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People all over the world are connecting with each other in Kik Messenger group chats. Some Kik groups last a couple of hours while others go on for days, months, or years. Topics range from, “I’m bored!” to MMO player strategy to restorative sounding boards to hard-boiled political discussions. Some Kik groups are kept fairly private but most are looking for people to join. You will find the invitations in all forms of social media, welcoming you to drop your kik or scan the group Kik code. If you are not part of a Kik group but really want to be, you definitely want to know how to Find Kik Groups on Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook.


Kik Features and Benefits

Kik Messenger is one of the world’s most popular social chat apps. Since its introduction in 2009, 275 million people in 230 countries have created Kik accounts. More recently, Kik Messenger is averaging an astonishing 200,000 or more downloads per day. Kik Messenger is especially popular among young Americans with at least 40% of them making Kik their primary texting app.

People love Kik Messenger for its wide range of benefits and features. The benefit most people first notice (and love) is that the app is totally free to download and use. You do not pay for the app and there is no charge for anything in the app.

You heard that right. Kik Messenger is not a freemium app that pulls you in with a free download then requires payment in real money to use advanced or unlimited features. Kik Messenger is a free app, period. No limits on how many texts you can send in a day or month. No restrictions on which carrier you or your Kik friends are using. No subscriptions after a trial period and no charge to use any of the features in Kik. Even when you want to ‘buy’ exclusive emoji or other art collections in the Kik Smiley and Sticker shops, ‘purchases’ are made with exchange units known as “Kik Points,” and you can only get Kik Points by interacting with the Kik Points Bot, which is also free. You couldn’t pay for anything in Kik with your hard earned cash if you tried. People like this.


The feature-rich environment in Kik Messenger includes an in-app camera for taking instant pics or video to share with your friends in a chat. Totally free extras include the Smiley Shop and Sticker Shop mentioned above, plus a meme generator, popular gifs, and chat bots that will tell you the weather, help you plan your next workout, or test to see how well you would survive during a Zombie Invasion.

How to Get Kikking

All these features and benefits will make anyone want to download Kik Messenger. If you are not part of the Kik network yet, it’s easy to get the app and register. Kik Messenger is primarily designed for mobile devices on Android, Windows, iOS, and Blackberry systems but can also be used on your home computer. Once you have downloaded and installed Kik Messenger on your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac, you’ll be amazed at how fast, easy, and non-intrusive registration is. All it takes is choosing a unique username. No additional personal information or verification is required.

Finding Kik Groups

Kik groups are formed when an individual Kik Messenger user opens a group chat and invites others to join the group. Each Kik group can have up to 50 members. The group’s host decides how to invite users. This may be by adding already known Kik members in their contact list or by extending invitations via social media to “drop your kik” or scan the group’s Kik Code.

Group hosts use a variety of Kik lingo that in turn serve as search keywords and hashtags for those looking for the right group. Some examples are:

  • kik me,
  • kik group,
  • kik chat,
  • kik party,
  • kik boys,
  • kik girls
  • and the related hashtags: #kikme, #kikgroup, #kikparty, and so forth.

You will find these invitations in all forms of social media. The most popular ones people in the network use for Kik group posts are Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter. After you are signed into your account on one of these networks, fill the search tool with a couple of the Kik keywords or hashtags. You will probably get a lot of results. When you see a Kik Code for the group, hold your smartphone or tablet up to it (with Kik Messenger open) and scan. If the post has a username for contact, send a kik to that user to join. If the post asks you to “drop your kik,” put your username in the comments section of the post or send a PM to the individual providing the invitation.

Another place to find Kik groups is Reddit. Two sub-reddits there, HashtagKik and KikGroups, exist to provide a page for people to promote a Kik group. You will see posts by people promoting their Kik groups. Most of the listings on the Reddit pages will have a title telling what the group is about, the age range if there is one and what sort of verification is reqired, if any. Most also post a Kik Code to make it easy to join the conversation.


The Kik group pages at Reddit also show how long ago the posts were made. When you see a post that is just 24 minutes old, you know it is current. Time lapse with a Kik group is not the same as it is on a Friend Finder site where you’re usually looking for one on one chat. With Kik groups, a post that is a day, week, or even months old post is not too old. The group is probably still going and may still be looking for new members.


If the description of the group sounds good to you, and you meet the age or other requirements posted, scan the group’s Kik code. You will probably land among a group of people as happy to have you as you are to find them.

Joining A Kik Group

“Things work well when a group of people know each other, and things break down when it’s a bunch of random people interacting.”- Jimmy Wales

Kik group invitations will ask you to “drop your kik” or may post a Kik Code to scan. “Drop your kik” means you are to put your Kik username as a comment or reply to the invitation post; the host will add you to the group. To scan a Kik Code, open Kik Messenger and then hold up your smartphone or tablet’s camera to the code. The app knows what to do, and you’ll soon be part of the Kik group that posted the code.

Once we join a Kik group, we want to become a valuable member by participating and contributing to the group’s goals, be that rich conversation, party pics, or playing a game.

Kik group hosts have a responsibility to the membership. They must promote and manage the group to benefit all who are a part of it. The host will certainly boot any member that is obviously trolling or spamming the group.

Also, since there can be only 50 people in a group, if a particular member is not participating in the discussion while others are clamoring outside to join, the host might tell the passive member that he needs to contribute more or leave the group. When you are fortunate enough to find a Kik group that you want to join and are accepted into it, plan to be an active and constructive part of the group. Don’t put the host in the awkward position of having to ask you to leave.


Starting A Kik Group

Not finding the right Kik Group? Start it yourself! Choose your topic, invite Kik friends and then use social networking to promote your group to others.

What kind of Kik group will you start? The only limit is your imagination. Pick something you love chatting about, that you can talk with others on for hours and days without end. Maybe you are a foodie, or want to plan strategy with your alliance on Call of Duty. You can open a group for silly chat, homework chat, swim chat, beauty chat, music chat, anything that holds your interest is worthy of a chat and there are probably at least 49 other Kik members out there that will want to talk about it, too.

For detailed instructions on how to open a group chat in Kik Messenger, plus a few ideas on topics and tips on how to promote and manage your new Kik group, read our recent article, 10 Best Kik Messenger Groups.

Go Find Your Kik Group

Kik Messenger groups are a fantastic way to make friends and maybe even learn more about something you love or a topic that interests you. Now that you know how to Find Kik Groups On Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook, you’ve multiplied your chances of connecting with a group that’s right for you (and looking for a new member just like you). If that doesn’t turn up the right Kik group, you can make your own. Just remember that whatever group you join or create, to be a good member, to contribute and participate in your Kik group. You can even share your experiences or post your own Kik group invitation in the comments here.  Now, go find your Kik group, and have fun!

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