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Bots, bots, bots. Lately, Kik bots seem to be everywhere. This is because Kik Messenger bots are perhaps one of the most exciting and fun developments to come out of Kik Messenger recently. Kik bots are not just the future; they are the present. There are Kik bots for almost every occasion and we will be talking about the best bots in future articles. Today, though, we would like to focus on fun bots.


There are Kik bots devoted to news or weather forecast but, as useful as those can be, there are times when Kik users just want to have some fun and do not need to be reminded of horrible things that happen in the world daily.

So, whether you are still enjoying your summer or are already back to school, you deserve a little bit of fun now and again.

Even though Kik bots are, well, bots and not real people (like duh!) this does not mean that they cannot be fun. In this article we will introduce to some of the most fun Kik bots around at the moment. If you love nothing more than a laugh and a good time, you have come to the right place today. Read on to find out more about the most fun bots on Kik Messenger.


Why Use Funny Bots?

“Everything is funny, as long as it’s happening to somebody else.”- Will Rogers


It is true that most Kik Messenger users get the instant messaging app just to chat to their friends and make new ones. This is still valid (of course!) but it is also not incompatible with using fun Kik bots.

Chatting with friends is great but inevitably there will be times when you are in the mood of having an online fun chat just to have to desire to do so squashed like a mosquito against a bright car light at night. It is in times like that when you will really appreciate having the opportunity of using Kik bots. This is because Kik bots are always available not matter the day or the time of day. They will always be there when you need them.

But not only that, even when are indeed chatting with your friends of Kik Messenger, you will be able to enhance your chats by mentioning fun Kik bots into your instant messaging conversations. Kik bots can be both a great icebreaker but also an amazing way of keeping the chat alive and fun.


And after all that, let’s just take a look at the most fun Kik bots available (in no particular order).


The Jokes Bot Kik Bot

The name of the first Kik bot in our particular list says it all really: Jokes Bot. No matter when or how often, you can really on Jokes Bot to tell you a joke. Jokes Bot is one of the Kik bots that allows you to interact with it, which as you would soon find out if you started using it, is a great part and parcel of the fun.

The way the Jokes Bot works is easy. All you will need to do is simply to ask it for a joke. Yes, that is right; simply mention and ask it to tell you a joke. And, you can keep asking the bot for jokes as much and as often as you like. So, if you just need some quick comic relief, you could do a lot worse than to ask the Jokes Bot to tell you a joke!


The iFunny Kik Bot

The second fun Kik bot on our list (and remember this list have no particular order) is @ifunny. Like the Jokes Bot, the iFunny Kik bot let’s you interact with it. It is like chatting with your funniest friend. But do not expect traditional jokes from the iFunny bot. No, instead iFunny will always provide you with hilarious memes. Again, you can use @ifunny as often as you would like whenever you are in the mood. The iFunny Kik Bot will always be there for your with new and laugh-out-loud memes.

The Funny Or Die Kik Bot

If you have never heard of Funny Or Die, then you just have not been using the Internet right. But, okay, even if you have not, you cannot miss their bot if fun is what you are after. If you decide to chat with @funnyordie you will find out that it is indeed one of the funniest Kik bots of its kind around, and one of the most sophisticated ones.

We say that @funnyordie is sophisticated because, unlike most other comedy Kik bots, this one allows you to customize the topics. This means that whether you ask this Kik bit for either funny or die responses, you will get some that fit with your own personal taste and preferences. This is the best way of ensuring that you only get responses about those topics that you really care about or find truly funny.

The Dat Bot Kik Bot

The next fun Kik bot we would like to present to you is called It is quite different in nature to the ones we have previously discussed on this article. It is one that you can fully interact with. If when you are chatting to Da Bot Kik Bot and you forget you are actually chatting to a bot and not a human being we would not blame you! It is very easy to confuse the Dat Bot Kik Bot with an actual Kik Messenger user. This is a great testament to the ability of this particular bot.

So, how does the Dat Bot Kik Bot actually work? Well, this bot is not about jokes or memes. Instead, you will need to send the bot pictures of anything you want and wait for its hilarious responses. What makes this so freaking funny is that Dat Bot almost always gets it wrong and is not able to identify pictures very accurately at all.

The Lit Weekend Kik Bot

This bot is one of the weirdest ones out there. So if you have a weird sense of humor you will definitely enjoy chatting with @mylitweekend. If is not quite as surrealist for your taste, you may want to give the Lit Weekend Kik bot a good try.

Whenever you are bored and are looking for something fun to do, head over to the Kik Messenger app and start interacting with @mylitweekend. This bot will always be willing to give you some weird and intriguing plans to do on the weekend. Of course, you do not actually do anything this Kik bot instructs you to do at all. In fact, we would strongly advice against this, as the Lit Weekend Kik Bot will give you things that are just to odd to be carried out in real life. The point is making you laugh with impossibly outrageous suggestions.

The Mikey Kik Bot

This is the last fun Kik bot we have for you today. Again, this fun bot may be easily taken for an actual Kik Messenger user. This is because you can really interact with it. You will find this bot at the Kik bot store as @mikey.partydude.

So, what or who is @mikey.partydude? Well, Mikey is a character for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. If you are a fan or the character, you will be able to interact with him just for fun.

We find this kind of Kik bot particularly interesting and fun. There should be more bots based on characters from popular culture such as movies or TV shows. This would make for great interactions with fans of the characters in question.

So, these are the most fun Kik bots available at the Kik Messenger app bot store at the moment. We know that Kik Interactive (the Canadian company behind the Kik Messenger app) are very interested in expanding on their available bots so we foresee that there will be lots of new fun and informative Kik bots coming out in the near future. Really, when it comes to bots the possibilities are almost endless. And what is so great about this development is that not only the library of Kik bots keeps growing all the time, also Kik bots keep getting better and better all the time.

In this article we wanted to introduce you to some of the funniest Kik bots out there. No doubt that there are many other fun Kik bots also available. Also, what a person finds funny, somebody else might find quite dull. There is no accounting for personal taste. That is why our selection includes many different kinds of Kik bots. From the ones delivering straight jokes, to some others offering more sophisticated or surreal humor.

We hope you have enjoyed our selection. Humor is a very subjective thing but we hope we have included a wide enough selection. If you have any experience interacting with any (or all) of this bots, or if you have any recommendations for funny bots that you have interacted with and would like to share with our readers, please consider sharing them in the comments below.

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