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Depending on your age and where you are reading this article from, you are most likely to be at school already or just about to go back to school. We know how tough going back to school after a long fun-filled summer can be (we were young once too!). If you are anything like us, you have probably been using the Kik Messenger app a heck of a lot. Just because you are going back to school now (or are already there, in which case, lucky you!), you do not need to stop using the Kik Messenger app.


In this article, we will give you some tips on how you can use the Kik Messenger app to adapt to going back to school. What follows it will be a collection of tips on how to can use the Kik Messenger app to make going back to school as pleasurable (or, at least, less horrible). Believe it or not, Kik Messenger is not just for fun, you can also use it to organize yourself on your daily life. Do not worry, though, everything you can do with Kik Messenger is always fun, even the more everyday things.

What may surprise you even more is that Kik bots can actually help you making the transition from summer to going back to school a lot more smoothly than it would otherwise be.



Can You Use the Kik Messenger App At School?

Before we go into the specific tips that will help you go back to school let’s get something else out the way. Can you use the Kik Messenger app at school? There is not a straightforward answer to this question. This would depend on the kind of school you attend and other things such as what grade you are on or if you are attending college. Some schools will make the rules about online usage public to all students. Make sure that you become familiar with those rules so that you avoid getting in trouble over something as silly as using Kik Messenger at school.

What it is safe to say is that you should never use the Kik Messenger app while in class. Not only is this disrespectful toward your teachers and other students, it could potentially impair your learning seriously. You may still be able to use your smart phone in certain periods, or between classes. There is also the chance that you would not be allowed to use a smart phone or any mobile device but have the opportunity to use Kik Messenger as a desktop application.

If you are interested in the option of using Kik Messenger as a desktop application or, in other words, from a computer, you will need to do so by using an Android emulator. Specifically, you will need an emulator that will allow you to access any Android apps (including, of course, the Kik Messenger app) from an Internet browser. This is important to note as some Android emulators actually work as downloadable software. If you are meaning to use Kik Messenger at a school computer, it is probably not advisable that you download any software (you will most probably not even be allowed to do so, anyway). One more thing to remember if you use an emulator at school is to make sure that you log out of it after using it. Otherwise, you may be giving other people access not only to your Kik Messenger account but also to your Google Play store details and much more. So, this is very important to remember.


How Can Kik Messenger Help You To Go Back To School?


Once you have established whether it is safe (or even allowed) for you to use the Kik Messenger app at school, it will be time to check out the many things that the instant messaging app can help you with in your return to routine.

One of the things students tend to struggle with when they go back to school is organization. After a long lazy summer with very few commitments, the task of organizing and juggle so many new responsibilities all at once may seem quite overwhelming. Believe it or not, the Kik Messenger app can help making that transition a lot more smoothly.

Although it does not necessarily work for everyone, making to do lists helps a lot of people to be more organized and stay in focus. The problem with this is that making lists on notebooks or random pieces of paper can get a little bit messy and probably even make things more confusing than they were in the first place (we are speaking from experience). Luckily, as for most things increasingly, there is now a Kik bot for that. This bot is called, obviously enough, the To Do List bot ( and you can find it, as usual from the Kik Bot Shop. The beauty of the To Do List bot is that it lets you edit your “to do list” as often as you would need to, adding new “to do” items and removing the ones you have already completed as you go along. You will interact with your To Do List bot on the Kik Messenger app available to you whenever and wherever you are. You could not do that with a piece of paper or a notebook, could you?


If you are going to college, you may be struggling with your finances or may actually want to prevent that from happening to you. Many students wisely decide to take on a part time job in order to have some extra money for their personal expenses if not tuition. This is also a popular option for many high school students. If you are wondering what Kik Messenger has to do with part time jobs, all you will need to do is to head over to the Kik Bot Shop again to find out. Yes, you have probably guessed it; there is a chat bot that can help you find a part time job in your area. Its name is Wirkn Jobs (wirkn). Not only will you be able to find available part time openings but you will also be able to apply for any jobs that catch your eye. Trust us, getting a part time job was never this easy!

There are many other Kik bots that can help you to get back into the swing of things after the summer. Bots that would help you find places to eat (particularly useful if you have moved to a new place at the beginning of your school year; others will let you know with the daily weather forecast; and if you want to surprised everyone with a brand new look there are also chat bots that would help you design a make over. So, if you have not done this already, going back to school is a great time to explore the Kik shop for ideas.

Do Not Forget to Have Fun, Too!

“Like many parents after a long family holiday, I usually welcome the moment when my kids head back to school.”- Jose Andres

Going back to school is actually all about balance. Balance means to be organized, focused, and responsible, but it also means recharging your batteries and having some fun from time to time. We would not want you to stop thinking of the Kik Messenger app as platform for fun and start thinking about it just as a tool for school, etc. Ideally, the instant messaging app could be both at the same time. The beauty of Kik Messenger and recent developments such as the introduction of chat bots is that the app has become a lot more than a simple instant chatting app for your smart phone.

You can actually adapt how you use Kik Messenger (and what you use it for) depending on your circumstances and your goals. Kik Messenger can still be the fun app that you use to catch up with your friends or to have fun by making new friends; but it can also be an app that can make your life a lot easier and help you be a winner at school.

It is important, in fact, that you stay in touch with your friends and make sure that you get some time off from your schools responsibilities from time to time. Remember that with Kik Messenger you can create chat groups and include anybody from amongst your friends. It may be a good idea to create one such group at the beginning of the school year so that we can all support one another in this transitional period.

Also, even though we have pointed you in the direction of some useful chat bots to help you go back to school, there are also lots of fun. If you are exploring the Kik bot shop for those chat bots, do not forget to browser for fun bots to help you make this time of year a lot less humdrum than it could be.

In this article we have tried to give you some tips to help you managed your going back to school process. Although we have mostly focused on those features that would make you more organized we have also tried to emphasize how important having fun still is. If you have any tips on using the Kik Messenger app this time of year, please do not forget to leave a message sharing your experience.

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