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Without one shadow of a doubt the one new features for the Kik Messenger app that was introduced last year (2016) was Kik bots. Things move fast indeed on the Internet world but there is absolutely no reason to start thinking of Kik bots as a thing of the past. On the contrary, as we will show in this article, Kik Messenger bots are not only definitely here to stay but they can actually help you to begin 2017 the right way.


But do not think that this article is just going to be a random collection of Kik bots that you can interact with this year. No, although we will go through some Kik bots and give you ideas on how to use them in 2017, we will specifically be offering you ideas of how to use Kik bots to inspire you in this New Year period.


New Year Resolutions and Kik Messenger 

Before they say farewell to last year, many people sat down and wrote out a list of New Year’s resolutions. New Year’s resolutions are often lists of various lengths where people express the goals they would like to achieve in the New Year as well as things that they would like to give up. Of course, New Year resolutions are highly personal affairs but there are some very common ones. Among some of the most common one New Year resolutions are “finding a new job”, “learning a foreign language”, “reading more books”, “quitting smoking”, “drinking less alcohol”, “traveling”, etc.


As January progresses, however, many people start to forget about their New Year resolutions. All their good intentions begin to slowly peter out when they are confronted with the reality of their every day lives. Sadly, attitudes do not magically changed because we cross the imaginary man-made line that is the passage to a new year.

Sorry if we got a little bit too deep there for a moment. This article is not really about New Year resolutions as much as it as about fining inspiration to make some positive changes in your life and deal with everything the New Year may have in store for us.

“The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals.”- Melody Beattie

Great Kik Bots For 2017


We are not telling you to dismiss your New Year resolutions (if you indeed made any). We are not even saying that New Year resolutions are an ineffective way to set out goals for 2017. This is all very personal and whether New Year resolutions work for you or not will depend, to a large extent, on the kind of person you are. If you are the kind of person that likes to right down to do lists and are really good about working your way through your list and accomplishing things, then you would probably be the right kind of person for whom coming up with New Year resolutions may really work, too.


Instead, what we are saying is that there are other positive ways of starting off your new year. You can use this alongside your New Year resolutions or any other motivational tools that you may have going on.

One of the hardest things about getting motivated in January is that the New Year begins in the middle of Winter when it is often the darkest it can be. This is, of course, unless you live in the Southern Hemisphere, in which case you would greet the New Year in the middle of the summer (Hello, readers from South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, etc.!).

As we have said in previous articles there are Kik bots for almost any occasion. Getting the right Kik bot to interact with is one of the easiest things you can do online as you would only need to head over to the official Kik shop and look for the right Kik bot for you.

There are some Kik bots that can specifically help you start the New Year with a really positive and creative vibe.


What follows is a list of Kik bots that can help you kick-start 2017. And it really does not matter that at the time of writing this we are already in mid January or if, indeed, you are reading this article later on this year because we believe that you can start to make changes at any point during the year. After all, as we said earlier, the passage into the New Year is both imaginary and man-made so any extra significance we feel fit to assign to it is totally arbitrary and only significant in terms of tradition.

Our first suggestion is for those people we have also described earlier on. In other words, people who respond well to making to do lists. The problem with to do lists in this day and age is about what format to write them in and whether to use a mobile device or a good old fashion piece of paper. The problem with using an old fashion piece of paper is that they are easily lost or misplaced. If you want to ensure that you have your to do list with you at all times or, at least, accessible when you need it is to use your smart phone for it.

  • There is a To Do List Kik bot that may just be what you were waiting for even if you did not realize it at the time. Even if you have never used to do list, this Kik bot makes it easier to organize your daily tasks.
    • Thanks to the To Do List Kik bot, you will be reminding of your daily tasks so you will never forget to do what is important to you. What that is will be up to you but the most effective ways of using this bot is to concentrate on small daily tasks such as “pay bills”, “go to the gym”, “clean the bathroom”, “visit the dentists”, etc. The Kik bot will remind you of the tasks on your lists.
  • If what you are looking for is some inspiration in early 2017, then the Stop, Breathe & Think may be the right Kik bot for you. In an increasingly faster moving world, many people struggle with stress and anxiety. One of the most effective ways of dealing with stress and anxiety on a daily basis is to take regular breaks from whatever you are doing so you do not ever get too overwhelmed. This official Kik bot has been designed to do just that. So, if you feel like what is stopping you from realizing your dreams or achieving your goals, this may be the tool that just helps you to relax so you can make the changes you need in 2017.
    • The way the Stop, Breathe & Think Kik bot works is by reminding you on a daily basis that you need to take a pause and mediate. This Kik bot has been created to interact with you and ask you questions about your well being every day. After you are done answering the questions that the Stop, Breathe & Think, you would be giving a short meditation for you to listen to. So this is not just a free but an extremely convenient way of connecting with yourself and relax on a daily basis.
  • The last suggestion we have for you is to do with one of the most popular New Year’s resolution: “go to the gym”. The hardest thing about going to the gym is getting into the habit of doing so. If this is one of your New Year’s resolutions you would probably struggle to go to the gym now because it is too cold and you probably feel that you are way too tired. The problem with this is that days will soon turn into weeks, which then will turn into months, and soon enough the weather will be nice again and going to the gym will feel like such a waste. But it will only feel like that if you had not formed some healthy habits that would include visiting your local gym in a regular basis. Exercising will only be beneficial and long lasting if you are able to incorporate it into your weekly routine. Here is where the next Kik bot, Plate Math, comes in.
    • Plate Math is the Kik bot that will help you get that extra motivation you will need to go back to the gym in 2017. This bot is not some kind of “to do list,” that is what the To List Kik bot is for after all. No, Plate Math works as a motivational tool because it gives you so math problems to solve while you exercise. The idea behind this bot is to give you something else other that fitness to focus on while you exercise so that you keep your mind occupy and do not get tired or exercising so easily. Try it out and you will be surprised about how solving math problems will keep you focused in the gym.

Believe it or not, the three Kik bots that we have discussed can help you to start 2017 just right. All you will need to do is head over to the Kik Bot Shop right now and add these bots to your Kik Messenger experience.

If you have any feedback about any of the bots we have discussed in this article, please leave us a message in the comments section below!

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