Kik Friend Finder Review

So you’re strolling around with Kik and you realize that you’re a tad bit bored and that you want to chat with someone, but alas! You have no friends and you don’t know anyone that wants to chat with you right now. Relax! Take it easy… Today you will learn one of these awesome pages you can access to find someone that wants to chat just like you, with the benefit that I will review, all these Kik Friend Finders so you can sit tight and read on.


So what is exactly a Kik friend finder? You basically look for Kik users that are posted on these websites, so they’re just like you. You can look for them by filtering the results you want and it’s really simple most of the time.

Alright, so without further ado I present you the top 3 reviews for the best Kik friend finder websites.

No. 3 Kik Finder



This is probably my least favorite one because it just spits out everything at you, although the interface is simple enough. Once you enter the page you are welcomed by a screen telling you how many users are there and that it it’s a friend finder page. If you press the green “Get Started” button in the middle you can now submit your profile. You have to fill up your Kik username (make sure it’s a good username too), age, gender and description, but the last one is optional. The whole thing can be skipped if you’d like to and just go straight ahead with the list of Kik users.

Once you see the users, you can use the “Display advanced Search” (In yellow) to filter according to age, gender and date of the created profile. On the top of the screen you can find some simple buttons that display the rules as filter for male/female users. It’s all pretty simple but it’s not quite as fun or attractive as some other Kik pages out there right now and users are basically there to spam. That’s why I’m giving it a 6/10. But if you want to go ahead and give it a shot, then go, there’s nothing stopping you. Just remember, I warned you!

No. 2 Kik Friend Finder

Next on our stop is another interface that’s similar to the previous one, although this one is friendlier and even displays the country of the other Kik user. A feature that only this page has is the ability for you to pay five dollars to advertise your Kik profile on top of the whole page for 24 hours, which is good if you really need it that much. Again, you can filter this page by clicking on the female or male categories on top of the green bar, and then down below you can search by age or by country.


Right on the green bar again you can see their social media button so you can like and share on Facebook, unfortunately that’s the only media they have but I’m pretty sure it’s more than enough for most. Keep going towards the top right corner and you’ll find the rules button which will automatically open a new tab once you click on it. There you can read the rules of the board and avoid getting kicked out by the moderators!

Next to the rules button is the post button which you must naturally now what it does. It’ll pop up a screen so you can post your Kik username, age, and an optional description and if the type of chat you want is not suitable for work (only users 18+). The bad thing is that your post will be in backlog and will remain in queue until the moderators are done with everything else, which is not so good. This page is best if you want to find someone quick but not to be found that quick enough. So although the interface is not that bad and they do separate the naughty from nice, the page still falls a bit short on what it can do and what it should do, so I’ll give it an 8/10

No. 1 Kik Friends

This website is pretty straightforward and it takes you immediately to a screen where you can press Kik girls (which is green), Kik online (which is yellow-orange), Kik guys (which is also green) and well, Kik texting (blue) which you want to avoid unless you’re 18 years and older and you’re looking for some naughty fun, but trust me, you don’t want to go there.


There’s a welcoming text box right in the middle of the screen that tells you a little bit of the page and of Kik Messenger. Below this text is the logo of the web page and if you click on it will then transport you to a completely unfiltered search where you can see everyone online that is currently looking for someone to chat with. Under everyone’s username you can see their tags and this is really helpful, because it narrows down what you’re looking for. The overlay is kind of simple, with not much to say, it’s a white canvas and on top you have the users in grey and orange.

To the bottom left corner you have the social media button, which, when pressed it will ask if you would like to follow Kik friends’ page on any social media, so be it Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or Google+. To its immediate right is a button that says “Online” but it doesn’t really do anything. To the bottom right we have the refresh button which makes the page update its catalogue of names if you’re not feeling to chat with these people. To the right we have our menu screen and pressing it pops out a surprisingly nice menu that has the following options in order, Settings, Favorites, Tags, Random, Search, Online, Shout Outs, News and lastly an About button.

  • Within the settings menu you can create your own profile where you can upload your own picture, your Kik username and you can change the message that appears on your profile. What’s impressive is that you can actually modify the content maturity, which means that your profile becomes family friendly and it avoids all the trouble of clashing with rather unwanted people.
  • If you click the favorite button you can see all the people you’ve hearted while browsing, so that’s a pretty handy feature.
  • In the tags menu you can see all the people that have the same tags you have and you can then modify your own tags in the settings menu.
  • The random mode is pretty fun and it takes you to a screen where you can find Kik users online that are completely out of order, so most of the time you’re going to be up for a surprise, whether it’s a good or a bad one (let’s hope for the former).
  • The search part is very explicit, just type in any word and the page will look inside its database to find people with the matching word. There’s not much to say about your online button otherwise than it’s your home screen button basically.
  • In the shout outs’ screen you can type in a message that everyone online will be able to see and it’s a nice way of finding funny people.
  • In the news section you can find a list of updates and things that are changing so you can see what’s going on in the page.
  • Finally we have the about button which takes you to all the legal stuff you need to know (but really don’t want to know) about the page.

Overall I’d give the page a 9/10 because it does struggle with some members but it also tries to solve these problems without ruining the fun for everyone. The link is right here again and you should check it out if you have some spare time and just want to mess around a little bit.

The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it.- Hubert H. Humphrey

So if you’re looking for something quick, easy (and if I do dare say myself, lazy) and if you’re not picky then you should definitely go with option number 3. If you want to look a little deeper then you go for the option number two. And last but not least if what you want is the most complete experience to find a friend, a lover or just have a random dude send you cat pics then our number one choice, Kik friends, is the droid you’re looking for.

Thank you all for reading this iteration and a quick PSA. Never trust anyone online, no matter how handsome or kind they sound in their profile pic, always try to ask for a face picture and always stay smart to avoid scammers. Now if you have any other Kik friend finder page that you think is awesome and you we missed, be sure to write it down below in the comment section and to share it on any social media prefer so your friends can check them out too!

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