How To Download Kik For Your iPad

The iPad has become an incredibly powerful and popular piece of technology, one that allows you to carry the power of a small computer with you anywhere you go.


If you ask me, it’s a mystery why, then, there is no Kik for iPad available to download. As of now, Kik is only natively built for the iPhone, Android devices, and Windows Phones without any sign of developing other options for it’s customers.

Don’t fear, though, I’ll walk you through a step by step guide to download Kik Messenger for iPad completely free and best of all, it will only take a few minutes to do so. But before we jump into the guide, let’s go into a bit more detail on the future of Kik on tablets and development of an iPad version.

If you haven’t used Kik before, you can register on your iPhone or Android device. You can also use the trick below and register on your iPad. Thankfully, with Kik you don’t need to use your cell phone number to register so it can be done on a tablet as well as a smartphone.

When Will Kik for iPad Be Available?

Thankfully, we don’t have to completely speculate about when Kik will develop an iPad version or any tablet version of their messaging app. In the linked article, Kik explains on their website that they are not currently developing Kik Messenger for the iPad, nor are they for other Android or Windows tablets.



In fact, Kik went as far as saying they do not have an intent on making a native iPad app. That leads us to believe that if anything a tablet version may be a few years out at minimum and there’s a good chance that there won’t be an iPad or tablet version in the foreseeable future. It’s a shame given the number of their users that have and use tablets every day. You would think they would prefer to tap into this market in addition to the smartphone market.

Maybe, Kik feels that the trick below is a good enough alternative to making a native iPad app and therefore don’t feel like it’s worth their time, money, and effort.

Everyone self-Googles. And, I have, of course, the Google alert. – Sarah Silverman, comedian & actor

How To Download Kik for iPad

Most likely you have already tried Kik on your iPhone, Android or Windows phone and you’re thinking to yourself, it would be great to download the app onto your iPad so you can use it when you’re at home browsing on your tablet. There are pros and cons to getting Kik on the iPad. The pros are that it’s fully functional with all of the features and settings as you would have on your iPhone version. Also, a plus is that it’s on a bigger screen so that helps if you want to enlarge the text or fit more onto the screen.

The major downside is that the Kik app is built for iPhone resolutions. What does this mean? Basically, when you install the Kik Messenger app onto your iPad it will have the same dimensions as your iPhone, and not take up all of the screen. See some tips below to help fix that problem.

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Follow these steps to get Kik on your iPad:

  1. First, go to your iPad and tap on the app store so that you can search for Kik.
  2. Now, you can try to go to your previously purchased apps and you may find Kik on the list and the option to download it, however this sometimes doesn’t work if you don’t have the correct settings on your iPad.
  3. You will want to search for Kik Messenger on your iPad. Likely it won’t show up, but don’t loose hope.
  4. At the top you will see an option that says “device” tap on it and select iPhone in the device list. Alternatively, depending on the version of iOS you have, you may see an iPhone button. Click that button.
  5. Now, after switching from only iPad apps to iPhone only or iPad and iPhone you should see Kik Messenger after searching for it. Just tap install per usual and it will install Kik for iPad.

TIP: If you want to make the Kik app larger on your iPad you can open the app and you will see a little “2x” at the bottom right hand corner of the app. Tap the button and it will double the size of the app. Unfortunately, this doesn’t change the resolution of the app so it will look a bit more grainy when you do this.

What is your experience using Kik on your iPad? Did you get it to work fine, if so, let us know in the comments below. Also, if you have any tips to make the app look a bit better or perform a bit better on the iPad let us know so our readers can benefit as well.


  • Found this article very useful because I was in a bind and only had access to an iPad…it got me up and running in only a few minutes as promised thank you

  • I cannot believe that this actually worked. I’ve been trying everything to get this application for a long time now. I even tried downloading useless Android emulators on my computer.

    Bless you for writing this article. I can’t thank you enough.

  • everything downloaded fine on my iPad bot the keyboard is sideways across the screen and I can’t get it to go away. I can’t see the messages for the keyboard

  • every time i open kik on the ipad, it says that it has been reset and i need to log in again. which is fine i guess. But then when you close the ipad app and you go to your iphone, it tells you that it needs to be reset and logged in again.. it does this back and forth.. so every time you switch to the other device, it completely resets Kik, you lose all of your chat history, everything. Not cool at all

  • I attempted this on my iPad2 and although the app appeared, it would not let me sign into my current kiK account that I also have on my iPhone. I only see one option and that is “Create a new account” and it would not let me duplicate my sign in. Could be resolution is so large the screen I can see just does not let me see a “sign in” option. No 2x option either. I am dumping my iPhone and still hoped to maintain Kik.

  • Not cool! Now every time I go to switch devices it asks me to login again! And it wiped out every conversation or chat history I had on there! This sucks

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