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With millions of users around the world there is never a shortage of users to chat with on the Kik messenger app. Although this is absolutely great I can also mean that he could be quite difficult to find nearby users in your same geographical area. Because the Kik messenger app is so popular messaging apps, chances are that there could be lots of other online users near you. The trick would be, of course, being able to find them. If you are just chatting to random Kik people, there is only a very small chance that they would be from anywhere close to where you are. Its popularity is one of the main strengths of the cake messenger app but, at least in this case, so paradoxically one of its downsizes.

If you are trying to find other Kik Messengers users in your local area and actually struggling with this or you do not have any idea how to go about doing this, you have come to the right place. Today is your lucky day for in this article we will show you the best ways in which you will be able to find local people using the Kik messenger app.

How to Find Local Kik Messenger Users Using Kik Web Sites


One of the most effective ways of finding other Kik users in your local area is by heading over to Kik websites. Kik web sites are not for everyone, though. And, if you are thinking of using any of the websites available, you should be aware that none of them are officially linked to the Kik Messenger app. All the available websites are run by third parties. Therefore if you sign up to any of them you might be subject to different privacy and safety standards to the ones you enjoy as part of being on Kik.

Having said that, many Kik messenger users also sign up to one or more of these websites. We are purposefully not mentioning any of them here because we do not wish to advertise anything that is not officially part of the Kik messenger app. If you are interested in those Kik websites, all you have to do will be head over to Google or any other popular search engine of your choice and type in something like Kik websites or Kik friends. If you only wish to chat to men or women particularly you could specify this on your Internet search as well. For example, you could add the word “guys” or “girls” to your search in order to make it more specific.

If, after you have surveyed the websites available, and feel comfortable signing up to any of them, you should be able to find amazing people from your local area or any other areas that you’re interested in (for example, where you are going on vacation or to school etc.).

“I love to find new people. It’s not for the sake of their being new; it’s because if you find someone who perfectly fits a part, that’s such a great thing.”- Robert De Niro

How to Find Local Kik Messenger Users Using Social Media



Another popular and, more importantly, effective way of finding local people on the Kik messenger app is using the platform together with your social media profile.

This is not the only thing you can do if you use your social media presence with the Kik app but it is the one we will be focusing on in this section of the article.

In fact using your social media presence to find new people to chat with on Kik is very easy. If you do not do it right you might end up chatting with people from very distant countries or the other side of your own. This is, of course, if you are interested in broadening your horizons but if you want to make real friends or even find dates in your local area then you have to be careful how you use social media.


Although social media sites such as Instagram and Tumblr are among the most popular for Kik Messenger users, we would actually recommend Twitter for the purposes of finding local people. Let us explain why. Twitter is actually the best way to find other Kik users because even if you do not follow any personally, if you just use the right hash tag it is amazing how far you will actually go.

In fact, using the right hash tag is key to the success of attracting other Kik users. Whether you are looking for specific groups or, in this case, for local users, hash tags are your ally. Be sure to add your location as the hash tag. Or, enable the Twitter app to show your location. Then simply tweet out a call for other users including the ride hash tags and your location and be sure to specify want to find people from our area. Another piece of advice would be to include either your Kik user name and/or your Kik code on your tweet. That way anybody who sees it will be able to add you straight away to their chat lists and start talking to you without wasting any time.

Another way that relates to social media would be to actually share your Kik profile on your social media profiles. There is no reason why you should restrict that too just Twitter, though. The Kik messenger app actually allows you to share your profile on as many social media outlets as you actually use. The process of doing this could not be any easier, either. Just follow the steps:

  1. Grab your smart phone.
  2. Head over to the Kik messenger app and launch it.
  3. Go to your settings.
  4. Tap on share your profile.
  5. Select the social media outlets that you use where you would like to share your Kik messenger profile: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc.

This way anybody who follows you on social media will have immediate access to your Kik messenger user profile as well. If people from your area follow you on social media you will be able to chat with them on Kik Messenger just as easily.

Another way of using social media to find local people is to start on a public road on the kick messenger app. This is exactly like creating any kind of group chat. Simply tap on start a group and create one making sure that is public so anybody can join in. The group could be about anything but if you want to use it primarily to attract other local users we would advise you use the name of your town or general area at least this part of the name. Then anybody searching for that place name will be able to find it and join in if they are also interested in the same thing (i.e., also meeting Kik users from their local area). Perhaps, before you go ahead and create a public group it may be worth checking to see if there are already some local groups in existence. Just type in the name of your town or off your local area in the search bar and see if any groups come up. If they do just joining and start chatting to local people!

How to Find Local Kik Messenger Users Using Address Book Matching

This final method for finding users in your local area only works if you have the address book matching feature turned on. Basically, what these feature does is to look into all the email addresses that you have on your smart phone contacts and see if there are any matches with the email addresses of other Kik messenger users. If there are any matches and the users those email addresses the long to have also turned on the address book matching feature, then there Kik messenger user names will be added to your chat list. Also, of course, in that case your own Kik messenger username will also be added to their chat lists.

So, if you have the email addresses of people in your local area as contacts on your smart phone, it might be a very good idea to turn the address book matching feature on. Just for your information, doing this does not mean that your email address will be shared with other Kik messenger users. You would just be automatically added ask Kik user but your personal information would remain safe.

The available ways to find other Kik messenger users near you, in your local area, are no different to how you would go about finding other Kik users generally. However, there are just a few things that you would know how to do slightly differently if you want to narrow down your search to people physically near you. Otherwise, it would be very easy for you to go down a rabbit hole of sorts and waste a lot of time trying to find people.

If you have any feedback on how to find other Kik messenger users in your area or if you would like to share your experience doing this and have any advice that has worked for you, then why not leave us a message in the comment section below?

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