How To Kik Group Chat: Games, Limit & More!

Have you heard the term “The more the merrier” before? It’s a common saying that the more people you have to talk to or the more people at a party the better it will be.


That also applies to messaging friends and chatting with new people. One of the best features of a Kik group chat is that you can chat with a bunch of friends at the same time, you can all play games together, send stickers, send silly photos and a bunch more. This article goes into detail of how to make a group chat in Kik, what the limit is for number of friends and some cool features to make the chat more fun.

If you don’t already have Kik Messenger, it’s a popular messaging app and amazing platform that let’s you text your friends anywhere in the world completely for free. The app works over WiFi or your smart phones cellular network so you won’t ever get hit with international text message fees. It also allows you to play games, browse the web, send images or pictures and video messages and even draw sketches to people.

How To Kik Group Chat

A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.- Margaret Mead

So you’ve downloaded Kik and now you want to setup a group chat so you can text all of your friends. Follow the steps below:



  1. First, open the Kik Messenger app and tap on one of your existing conversations or tap on the talk bubble at the top right to start a new conversation. Search for a name and tap their name to start a conversation with them.
  2. Once you’re in a conversation with a friend you will notice a little icon at the top right with two people, tap that button.
  3. You will see an “add people” button, which you should tap on.
  4. Select the username or contacts that you want to add to the group chat. You will get a chat message “Are you sure you want to add X username to the group chat?” and tap yes. Now they are added to your group chat text.

Keep adding people until you’re satisfied with the list of participants or size and members of your group chat.

Group Chat Limit

Currently, the group chat current limit for Kik is 10 people simultaneously. There has been a lot of energy from the Kik community for the app to expand the limit to more people. However, Kik has not indicated they will add more people to the list anytime soon. It’s a fairly simple feature update, so I can’t reason why they wouldn’t increase the limit a bit.


I understand not wanting a group chat limit of like 1000, which would cause an overload on the servers and the potential for a lot of spamming. However, it’s reasonable to increase the limit to 20 people as that’s a common size of a class, group of friends, party, etc. Say you want to message everyone at the same time from your class, you would have to split it into two group texts. Kind of a pain but nothing we can currently do about it.

How to Leave a Group Chat

If you’re done with being in a group chat you can easily and quickly leave the conversation. Just open the app on your mobile device and locate the conversation you want to leave. On an iPhone you can swipe to the left on the conversation and there will be a little “leave” button that you can tap to leave the group. On Android device you can press and hold your finger on the group chat and it will come up with an option to leave the conversation.

If you leave, the only way to get back into the group is if the person who started it adds you back so make sure you’re sure you want to leave and not cause a pain for the organizer of the conversation.

Kik Group Chat Games


Here are some great games that you can play if you’re in a group chat or chat room and you want to keep the conversation going and add a bit of fun. They can also help you get to know one another and see each other’s personality.

  • In this game you can take turns thinking of a person, place, or thing and text words to describe the object and the rest of the people in the group guess what it is. Whenever someone guesses it correctly, it’s their turn to think of a mystery object.
  • Another game is to ask everyone what their favorite things are, for instance, what’s your favorite band or sports team or movie, etc.
  • A fun game to play is telephone over group text. The leader individually or direct messages one person in the group, then the message has to be sent through each person in the group but they can’t use the same words as before, they have to think of an alternative way of saying something. Then when it gets to the last person they post it in the group message and you compare it with the original message. Often times, they’re very different from the original text.
  • The last game that I recommend is truth or dare over text messages. You can challenge people to truth or dare, if it’s truth they have to answer a question to the whole group truthfully. If it’s dare, they have to do the dare and send a photo to the group of them doing whatever the dare was. It can lead to a lot of fun and silly conversations.

Know of any other questions about Kik group chat features or games? Let us know below. Share your favorite games or tips on how to make group chats work better or more fun for everyone. It’s better with friends!

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