40 Cool Kik Name Ideas

Need a Cool Kik Name? Here You Go.


With nearly 300 million users spread out across more than 200 countries, coming up with that one original Kik username can be a pain, if not straight out frustrating. You could always settle for your actual name. With all sincerity, I am sure it’s a great name. And there is only one you, right? Wrong.

Chances are someone else has the pride of sharing your name. Plus, the wonderful world of social media is the shot to dawn your alter ego. Well, if not your alter ego, at least a cooler name. So I am here to help. Check out my list of 40 cool Kik name ideas, along with a some information on helpful username generators.

Each of the names here, at the time of writing, is original and free for grabs. I know, because yours truly has tested them all.


If I’m gonna tell a real story, I’m gonna start with my name.- Kendrick Lamar

Honestly, Just Random Kik Names

  1. JesusDebunk

This is a special one, right here. JesusDebunk: only the bearded righteous with European heritage should claim this title.

  1. CoffeeSmooth

Are you a sucker for nature’s energizer? This one’s for you.

  1. HiExec

This is a simple one for those who like to exert their executive powers.

  1. 23Spoons

23 is a great number: Michael Jordan (no one remembers 45, right?), birthday of Bob Dylan, the title of a drama starring Jim Carrey. Spoons? Well, what’s not to like about spoons!

  1. RoyalHello

Are you feeling a bit high on your throne? Give greetings to those down below.

  1. EternalSmart

Do you like to show off your IQ? Should your intelligence be permanent in the world of Kik? Try this one.

  1. Calmette12

Calmette, for that peaceful girl who likes a French-sounding name.

  1. SantaClaws25

This is a jolly good name with a clever twist.

  1. BouncinOff_TheWalls

Straightforward and to the point, this one is. This is for the proudly energetic.

  1. InBedTillNoon

This one should go fast, I’m sure. It’s practically applicable to anyone.

Kik Names For the Political Commentators

  1. DumfordTramp

We live in interesting times.

  1. DaRock_Mohama

I knew a little old Spanish woman once upon a time. For the grace of her, she never could get President Barack Obama’s name right. Instead she was always going on about Mohama. This is a nod to her.

  1. Willy_Jazz_Slippedin

This is an ode to the sax-playing, shade-wearing, scandal-raising President of the ‘90s.

  1. SandBern16

Are you feeling the Bern in 2016?

  1. Tedicus_Cruzificus

Well, it’s an option.

  1. Billary∞Winton

Hell, they’ve made it this far together. They are eternal. They are infinite.

  1. Homely_Lincoln

He was a visionary with a clear mind and an honorable heart. But from his portraits, he could have used a hearty meal and a better barber.

  1. SmokingFobRord

This is a shout out to the former mayor of Toronto, who recently passed away, but not before providing lots of material for the Internet.

  1. ImNot_Klingenschmitt

A certain senator from Colorado who claimed to have performed a gay exorcism, this guy’s name could stand on its own.

  1. Dr_Chaps

The above-mentioned senator evidently calls himself this name. It’s username gold.

Kik Names For the Jaw-Dropping Athletes


  1. Iron_Tyke_Miceson

This one is for you if you are lightning fast, strong as an ox, and have the voice of a prepubescent boy.

  1. StoneCold_Curry

This is perhaps one of the most versatile names on the list. Is it Stone Cold Steve Austin? Is it Steph Curry? Has your curry been sitting on the table for days? You can spin it whichever way you like.

  1. Maverick32Johnson

Was there a professional athlete named Maverick Johnson? I don’t think so, but there was Maverick from Top Gun. Flying fighter jets at Mach speeds has to be a professional sport. The year Top Gun was released, 1986, was also a good year for Magic Johnson. Why not?

  1. Babe_the_Bambino

A little Englitano (as far as I know, I just made that word up) as this one takes us way back to the golden era of baseball.

  1. The_Mamba8

After a spectacular career, Kobe Bryant is set to retire. Take a version of his name and let it live on.

  1. Model_Brady12

The QB of the New England Patriots has a supermodel wife, he himself has shed the pads and jersey of the turf and graced magazine pages with his elegant side.

  1. JumpMan_4ever

I’m just going to throw out my own childhood bias here for the greatest ball player to ever run the court.

  1. I_TakeDives_Ronaldo7

CR7 is one of the best soccer players on the planet right now. Once he steps away from the pitch, he might have a career in acting. Have you seen those theatrics?!

  1. TheNatural_Messi

The antithesis (or protagonist, depending on your point of view) to CR7. Barcelona’s wonder boy is truly a natural with a ball at his feet.

  1. TwinkleToes_Manning

I had older brother Peyton in mind when I came up with this one. In reality, though, it would be a clever jab at both of them.

Kik Names For the Starstruck Celeb Lovers


  1. I_Heart_KimmyK

Are you keeping up with the Kardashians?

  1. Kanye_Can_Chillout

Kim isn’t your thing? Her greatest-artist-to-ever-exist-in-the-entirety-of-the-universe husband isn’t either? Make a statement.

  1. Miley_F_Yeah

Some people really get into her.

  1. JLaw_4_Pres

I mean, honestly, she couldn’t be any worse than the current candidates of 2016. Plus, she’s funny!

  1. Celeb_Whisperer

This could be interesting, couldn’t it?

  1. TheVoice_Freeman

The sound of velvet – that’s what that is right there.

  1. Jack_TheOriginalJoker

Jack Nicholson has played a lot of roles in his career. His portrayal of the Joker was one of my favorites.

  1. PrettyBoy_Pitt

This one speaks for itself.

  1. Stunning_Scarlett

A beautiful name that comes from a beautiful actress.

  1. FunnyMan_Colbert

This is a simple one that doesn’t do the great satirist justice.

Kik Username Generators


I created these forty usernames from my mediocre imagination. If your imagination is not one of your finer assets, or if you just don’t want to spend time exhausting your mental powers over your Kik name, then an alternative route is to use a name generator. I recommend putting the time and energy into creating something original, something you, but I won’t judge if you opt for the generator. Here are a few good places that will help you get a Kik name.


The folks at namegenerators.org have created a page that uses a “special algorithm” which offers an infinite supply of cool username ideas. The page is super simple to use. You input a keyword of at least one character in the “Enter Keyword” section and select from the drop-down menu how many lines of names you wish to see on the page. Click on the “Generate Username” button and that’s it. The list of names will appear on the bottom half of the page.


SpinXo is also very easy to use, but the page requires more input data from the user. Follow these steps for generating usernames with SpinXo.

  1. Insert your name or nickname.
  2. What are you like? Insert a keyword which match your personality.
  3. Hobbies? What do you like to do in your free time?
  4. Things you like: I put coffee.
  5. Important words? This one is pretty open to interpretation. I put equality.
  6. Number? Put your favorite number here.
  7. Finally, click on the orange square that is labeled SPIN.

SpinXo generates thirty names at a time. If you don’t like any of the selections, just press SPIN again. Also, a great thing about SpinXo is that it has it’s own Kik tab, focused on generating names specifically for Kik.


This page has three different types of username generators. The first one is called Random Username Generator (RUG). For the RUG, there are two drop down menus. For each menu, there are different categories – for example, adjective or countries or emotions or insults. Select a category for each of the menu and click on the green square labeled GO!.

  • For the second generator, simply called Username Generator, you must insert a keyword. Then, like the same menu in the RUG, you must select a category. Once again click on the green GO! Button and you have a large list of usernames.
  • The last generator on JIMPIX is called One Word Usernames. Strangely, this one is the most complicated. There are five drop-down menus with a chance to insert a unique word. The first menu is the same of the previous two generators: it list various categories. Select one.
  • The second menu offers a list of numbers. This menu will limit the username to a specific number of letters. For example, if you choose four, then the username will have four letters.
  • The third menu dictates whether or not you want EXACTLY four letters, or if you will settle for something like three or five.
  • The fourth menu is used to select how many different usernames will be shown on the display page.
  • The fifth and final menu lets you choose which letter of the alphabet the username will begin with.

So there you are, folks: forty cool Kik name ideas fresh from my brain and a few simple generators. You can’t go wrong with any of that.

Leave your cool Kik name below in the comments or if you have an idea that is worth sharing be sure to comment. Also, feel free to share this post with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

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