5 Best Kik Messenger Party Apps

Kik is only as fun as who you’re Kiking with and how many friends you can chat at any given time. That’s why it’s fun to involve the app when having a party in person or online.


This has led to a fast-growing social hangout called a Kik party, where a bunch of people message each other at once in a group text or meet new people and have group conversations around a specific topic or theme.

Below, I outline some of the best Kik Messenger party apps that are built into the app or available through third party developers to make the experience a bit more fun and rewarding.

Note: Recently, Apple put a bit more restrictions on how apps can communicate with each other, leaving more limited functionality of third-party apps to communicate with, share data, and add features to Kik. However, there are still built in apps, games, stickers, and more that can make the group chat even more fun.


Kik Party Apps

Kik Messenger is one of the leaders in the messaging apps that has built-in services to make the entire experience more fun and to try to get you to stay on the app longer. The more features they build into the app the more time you will spend on the app, which roughly equates to more revenue and user satisfaction.

  1. Kik Party Games – There are many games that became available through the Kik app in the past year. These games range from puzzles to adventure games to games that are best for sharing and playing with your friends. A fun game is Clocks, Tiles and Bombs, which is a puzzle game that allows you to share your score with your friends and challenge them to a game.Also, Kik has teamed up with Zynga, a popular app game maker and the creator of Farmville, to create in app games that are great for your party or group of friends. Challenge them to the “One World” game that involves puzzles and images. There are also fun and popular games such as Words with Friends and Flappy Bird.
  2. Built-In Browser – Kik Messenger is the only messaging app that includes a built in browser that replaced their popular in app cards feature. You can basically visit any site you want to while never leaving the Kik app. Share videos, read up on popular blogs or news, check Facebook, find new friends and more all without leaving the app.This gives you so much more features and options to share things with your group of friends or play games on third party online platforms. You can even go to Pandora or Spotify to listen to music through the app.
  3. Group Chat FeatureThe group chat feature is not really an app but is worthy of mentioning as it adds a lot of capability to the app. Once you start a conversation you can simply press the plus button and you will have the option to add more people onto your group chat. The main downside is that only 10 people are allowed at one time to group chatNot sure why this isn’t bigger as people often times have more than 10 friends or 10 people in a group. For instance, if you want to message everyone you’ve invited to a party it may be more than ten people or if you want to ask your entire class a question or leave them a message about an assignment you would have to create two group chats. Even with this limitation, it still is a good feature that allows you to connect with more people at once.
  4. Kik Costume Party – The Kik Messenger costume party allows you to draw on various photos of friends or of family members or anyone else you want. Make your friend into a super hero, or put a mustache on them and send it to them as a joke. This helps to spice up the Kik party by adding “costumes” to people or pretty much whatever else you want to add to the person. Funny options are to add a pirate costume to someone, add a mustache to your friend, or draw in a silly background like a tropical beach. Leave us a note below with your favorite costume party and some silly photos. It’s always fun to see what other people have come up with.
  5. Kik Stickers – Stickers are next up on the list. Stickers and Smileys are built into the Kik Messenger app and make a party or group chat even more fun. You can send as many smileys as you want for free and there are some free stickers. However, stickers are one of the ways Kik makes its money so some are only for purchase. They often times have common cartoon characters, anime, silly faces and more.

Getting your news from Twitter is like asking a cat for directions. – Andy Borowitz

You can buy the stickers in the Kik app and share them with your friends. For instance, if you like South Park, you can send a South Park sticker to your friend or buy it for yourself. They are constantly adding new stickers so you won’t ever run out of options.

Know of any other built in Kik party apps that make group texts more fun? If so, let us know below so the rest of the readers can try your tips and tricks. We hope you found this list useful, if you liked it please share on Facebook or Twitter.


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