How To Change The Kik Notification Ringtone Sound

Kik messenger has become the one of the most influential social media platforms in the world. This can be attributed from the statistics derived from the frequent use of this social media app in conveying messages and media files. The current shift in technology now allows for the utilization of a more customized form of messaging to users worldwide.


As a user, you would love to have a Kik notification Ringtone Sound that is not only familiar but also soothes you. Therefore, this can only be made effective through altering the default Kik notification ringtone sound to your preferred one.

Monotony of Default Kik  Ringtones

ringtone (noun)- a sound that plays to alert you to a notification on your phone

You will concur with me in scenarios where you are in public vicinity; you may be compelled to check out your phone for any incoming Kik message only to find out that it was from your neighbor’s phone.

Many social media users are faced with the challenge of identifying with the default tone set by the software manufacturer. The default tone provided by the software manufacture may not be pleasant at all. This will definitely have a negative impact on the continued usage of the application.


Hence, if you are tired of this type of frequencies and would like a notification that is both unique and also pleasant to you, then by the end of this article, you will be able to change your notification ringtone to the desired one. Just some simple steps and you will be happier and portray exceptionality for other users to emulate.

Kik Messenger Ringtone Notification


In the Technology sector, mobile usage has turned out to be the widest form of Communication Avenue utilized. Henceforth for mobile manufacturers to capitalize on this shift, social media apps like Kik Messenger have been developed to facilitate the exchange of information from people all over the world. This channel has become a widely accepted phenomenon and for increased usage of a social media app, the media app must be customized conferring to its users.

According to the Kik help Centre, there isn’t any inbuilt capacity to support any change of the notification sound in the app. This should nevertheless be an impediment for you not to enjoy the numerous advantages provided by this app. I will expound more on the ways you can change the sound of your preferred tone.


The procedure of doing this differs from one operating system to another. Consequently, for each operating system, a diverse method will be outlined below. Each of this method will be limited on the selection of default toned provided by the manufacturer.

KIK’S default to Android’s default ringtones


Android users have been earlier privileged with the capability to change from the default tone to their desired one. As it has been stated earlier, the intrinsic capacity of the app to change the default tone is currently not supported. However, we will be keeping tab with any recent upgrade of the application which will incorporate this feature and inform you as soon as possible.

Nonetheless, in the android operating system, there is still a chance for you as an android user to change the default kiks notification tones. Android users are able to customize this ringtone capability to suit their preference and style.


The following are guileless steps that will assist you in replacing the ringtone:

  1. Go to your Android Device and Tap “Settings” button.
  2. Select or Tap Sound on the menu List
  • Select Notification Ringtone from the displayed List.
  1. Finally, choose your most preferred default ringtone that you would like to use for KIK.

This approach works since the default Android setting that you will have selected will force the Kik messenger to play what you want. This procedure will also allow you to revert back to your original ringtone. Always bear in mind that when you receive any message, the androids default tone will override that for KIK’ default.

There are cases which you may not like the provided default ringtones from the Android Operating System. This should be of your least concern because the paragraphs below will expound more on customizing ringtones on KIK.

Kik’s default to External MP3 music files

The method described below allows you to use the clips from your favorite music clips as Kik Notification. These MP3 files are definitely not preloaded by the phone’s manufacturer and therefore there is a need to transfer these files to the appropriate folder within the storage memory for easy access. Before you can transfer these MP3 music files to your device, ensure the quality has not been compromised.

There could also be cases where you have downloaded the songs or clips from different sites. Just ensure the files are authentic and genuine since some files may be corrupt and not play as required.

Here are the steps in the shift from Kik’s messaging tone to your own mp3 sounds:

  1. First, you need to establish a connection from your Android’s External Memory to your personal computer. In cases that you may have SD cards, ensure that you place it in your USB port.
  2. Mount your Android device to the computer by going to the notification of android and tap “phone is connected” notification. Opt to mount the device as the pop up shows.
  • Under “My Computer”, open your devices file list by selecting the device under the drive list.
  1. Create a new Folder in the phone’s memory and name it “ringtone”.
  2. Locate the ring tone you would like to use from your computer. Copy and Paste this document or you might as well drag and drop it into the ringtone folder.
  3. Once you are done with pasting the file, disconnect the android and go to Settings.
  • Select on Sound and then Ringtone. Scroll down to check if the song you added features in the list. If it doesn’t, you can reboot the phone and then go to Settings>Sound>Phone ringtone.

I choose to explain the transfer of file through USB cable because it’s the most common practice for most mobile phone users. Furthermore, you have the advantage of creating a folder which you can easily paste the ringtone file and locate it easily when you want set the notification.

Changing Notification Ringtone in iOS


Currently this operating system doesn’t support a sound setting where you can change the sound for KIK application. This functionality has been limited to the provided ringtone specified for Calls, text messages and mail messaging. The only possible way you can change from the Kik notification sound is to use the notification sounds in iOS.

For iPhone users, you can follow this procedure to change KIK’s default notification tone by changing the SMS defaulting sound.

  1. Open the Settings App:
  2. Tap on Notification Center
  • Tap on Messages in the Include List.
  1. Touch on Notification Sound.
  2. Play the sounds and select the sound that pleases you. Select the sound by touching it.
  3. Exit the setting App by touching the Home button.

This procedure will have changed the default Kiks tone to the preloaded iOS SMS sound selected.

Why you need a customized Notification

Countless times we get passed by important messages that we would have otherwise responded in time. This could have been as a result of our conscious mind not alert to detect any form of sound that could be emanating from our gadgets whenever a new message is received.

The outlined procedures above when applied, can eliminate such instances in our lives. With the current shift in utilizing social media apps like Kik to pass information to people across the globe, it would be prudent to make a custom ringtone in order to personally acquaint yourself and identify an incoming message even in a crowd.

One Application, diverse Usability

We all have dissimilar gadgets made from various, manufacturers, but then one unifying factor and the common denominator are the utilization of the Kik messaging application. This variation is what brings about the need to customize our application features to maintain the uniqueness that we deserve.

The software developers would normally rely on the application managers to create an inbuilt that will enable change of the notification sound. This applies to iOS users. However, for Android users, they can be able to set an MP3 music file as their default sound.

What you need to Know about Kik Messaging

I will provide you with any further upgrades concerning Kik messenger app. Periodically; you can visit our website in order to check for any update concerning how to change the Kik notification ringtone sound. I have posted several articles in this site which seek to answer some of the touching aspects about Kik messaging. The following are related articles which may offer further guidance and awareness on the usability of this messaging application:

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This is because the technology world has become dynamic in the application of innovative ideas to efficiently and effectively improve the performance of Messenger apps. Leave a comment below if you have any trouble changing your Kik ringtone.

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