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As wonderful as the Kik messenger app is, there may come a time when you decide it is time to deactivate it and need the Kik deactivation website. There could be many different reasons for someone to make this decision, and any of those would be highly personal. It is not our purpose to encourage you to deactivate the Kik messenger app but it is also not our job to discourage you from doing so if you have already decided that you indeed want to do. In this article we will talk you through how to deactivate the Kik messenger app using the Kik deactivation website.


The best way to think about this article is I said tutorial for everyone who has already decided that deactivating the instant messaging app is the best course of action for them. However, before we going to the ins and outs of the deactivation website, we want to take a step back and help you consider a few things that you may have not thought about before you go ahead and use the website. If, however, you are quite sure that this is definitely what you want to do then you made us will skip over the next section and go straight ahead. 

Is the Kik Deactivation Website For Me?


If you are not one hundred percent sure, or would like to check out if there are any options for you before you go ahead with it deactivation of the instant messaging app, then read on. The current section of this article has only one aim and that is helping make an informed and educated decision.


So here are a few things you might want to consider before using the deactivation website:

  • First of all, you should consider the reasons why you feel like deactivating the app is the best solution for you at this moment in time. As we said in the introduction, your reasons are yours alone and so personal that we would not be able to help you with them even if we tried. So, in the section where are not going over what the possible reasons for someone making that decision could be. Instead we will be go over each and every one of the main implications of deactivating the Kik messenger app.
  • The next thing you will need to know if that even if you go ahead and use the deactivation website, you will always be able to restore Kik messenger future date. It is very likely that people wanting to deactivate Kik already know this but this is no reason they should make the decision lightly.
  • Even after you have deactivated your Kik account you will be able to use Kik messenger again without having to register again. You will be able to simply download the instant messenger app again and login using your old user name and password. This might make you think that deactivating Kik is not really a big deal. However, you will have to consider the following. If you use the deactivation website you will lose all the messages that were stored on the Kik messenger app. Remember that the Kik messenger app automatically keeps lots of your messages, including photos, audio, etc. Unless you have taken screenshots of them or saved any files elsewhere on your smart phone or cloud, you will lose all those messages forever if you deactivate your account.
  • Also, even if you restore the Kik messenger app after you have deactivated it, all your contacts will also be lost. This is because your chat lists will be wiped out along with any messages you had from your individual or group chats. If you use the address book match feature to sync your smart phone contacts to Kik then this is not such a big deal because you will always be able to do this again if or when you restore the instant messaging app.
  • The final thing to consider before you go ahead and deactivate the account is that, even though your user name will not be subject to be taken by anybody else, because it will forever be reserved for you if you ever decide to download the app again and login again, people trying to search by using your username or by scanning your Kik code will not be able to find you at all. You will be totally gone from the app as soon as you complete the deactivation process.

Are You Still Sure You Want to Deactivate Kik?

If you are reading everything on this tutorial you may very well be thinking by now that we are trying to discourage you from deactivating your account despite to the contrary in the introduction. But this is not true, we are simply trying to make sure that you have all the information you need before making that decision. Then, whether you make that decision or any other, is entirely up to you. And, as we explained in the previous section of this article, you will always be able to go back to Kik messenger even after you have deactivated it if you change your mind.

So, early we mention that it could be all kinds of different reasons for you to deactivate your account. Before going ahead with it we would suggest you look at the reasons behind this and see if there is anything else you could do instead. Very often people are targeted by bullies, or simply by people they would rather not speak to. A solution for this problem is called blocking them. Blocking someone on the Kik messenger and no one will ever know you have blocked them after you have they will just simply not be able to chat to you anymore.

If you find yourself being targeted by spam then you should not just simply block the accounts bothering you but also report them to the Kik messenger app. Blocking that will solve the issue for now but they may come back under different accounts and they will certainly continue to bother other users. However, if you report them they will automatically be blocked but Kik Interactive Will receive invaluable information that will help them fight against spam. This will reduce the likelihood for you to get targeted by spam again in the future because you will be actively contributing to the fight against it.


What To Do When You Have Finally Made Up Your Mind To Deactivate?


Deactivating Kik messenger or using the deactivation website is incredibly simple process. In fact, you do have two options. You could grab your smart phone and launch cake. Then going to your account and go ahead and deactivate your account that way. But there is a much easier way and that involves the deactivation website. Since you are reading an article entitled “Kik deactivation web site” we think it is safe for us to assume that this is the message you are actually interested in.

So, if this is the case all you will need to do is to launch any web browser of your choice whether on your smart phone, any other Internet-enabled mobile device, or any computer connected to the Internet. It does not matter what web browser you choose the deactivation website is incredibly simple and it will work exactly in the same way on all of the web browsers available.

The web address you will need to enter is the following:


As you will see immediately as soon as you go to that website, it could not be any simpler. You will simply say that Kik messenger logo and a message with the heading “Deactivate Your Account”. At the time of writing this message is exactly as follows:

“We’re sad to see you go! Enter your email address, and will send you a link to deactivate your account.”

And, that is basically yes. After that message you have a field for you to enter your email address. We will say one thing about this, though. You must enter the same email address that you used when you originally signed up to the Kik messenger app, unless you have changed it since. And not only that, you will have to make sure that you still have access to that email address because you will obviously need access to it before you can complete the deactivation process. So if you do not have access to the email address linked to your Kik messenger account, or you are not even sure what that email address would be you would have to grab your smart phone launch the Kik messenger app and check but email address you have in your settings. If it is an email address you do not have access to then you should change it on your Settings. So as long as you have access to the email linked to Kik you should enter this on the “Enter your email…” field on the website.

Once you have entered your email click or tap on on the green “go!” button. Then check your inbox for an email from cake with the link to deactivate your account. It may take a few moments for the email to come through so don’t be too impatient. If you cannot still find it then you should check your spam folders for it.

If you have any feedback on this tutorial or would like to share your experience with the Kik deactivation website, please leave us a message in the comment section below!

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