How to Make the Most of Kik Codes

Since Kik Codes were first introduced back in 2015, they have become so prevalent most Kik messenger app users would not know how to use the instant messaging app without them. If you belong to the minority of users that never use Kik codes or if you do not tend to use them very often or would like to know more about them, you have come to the right place. In this article will tell you all you need to know in order to make the most of them.


What many people do not realize is that Kik codes can be used for a variety of different purposes:

  • Some people think of Kik codes primarily as a way to meet new people to chat with on the Kik messenger app
  • Other people think of Kik codes as a way to follow businesses in order to get good offers or discounts on their products

What Can You Do With Kik Codes?


So, perhaps the best thing to do in light of what we said in the introduction to this article would be to go over the different things that any Kik messenger app user could do with Kik codes. In case you did not know everyone who uses the Kik messenger app has their own personal Kik code.

So, why would anyone need to have their own Kik code? Well, it is totally up to you if they choose to use it but it is incredibly handy that everyone has one attached to the profile. As you know, the way you chat to people on the Kik messenger app is by finding their user name. This is great because it means that users’ privacy is protected as no telephone number or email address is ever shared between different users. This puts a kink messenger app way I had many of its other competitors, particularly the likes of WhatsApp and Facebook messenger.


Kik codes are a great way of making sure that you re chatting to the right person. If you are able to cast your mind back to the time when you first signed up to the Kik messenger app, you will probably remember how hard it was to come up with a user name that was not already in use. This is because, as you may be aware, user names have to always be unique. This means that no single user name is ever used by more than one Kik messenger user. Even after a Kik messenger user decides to deactivate his or her account and goes ahead with it, his or her user name is forever capped and nobody else will be able to sign up to the instant messaging app with that same name. The point that we are trying to make is that because every single user name has to be unique, and because there are millions app and millions of active (let alone active or deactivated) users, The likelihood is that most use their names would be extremely random and even hard to remember by other people.

Because user names are so tricky for all the reasons we have just stated, Kik codes are so wonderful. If I kick messenger app user decides to share his or her Kik code you will not need to remember what his or her specific Kik code is. You will also not need to type it in in order to find him or her and chat on the application. All you will need to do instead is just scan the relevant Kik code, and the person to whom that code belongs will be automatically added to your chat lists. Intern, if you do you share your own Kik code in other people scan it you will be automatically added to their chat list too.

As wonderful and as easy as it is to add new people to chat with by using Kik codes, there is so much more than can be done with them that would be a shame just to focus on this.

Another great thing that you can do with Kik codes is to invite people to join your group chats or your Kik parties. Every group chat or party has its own specific code so sharing this on social media, specific on site such as Tumblr and Twitter or Instagram it’s a great way of making them even more fun. It is up to you, of course, whether you would like to share your individual or group Kik code with people you have not spoken with before (for example, followers or other users from social media) or with people you regular leave already chat with on the Kik messenger app. Of course, you can also choose to mix those two groups of people and share your Kik codes (The one attached to your Kik messenger app profile or the ones attached to any group (the ones attached to your Kik messenger app profile or the ones attached to any group chats or Kik parties). At different times you may choose between all the different options open to you for different reasons according to your present circumstances.


Believe it or not, Kik codes are not just suitable for chatting to other Kik messenger users. No, you can also use them with Kik bots. Just in case you do not know what Kik bots are by now here is a short summary. A Kik bot is an automated Kik user (i.e., not a real loser like you or me but rather a machine) designed to interact with real users. The number of Kik bots and the abilities that they have keeps growing so it would be near impossible for us to tell you all you can talk about it with bots. Let’s just say that there are Kik bots that cover things like local and global news, fashion advice, wellness tips, humor, look on the global weather forecasts, GIFs, and many more services. All Kik bots are available for free at the Kik Bot Shop so the best way and to find out what bots are actually available would be to visit the shop and take some time to look around and check out all the different available parts. Even though there are lots of different bots available and, as we said, the number keeps growing, luckily all parts are organized into categories and so it should be quite easy for you to browse those bots that you would be more interested in.




There is not much more that you would need to know about Kik bots. The way in which you would interact with them would be exactly how you would interact with any other user.

But, What Is a Kik Code?


This point in the article we hope you have a fairly clear idea of what a Kik code does but we would not really blame you if you were not too sure yet of what it actually is. So here comes the fairly technical explanation. We have left this purposefully until the end because we know full well that not everyone likes or needs to know about technical stuff. some people are just content to know what things do and they do not feel there is any need to find out what is behind the features they use. If you are one of those people, there is no judgment from us at all. After all, there is no real need for knowing this stuff. So, if you are not really interested in in this kind of stuff you might as well skip over this section of the article (there is at this point not much more to say about Kik Codes other than the technical stuff). If you’re not interested in this you are ready know enough to make the most of the Kik codes. If, however, you want to know a little bit more here it is.

A Kik code is basically what is known generically as a QR code. QR code stands for quick response code, which already should give you some information about what it actually is (particularly, if you already know how it works). Essentially, a QR code is no more than a barcode that contains enough information us to be able to redirect you where you need to be. The origin of QR codes is in the Japanese motor industry, where they have been used since the mid-1990s. And it was not until mobile phone technology, particularly smart phone technology, became so popular I asked that QR codes became so useful and widely used at the same time. Many companies and even public institutions now use these codes for a better user experience and to offer a more direct access to information and services to their clients. Kik codes arch is one of the many possible examples of successful QR codes being used these days. Know that you know what these codes are and how they are used, you will probably begin to notice them everywhere.

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