How to Create Memes on Kik Messenger

Memes are some of the most popular things on the internet. You see them absolutely everywhere. They’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and all over Google.


You can’t log in to anything these days without coming in contact with at least one of these, often hilarious, devices. Did you know that you can actually use Kik to make them? Yep. In this post, I’ll show you how to create memes on Kik messenger that you can share with your Kik friends as well as share with people elsewhere in the digital world.



What is a Meme?

Someone did a graphic of me in my jersey, and Jordan, they dubbed him guarding me, and Kanye’s face was on both of us. That’s my favorite meme of all time – or so far to-date. I’m gonna have to get that blown up on my wall or something.- Stephen Curry

There are two definitions of the term “meme.” The original definition of meme is something that is passed on from person to person within a particular culture. But that may or may not be in line with what we recognize today as memes. You may have not even known that there was an official definition. What we know as memes are funny images (and now videos) that have only slight variations and often consist of puns that are spread quickly across the internet.

You might have an unrelated photo of some actor or cartoon character performing some iconic motion. Then on top of that image, you’ll see some kind of slogan – perhaps an inspirational message, or a funny message, or something entirely ridiculous – that includes some little bit of what the actual character in the picture may have said.

For example, many of them are big on pop culture references, and if you don’t understand the picture, you won’t likely understand the meme. These may have started when the MasterCard commercials were popular. You know, the one that said, “House: a million dollars, Car: fifty thousand dollars, Spending a weekend in the woods camping with your kids: Priceless.” People would take that slogan and spin it around to fit their circumstances, for better or worse. Meme-making became something of an art form, like comedy.

How to Create Memes on Kik

Sometimes you ask yourself, where did all these memes come from? Who is making them? How does someone make them so quickly? Kik can be used for a lot of really cool things. Did you know that you can actually create memes on Kik in just a few simple steps? Yes you can. It’s the only instant messaging app that has a meme-creating tool built in to the app. With other apps, you can’t create memes, but you can share them. On Kik, you can do both and so much more.



To create memes on Kik, follow these steps:

  1. Select one of your Kik friends to open a new conversation.
  2. Select the plus symbol at the bottom left of your screen, next to “type a message”. This is what you do to attach media and content to your messages.
  3. What should appear is a menu of several different options: YouTube, Gallery, Sketch, Camera, etc. should show up.
  4. Select “Memes” with the penguin icon.
  5. Choose one of the many images that will pop up in the meme gallery. This will serve as the basis for your meme. Choose wisely, or you won’t get your message across.
  6. Tap the top and bottom of the picture to add text to the meme. Make sure you know what the conventions of the meme are before you start typing. For example, if you want to type “Smiled at the girl of my dreams – Ran into a pole” then you won’t want to use the Game of Thrones picture. It just doesn’t work like that, and no one will like your meme.
  7. Once you’ve gotten your meme message right, click “kik” in the top right corner.
  8. You’ll be taken back to your conversation. Send the meme to your Kik friend.

This is how you create memes on Kik. It’s just that simple. Remember, though, that you should maybe do some research into what kinds of memes are already out there. You don’t want to put out the wrong message, or you could offend someone, or no one will get what you’re trying to say. Memes are meant to be fun, so look up other memes to see what other people have been doing before you make your own. You might find one that perfectly conveys your ideas already. Saves you time. Just send that one.


How to Share Kik Memes on the Web

If you want to share your meme on Kik, then you just send it to your Kik friend as I noted in the steps above. If you want to share your Kik meme with friends on other apps and websites, then you can take a screen shot of your Kik meme and it’ll appear on your phone’s gallery. Or you can just look in the Kik photo gallery and it should be there. You can share your memes with any of your Kik friends, and if you save it to your phone, you can share it with the entire internet including sites like Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr.

If you have any more suggestions for how to create memes on Kik, or questions about it, leave a comment and we’ll get back to you.

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