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Without a doubt, one of the very best things about the Kik messenger app is that it offers all its users the possibility of choosing between chatting to each other on a one-to-one basis or doing so as part of a group.


Finding the best Kik groups is not as complicated as it may seem. Not only is this actually quite easy but there are also many ways to go about finding a Kik groups. If you feel perhaps a little bit lost when it comes to looking for chat groups on the Kik messenger app, do not worry for in this article we will show you how to find the best Kik groups.

Having said that, anything not an usual at all for users to be included into group chats without them actually doing anything. This can sometimes be annoying, it is true, but other times they can prove quite interesting. As Kik messenger users ourselves this has happened to us quite a few times and at least sometimes we have found ourselves in an unexpected situation where we ended up having fun with a group of people that we may or may not have known before hand. If you get added into a group chat and you are not happy about it, however, the answer is extremely simple: just remove yourself from the group. There is nothing else do you actually need to do. If, there is one particular Kik messenger user who keeps adding you to groups that are you always end up removing yourself from, and you have to told him or her to start including you in his or her groups to no avail, you can always just block that particular user. That is one of the best things about the kick messenger app, how easy it is to deal with any situation.

Now that you should have a more or less general idea about what to do and what it means to be added into at Kik group, let’s go into something a little bit more proactive.


Kik Groups

Let us begin from there really basic stuff. You may be wondering why a Kik group actually is. Of course, if this is too basic for you, you’re ready know what a Kik group is, and you are reading this tutorial because you are interesting finding the best available groups, then you should most probably skip over this section and go directly to the next one. You will not be missing much that you do not already know. However, if you just have the most general idea of what a kick group is but would like some more specific information I do read on.

Whether you have used the Kik messenger app before or not, the concept of a Kik group is quite easy to grasp. In its most basic level, there are two main options for every Kik messenger app user to chat to other users. As you probably know, unlike WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, the Kik messenger app allows users to add to anybody else with a profile on the app without them having to share any personal information or approve in contact before hand. This is pretty revolutionary because it gives Kik messenger use theirs the advantage of being able to use the app in order to make new friends. This is a lot harder to do if you are using one of its many different competitors.

OK, so the main two options for messenger app users are:

  • Chatting to a single other Kik messenger user, or b) chatting to more than one other Kik messenger user simultaneously within the same conversation.
  • The second option here is quite different from chatting to single Kik messenger users individually at the same time, which is something you can also do. In that case you would just have different chats open and ongoing at the same time.

The main difference is that in that case nobody else would need to be aware of what you’re saying to the different users you would be chatting with. However, in a Kik group chat everyone sees everyone else’s messages and can therefore reply to them.

It is important to notice a few things. The first of those things would be that you do need to be extra careful when using group chat. The reason for this being bad, as we pointed out earlier, everyone that is a member of that group will be able to read any messages that you send. So, you might want to be extra careful when using this option. The second thing is to do with the fact that absolutely any user can start as many group chats as he or she wants at any given time. 

As we said in the beginning of this article you may find yourself being added to a Kik group. And, as we also said, this can prove to be a good thing. But, he can also at times be, confusing to say the least. Why? Because even someone you have never chatted too can add you to a group they themselves have created or even one where they themselves have been added to as well. So, if the next time you head over to the Kik messenger app you find yourself in a group open (or several) do not be surprised. Leave the group, stay in the group, do what you feel is right for you at that moment but do not feel surprised.

Now, if you would like to create your own group you can easily do that. Very often the best Kik groups are the ones that you yourself create. There is no special process nor any specific instructions you would need to know in order to start your own Kik group. Basically, starting a Kik group is the same as starting a chat. When you start a chat you add one user, well, if you add another one to the same chat then you would be create an effective creating group chat. Did you know that you can add up to 10 different users (including yourself) to a single chat?


How to Find the Best Kik Groups? 

“There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met”- William Butler Yeats

Now that you know how to start your own Kik group you really do have the key for creating the best Kik groups. If you decide to do that, you would have to be responsible for making the group ace. Keep the conversation alive by introducing new topics, use in GIFs, memes, stickers, or even bring in Kik bots.

But, how about finding the best Kik groups available instead of creating them yourself? Of course, you can also do that. If you would like to find the best Kik groups available, we would recommend you head over to social media. If you use Twitter or Tumblr, you could use your online presence to find exciting groups of people to chat with. The best way to make the most of this would be to use the right hashtags. Using #kikgroup and other variations of it should yield a lot of results. You will soon come up lots of different Kik groups or Kik parties. In case you do not know, a Kik party is basically a Kik group chat with a specific theme.

We have a few tips for you if you decide to follow this method. The first one would be to check the original date or time on the post (or tweet close) advertising it. This is because kick groups are very often very short lived. Not always, though, because sometimes group chats remain open for long periods of time. The only problem with this is the case is that they also tend to die out in terms of how active users in the group remain. So we always recommend that you check the time and or the date before you enter the group. If you are wondering how you would enter a group that you see advertised on social media, this is usually by scanning the Kik code (i.e., the QR code that you should see as part of the post or tweet) with your smart phone. You will do this, of course, using the Kik messenger app and not your usual camera app.

If you notice that the group has a theme only join in if you are genuinely interested in that theme whatever it is. Very often, and you can take this as another tip, the best group chats are the ones that have a theme. Sometimes, however, there is not an explicit theme but then the conversation ends up being about something in particular. When you join a group do not be afraid of suggestion topics of conversation or bringing stuff up. One effective way of doing this is by using chat enhancers like the ones we have already mentioned (i.e., stickers, animations, memes etc.).

If you have found our advice useful or if you have any additional tips that you feel may help other users to find the best Kik groups, please feel free to leave us a message in the comment section below!

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