

Great for anyone who loves gossip and being told juicy information.

  1. LugDubbed

A made-up expression for when someone is fed up and just goes to sleep.

  1. AroundMilkyway

Master traveller who is always in some place new.

  1. SaberBaker

Lover of Star Wars and baking.

  1. ExtensionApparent

Always trying to improve themselves and push past their comfort zone.

  1. FactCharlie

For anyone called Charlie and like stating facts.

  1. EnchantedJungle

For those people bitten by the wanderlust bug.

  1. MassesEggs

For any egg lover out there who loves being surrounded by masses of eggs.

  1. LowlyDemand

Low maintenance person that is easy to get along with.


Kik Names for the Great Politicians….


  1. Donald_Plump

The presidential candidate has put on a few pounds since he started his campaign.

  1. Get_Trumped

For those who love Donald Trump and watching him destroy the opposition.

  1. Cruzin_Away

Ted Cruz will be heading home into the sunset empty handed.

  1. Burning_Sand

Bernie Sanders was a constant thorn in the side of Hillary.

  1. Bernie2020

Bernie supporters hoping he will run in 2020.

  1. HillaryClinto

Is she the best of a bad bunch or is she none the better?

  1. HillaryFact_Or_Fiction

Is she telling the truth or not?

  1. LincolnCandidates

Anyone could enter this presidential campaign and do well.

  1. LeastWorstPres

Who is the least worst option for president?

  1. TrumpinEveryone

Donald supporters love how he always seems to come out on top.


Kik Names for You Celebrity Lovers


  1. CanHeStop

Kanye never stops talking.

  1. West_Coast_Kanye

Kanye West loves the California lifestyle.

  1. MileyMadness

She has calmed down recently, have we seen the last of the bouts of madness from Miley?

  1. No_PittStains

Brad Pitt always looks amazing, even when all sweaty.

  1. Morgan_the_Smooth

No smoother voice in Hollywood than Morgan Freeman.

  1. Jack_the_Jokerr

Jack Nicholson always has a joke to tell.

  1. TCruising

Tom Cruise is always too fast and furious cruising around.

  1. GirlyGoss

For those lovers of celebrity gossip.

  1. GrandeAriana

Ariana Grande is a massive heartthrob.

  1. Russell_Branding

Russell Brand is constantly going after capitalism in the world.

  1. PiersePotty

Pierse Morgan has a potty mouth and is rude to most people, are you like this?

  1. KimmelKik

For lovers of Jimmy Kimmel sketches.

  1. JCoal

The great hip-hop artist J Cole likes to keep his music hot.

  1. WillYouAre

Will.i.am is always transforming himself and his music.

  1. SeductiveScarlett

One of the chief seductresses in Hollywood, Scarlett Johansen.

  1. Foxy_Megan

Megan Fox has always had a naughty look to her.

  1. Bail_On_Christian

Christina Bale has made some enemies over the years in Hollywood.

  1. Matt_Day_Mon

Who doesn’t love Matt Damon?

  1. Will_is_Bruce

Bruce Willis is still doing action movies at his age, what’s your excuse?

  1. Leonardo_CapriSun

This juicy man finally got a well-deserved Oscar in 2016.


More Random Kik Names!


  1. DullDavid

Perfect for a boring person called David.

  1. VeganVeggies

Vegans certainly love their vegetables, why not tell people about it?

  1. Pale_eel_Oh

Paleo has taken off in recent years as a diet, are you a convert?

  1. SwaggerSauce

For those who have an immense swagger and like to spread it to others.

  1. SoulSeller

For those who embrace people’s vices.

  1. Maple_Madness

Canadians love their Maple syrup, but the real stuff makes Americans go crazy.

  1. Paincakes

Taste so good, but so many calories….. Perfect for anyone who knows these feelings.

  1. Raise_ems

Raisins are always raising the game and sugar levels as a great snack.

  1. KardashianKik

If you are a fan of the Kardashians, this is the username for you.

  1. SpellOnU

For those who are terribly unlucky and may be cursed.

  1. WhichYouWereHere

For those who miss a friend that is far away.

  1. JigglyJelly

For those people who love jelly that moves and jiggles everywhere.

  1. RunningRampant

For those running lovers, who can never stop.

  1. LionDown

Perfect for those who work hard all day and lie down exhausted after the day’s work.

  1. MassiveMarcus

For that guy called Marcus who is a giant of a man.

  1. LeftyLoner

For those who know the pains of being left handed. Ink smudges anyone?

  1. Barry Botter

The alter ego of everyone’s favorite wizard, Harry Potter.

Do you fancy yourself as some sort of a magician?

  1. BlatentPatent

For those people who always come up with obvious ideas.

  1. RowdyRocky

Perfect for those people who like to get a bit rowdy.

  1. Catch_Casper

For that elusive person who never gets caught and gets away with any and all situations.

These are just a taster as to what sort of name you could choose for your Kik username. While some of them may be a bit crap, others might strike a chord and you may take one of the usernames for yourself or tweak it slightly. These were all taken off the top of my head, so there is no reason why you cannot do something similar.

If you have any suggestions for Kik names, leave them in a comment below. If you have taken one of these names for yourself, also let us know in the comments. Get there before someone else does!

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