Kik and Destiny 2

We all know how simple Kik is to use, and we all know Kik makes talking with friends and even strangers very easy. With that being said, have you ever considered the fact of how simple Kik can make communicating with friends and gamers to organize playing together would be? Well, check out this guide to show you how to find a great fireteam using Kik.


What is Kik?


First let’s go over just what Kik is. Now we have written quite a few articles about Kik and what it is, which you can find here, so I will just go over it quickly. Kik is an app you can get on your iOS and Android device (or even computer), where you can chat with the millions of other users that use Kik. Now we won’t go into a whole lot of detail since we have tons of articles about Kik, which you can find on our website here.

Why not just text normally?

So, why should you install a texting app on your phone when you can simply use iMessage or SMS? Well, there are a few reasons why, so let’s go over them:

  • Don’t need a texting plan to use Kik because Kik uses data
  • Is International so you aren’t limited to just phone numbers of those in the same country
  • It is totally free
  • Don’t need to have phone numbers to use
  • Has some amount of anonymity
  • Lots of awesome features and add ons

Besides what I listed above, Kik also has some really great features that help make your communication even better. Let’s quickly go over a few of the many features Kik has to offer:

  • Group chat: This will come into play for Destiny
  • Wide array of emojis and gifs for you to properly express yourself
  • Kik bots- these are very unique, and nifty, robots that allow you to keep up with current events, fashion, video games, and just about everything under the sun
  • Games- Kik has another very unique feature that allows you to play a bunch of different games with your friends

As you can see there really are a bunch of reasons why using Kik could be a great alternative to texting using SMS texts on your phone. It is free, does not require a texting plan from your carrier, and Kik has some great features that you can utilize. Now, as with any app, you do need to keep an eye out for your safety.

Staying safe on Kik

As with any site on the Internet, you should always work on staying as safe as possible. Follow some of these tricks to stay safe on Kik:

  • NEVER give away any personal information to anyone on Kik
  • Don’t post your Kik username on social media
  • Be mindful of the pictures and media you share
  • Don’t share your location
  • Never meet up with anyone

Kik is not a dangerous app by any stretch, but you do still need to be cautious. Always protect yourself and stay safe because there are some serious creeps in the world. These practices are also just some good ideas for most social media platforms, not just Kik. Putting yourself in danger is incredibly stupid, so make sure you stay as safe as possible.


What is Destiny 2?


Now let’s go over Destiny 2, then we will show y’all how great Destiny and Kik go together. We will go in a little more depth with Destiny since we have never talked about it on our website.

So Destiny 2 (which came out in September of 2017) is the sequel to the video game Destiny, which was released in 2014. Destiny 1 is a very social game where you play as a Guardian and work with others to fight bad guys and keep “The Traveler” safe. The Traveler is a mystical being who grants Guardians light and powers. You roam the planets with a cute little guy named Ghost and together you fight against the forces of evil.


Destiny 2 starts off with The Traveler coming under attack and all Guardians and their Ghosts lose their light. Without giving away spoilers, in Destiny 2 you have to fight your way against powerful enemies while trying to find and protect other Guardians. The game is gorgeous and extremely fun, so any fans of the first Destiny will be ecstatic with Destiny 2.

Three types of Guardians

There are three classes to choose from in Destiny and Destiny 2: Titans, Hunters, and Warlocks. Here is a little info on those:

  • Titan: Think of these guys as the big guns, they have more protection for you to run into the think of the battle
  • Hunter: These dudes are agile and tend to fight better at farther distances. Think of them as ninjas
  • Warlock: Warlocks are magical and are studious. They fight well in close and farther combat, making them a great in-between

The social aspect

Destiny and Destiny 2 are very social games. You come across multiple different people where you have to work together with these people to accomplish different tasks. Some tasks where you need to work together are strikes, raids, and crucible.

  • Strikes: Work together with 2 other guardians to take down a boss. Not nearly as intense as raids, and there aren’t many reasons that you would have to actually communicate with the other players
  • Raids: Work with other Guardians to take down a massive boss. Below is more info on raids
  • Crucible: This is Destiny’s multiplayer mode where you battle other Guardians with a group


Now a huge component to Destiny, as well as Destiny 2, is raiding with a group of other people. In these raids you fight alongside 5 other Guardians (so there are 6 people total), and you work your way through puzzles, bad guys, and major bosses than require complete cooperation. These raids can take many hours to complete, especially if no one in the raiding group has completed the raid before. One massive component to raids is the ability to communicate and talk to your raid group.

I am extremely lucky that I am part of a great raiding group of friends who all work well together, but there are many people who don’t have that type of group. If you don’t have a raid group the best way to find one is to simply play with a group of random people, and you will tend to make connections. there are websites (and now the Destiny app) that helps you find people for raids, so you can always find people who are looking for others to raid.

Note: From now on we will refer to the groups as fireteams.

Finding a fireteam

So the groups you play in are called fireteams, and fireteams pop up in strikes and raids. Now for strikes Destiny will automatically pair you with a fireteam, so the only time you will need to actually find a fireteam on your own is for raids.

You can now find fireteams on the Destiny 2 app (for iOS and Android), and there are also websites you can use to find groups join. We have used LFG (can be found here) in the past and it has worked out well for us multiple times. Finding these people can take a little bit sometimes, it really just depends on what raid you are doing, as well as the experience your fireteam has. Some people really enjoy taking newbies into raids and teaching them the ropes, other Guardians might be wanting to join an experienced group to either learn or to simply get through the raid quickly.

We will go over below a way for you to find fireteams directly in Kik, so if you aren’t comfortable or familiar with LFG you can still find a good group to raid in.

Destiny 2 and Kik

Now we are finally ready to go over how Kik can help you in Destiny 2.



Communication is crucial ion a raid, which also includes what time the raids are planned for. Since we meet strangers online, you should never give away your phone number just in case something happens. But how can you communicate with you fireteam without giving them your number? You give them your Kik name.

Using Kik with Destiny- Already established fireteam

Kik has a great group chat feature, where you can get your group of friends all together to discuss whatever. Well, you can make a group chat just for you Destiny raid group so that y’all can get a time set for your raid. Now doing it this way is best when you already have an established fireteam.

Using Kik with Destiny- finding a fireteam

Let’s say you don’t have a fireteam and am looking for one. Well you can check out Kik to find your next fireteam. Some Destiny fans created a group on Kik called #fireteams. You can join that group and search through the lists of people that are looking for players. You can check these instructions out on Destiny’s Reddit page (found here).

Bungie’s Kik Page

Bungie also has a Kik page where you can search for Kik groups and you can follow Bungie to learn more about them and Destiny. You can go to Bungie’s Kik site (found here) to find their moderated Kik groups where you can search for fireteams. There are also groups where you can just chat about Destiny and learn more about the games.


Finding fireteams in Destiny is very easy if you use your resources, and Kik is a great place to start your search. If you are ever looking for a great raid group, write it down in the comments below, and remember to check out Kik Login Online for all your Kik questions!

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