How To Protect Your Kik Account From Hacking

No matter what lengths web sites and apps (applications) go to in order to protect the privacy and safety of their users, unfortunately, it is still possible for fraudsters to hack into user accounts. The Kik Messenger app is no exception to this even though, as far as apps go, it is probably one of the safest around. Although hacking gets increasingly more sophisticated and hackers are always trying new ways to carry out their misdeeds there are ways in which Kik Messenger users can protect their app from being hacked into. 


In this article we will talk about the best ways in which you can protect your Kik Messenger account from hacking. But not only that, with also talk about The implications of hacking. In fact, we will begin by discussing what hacking means and how it could affect you when you least expect it. The point of this is to help you understand what hacking is, particularly in terms of your Kik Messenger application. We believe that this information coupled with active ways to combat hacking will help you to protect your account.

How Can Hacking Affect You?


“Hackers are breaking the system for profit. Before, it was about intellectual curiosity and pursuit of knowledge and thrill, and now hacking is big business.”- Kevin Mitnick

Most people know (and we assume that if you read an article called “How to Protect Your Kik Account From Hacking”, you would belong to that group that Kik messenger app is a really great platform to chat with people. Thanks to Kik messenger millions of people in the United States and around the world chat to their friends on a daily basis. But not only that, the Kik messenger app also allows its users to make new friends.


The advantages involved in youth in the Kik messenger app are almost too many to list. If you have been using the instant messaging app for quite some time you probably will not need us to list all of the advantages. One of the things that make the app both cool and safe at the same time is that users can keep their privacy easily. Whereas other similar instant messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp are either linked to your social media profile or require you to share your telephone or cell phone number with other users. All you need in order to chat to other Kik messenger app users is your username or just your Kik code. telephone number with other users. All you need in order to chat to other Kik messenger app users is your user name or just your Kik code. This makes the Kik messenger app a lot better in terms of keeping its users’ online privacy safe. However, unfortunately, this does nothing to protect the Kik messenger app from being hacked.

You may be wondering now how about hacking into your Kik messenger app account could possibly affect you. After all, you just probably use the Kik messenger app to chat with your friends. You probably do not even share information that could be used by anybody else. You’re probably too discrete or smart to text anything to compromise in. You definitely do not share your bank details, credit card details or anything like that. So, unpleasant as it would no doubt be to have your Kik messenger account hacked by somebody, surely they would not be any real harm that could be done to you.

If that is how you think indeed, you may want to think again. Consider, for one thing, how much about you you actually reveal to the people you chat with. Not just your friends, also to new people you meet online. Although you may not realize it, it is very likely that you give away information about yourself that may be used nefariously if it fell on the wrong hands. We are talking hear about things that may seem as innocent as the name of the town where you live, the name of your school, your job title, even your pet’s name. Of course you could just try to be even a little more discrete when you are chatting to people on Kik messenger app, particularly when you are doing so with people you do not know from real life. The problem, however, does not simply go away by limiting what you do say when you are chatting. If your Kik messenger app account gets hacked, unfortunately, there is a lot more information the hackers would have access to.


So what all can be hacked? These can easily be hacked:

  • Your Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • Bank account
  • SnapChat
  • Email
  • And, of course, your Kik


Can someone get your email from Kik?

Kik does not disclose a user’s email address publicly, it is possible for someone to obtain your email address through various means. For instance, if you have linked your Kik account to your social media profiles, someone may be able to access your email address from there. Additionally, there are potential security risks associated with using Kik, and it is important to be aware of the security features that the app offers to protect your personal information. It is also important to be cautious with your online activities and to be mindful of the information you share on Kik or any other messaging app. If someone does obtain your email address through Kik, they will not have access to your email account itself, as that is protected by your email provider’s security measures.



How to Prevent Hacking

If someone hacks into your Kik messenger app account, they will have access to your email address and password. The potential danger of this is actually huge. There is one thing you can do, however to limit the impact of this. It will not really prevent your Kik messenger app account from being hacked but if you use a unique password for Kik messenger at least the hacker will not be able to use it to hack into your email or any other of your possible online accounts (social media accounts, online banking accounts, online retailers accounts, etc). Way too many people make the same mistake, which is using the same password across many different instant messaging or social media platforms. when they do so they think that they are saving themselves time and effort. After all, who wants to remember several different passwords? This may seem really tempting, they are for, but it is not the wisest all decisions. If someone just hack into one of your accounts and here she finds out what your password for that account is and then finds out that the same password works for your other accounts, such as your email or your Facebook, Twitter accounts or other account in social media app, they will have the key to a lot of information about you and might be able to trade with it and make a profit.

We would then strongly recommend you to add extra security like use different passwords for every one of your online accounts, including your Kik messenger app account. Unfortunately, this is not enough. You will also need to ensure that each one of your passwords is strong.The key to strong password is very simple: randomness. Again, way too many people make the same mistake when he comes to choosing a password. They tend to use something that is easy for them to remember. This normally means that their passwords are always something that relates to them personally. Dates of birth, anniversaries, significant place names, names of celebrities, pet’s names,… all make for typical passwords. Sometimes people get creative and mix anniversary with the place name or a celebrity name with a date of birth, in an attempt to create a strong password. This is not, however, good enough. Your online passwords must always be something random, because if you come up with something that is easy for you to remember it might also be easy for someone else to work out. There is one easy way to come up with a strong password, and that is using a random combination of different characters and mixing caps and small letters; but the real key is mixing different characters and not just numbers and letters. If you do that with everything I love your online accounts, it will be a lot more difficult for hackers to break into them. it is not a one hundred percent secure method, but it is a lot better than either using the same password or just using passwords that are very easy to guess. Another piece of advice when it comes to passwords would be to change them regularly. This would make hacking into them a lot more difficult.

Another preventative measure that you could take it to be very careful where and when you log into your Kik messenger app account. As much as possible, you should restrict your usage of the instant messaging app (or any other private app) to those times when you would be used in a private and secure Wi-Fi connection or Wireless Network. It can be quite easy for hackers to break into your accounts when you are using a public network. For example, if you access your online accounts in an area with public access on public Wi-Fi such as a coffeehouse, it would be easier for someone to hack into your account then if you were just using it at home.

You would need to understand that our advice will not make your account on unhackable , as it were, but it will make it all that harder for someone to do so. Having said that, there is something else that you could do to try to keep your Kik messenger app account safer. Although it may be very convenient to remain locked into your Kik messenger app account on your smart phone or other mobile device, it may be actually a good idea to log yourself out whenever you are done using it. Otherwise it could be very easy for someone to have access to it, particularly if you leave your mobile device unattended. If you use the Kik messenger app across many different devices (or just over more than one device at the same time), and you tend to stay logged in at all times, you may be at risk of being hacked easily.

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