50 Good Kik Names For Guys & Girls

It can be very hard to find an original name for Kik, particularly when everything you come up with seems to have been already taken by another user.


And even when you try to use your real name, unless it’s something extremely original (i.e., you parents totally made it up), it is more than likely that someone else is already using it.

But do not despair! Even with more than 200 million users of the messaging platform, there are still infinite usernames up for grabs!

If you don’t believe me, here is a list compiling 50 good names that both guys and girls can use (most of them are non-gender specific but, of course, it’s up to you what name you choose).


As a disclaimer, at the time of writing, all these Kik usernames were available, but I can’t guarantee that there will all still be available by the time you read this. Hopefully, even if you can’t use one of the usernames on the list, you can modify them slightly to create something new and available.

So, if you choose a username from the list and then find out that it already exists, you can try to modify it slightly but if even that doesn’t work, you can pick another one or check out the 100 Best Kik Usernames.

50 Good Kik Names for Guys & Girls 

The precision of naming takes away from the uniqueness of seeing.- Pierre Bonnard

It is always a good idea to create a username based on one or more of your personal interests. The more specific you are then the more likely you’ll be to find a unique name. But even if you have pretty common pursuits, you’ll still find there are dozens of names to choose form.

Basing your username on your favorite TV or movie character, or a music idol, or the title of a classic TV show or film that you watch over and over, may be all be good places to start.


Usernames For Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans


  1. Scifiguy

Do you have too many fan affiliations? Do you just love science fiction? This name is perfect for people who love the X Files as much as Star Wars!

  1. Whodr

This one is perfect for fans of Dr Who, whether you prefer the classic episodes or the latest seasons of British cult series. If you are a Whovian, grab it before it’s gone!

  1. Trekfan

Another all-time favorite is Star Trek. Whether you like the classic series, any of its later reiterations, or the movies, this one’s for the Trekkies.

  1. Hobbitgirl 

This one is ideal for a female fan of the fantasy genre (yes, they do exist). Identify as a Tolkien fan and be more visible!

  1. M8lder

Even if you think the reboot kind of sucked, you’re still an X Files fan and love agent Mulder more than ever.

Usernames For Music Fans


  1. Purplerain

If you would like to honor one of the very few true music geniuses, what better way to do so than to use his most iconic song as your name?

  1. Beliebersftw

Beliebers for the win! You just love Justin Bieber and don’t care what other people have to say about it.

  1. Ciconne

What can we say about Madonna that hasn’t been said already? This is the perfect username for a real fan of the Queen of Pop.

  1. Princeofp0p

We still can’t get over Michael Jackson’s death but, fortunately, we will have his music with us forever.

  1. QueenOfFolk

Joan Baez is and will always be undoubtedly the queen of American folk music.

  1. R&BPrincess

It is up to you to decide is this is Beyoncé or someone else! Maybe you are the R&B princess!

  1. Glam

David Bowie will always be known as the king of glam.

  1. SongBirdSupreme

This is one of the many nicknames of the belter Mariah Carey.

  1. Reggae_King

Bob Marley lives on! If you love his music, this one’s for you.

Usernames For TV Fans

  1. Peggy60

Anyone who has watched the 1960s inspired TV show Mad Men knows that it was just as much about Peggy Olson as it was about Don Draper.

  1. Joffrey

The villain Game of Thrones fans love to hate! Picking this name doesn’t authorize you to be mean, though (okay, maybe it does a little bit).

  1. OUATguy

If you love a good fairy tale, you must be a fan of Once Upon a Time, the series that brings all fairy tale characters to life in a truly original way.

  1. LucyArnaz

I Love Lucy is a true TV classic. Show how much you love Lucy by picking this name.

  1. Freshprince 

Will Smith became a star when he moved to Bel-Air so who knows where using this name will take you?

  1. TonySoprano

Always taking care of business, The Sopranos leading guy did not always manage to keep his cool. Only tough guys need apply.

  1. Buffy 

Don’t be fooled by her sweet appearance, Buffy Summers is her generation’s vampire slayer. Show your own Scooby gang that you’re a fan.

  1. Jeannie

The genie in I Dream of Jeannie was mischievous and cute. Does that sound like you?

  1. Knopeleslie 

The most enthusiastic public server in America, Leslie Knope is optimistic and hardworking. Are you like that, too?

  1. AdamaBSG

Are you a fan of Battlestar Galactica? Then you surely admire Admiral Adama.

  1. Twightlightzone

The classic show was often as creepy as it was thought provoking. 

  1. GaribaldiBS

Garibaldi was one of the main characters of TV cult classic Babylon 5.

  1. Quantumleapper

What could be cooler than a brilliant physicist who travels through time and space?

  1. PresidentBarlett

Isn’t it a shame that the best US president never existed other than on TV’s The West Wing.

Usernames For Movie Fans


  1. TaxyDriva

If Robert de Niro’s Taxy Driver is your absolute favorite movie, grab this username while you still can!

  1. Darkknight

Watched the Dark Knight series more times that you can remember?

  1. JamesBond 

A name that doesn’t need introductions… James Bond is suave, sophisticated, and seductive. Does that sound like you?

  1. Optimus

Transformers’ Optimus Prime is a true hero and a role model to many.

  1. Neo

Keanu Reeve’s played the iconic Neo in the Matrix trilogy.

  1. Donvito

Have you ever given someone an offer they couldn’t refuse?

  1. Obi-Wan

Help me, Obi-Wan. You’re my only hope. This one is for a true blue Star Wars fan (or for a Jedi).

  1. Bueller86

One of the greatest films of the 1980’s Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is a movie you can’t just watch once. You can use this name even if it’s not your day off!

  1. Mcfly

Staying in the 1980s, Back to the Future will never be forgotten. Mcfly remains one of the coolest movie teenagers.

  1. Tatumgal

Channing Tatum is one of the hottest movie stars of the moment. Who wouldn’t want to be his gal, right? 

  1. Clooneygal

But, if you have a more classic taste in men, Clooney is probably more up your street.

  1. TheCumberbatch

Can’t wait for Doctor Strange? Or, maybe you just love with smooth British accent. Show Benedict Cumberbatch your love.

  1. Scarface

Tony Montana, the classic screen Mafioso, is one of Al Pacino’s best roles.

Some Random Usernames

If you’re not inspired by any of the names so far, here are some random names you might want to consider. Some of these names may suit your personality better that the ones mentioned before.

  1. BestTV

If you like watching and discussing TV, this is the username for you. Share your knowledge of and your passion for TV with others.

  1. Bookworm

Do you have your nose always buried in a book? Is reading your favorite pursuit? Then you’re a bookworm. 

  1. Cinefile

A true film lover is a cinefile. Do you know your French New Wave from your Classic Hollywood? Then, this is you.

  1. Sunny

Are you always happy and upbeat? Then you’re sunny and this would suit you as a name.

  1. Cupcake

Do the words sweet, delicious, and colorful describe your personality?

  1. Newsjunk

This is the perfect username for someone who knows what’s going on, always tracking stories on line, with cable news playing in the background. 

  1. Starlight

If you are as bright, shiny, and attractive as a star light, then this should be your Kik username.

  1. Firestorm 

This one is not just suitable for comic book fans, if you have a fierce personality, firestorm may be the right name for you.

  1. Windowsoul

But if you’re more introspective or spiritual, you should consider this username.

These Kik usernames only cover some very general interests but even then, as you can see, there are dozens of possible names to come up with. If you have more obscure interests, it can only be easier to create even more names. Hopefully, even if you haven’t found any you like on this list, you have been inspired to create your own.

In the unlikely case you’re still struggling to find an original name, there are online username generators that would do this for you free of charge, just by asking you to enter some information about you and your interests.

If you already use Kik but have been inspired to change your existing username, you could do this easily.

Grab your new username from the list and start using it today!

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