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Whether you are new to Kik Messenger or have already been using it for a while, you would probably wonder about the Kik logo and history.


We have address some of the many features of the Kik Messenger app in other articles on this website. There are indeed many benefits to using the Kik Messenger app.

One of the main benefits of using the Kik Messenger app, is that users can message one another on their smart phones without having to share their telephone numbers. This is because Kik Messenger uses Kik Messenger users can also share pictures and video files with one another. Kik Messenger is a safe way to message people you already know or meet new online friends.

Although the application’s official name is Kik Messenger, most people who use it just refer to it as Kik. It is common now also for some people to use “kik” as a verb. They would say on Twitter things like “kik me”, for instance. This is one of the ultimate signs that an Internet product has made it and become truly popular. Just think of how people use “google” as a verb, too. I’ll google it or just google it if you don’t know, they say! It only make sense because everybody knows that Google is a search engine so they know that “googling something” means search for it online. Likewise, when a Kik Messenger user say “kik me”, it is understood that what he or she means is “message me on Kik Messenger”.


In case you do not know, the Kik Messenger application is available totally for free across a huge rage of smart phones including Android (which is the Google mobile operating system), iOS (which is the Apple mobile operating system), and the Windows Phone operating system. It is important to highlight this because some other similar applications are not totally free or as widely available.

It is said that there are more that 240 million users who are registered to Kik Messenger. According to some counts this would also include about 40 percent of all teenagers in the United States. This probably makes it the single most popular instant messaging apps of its kind in the United States. But, Kik Messenger popularity is not, by any means, restricted to the United States. Kik Messenger is also available worldwide, which means that is also very popular among teenagers from other countries, too.

It is, of course, not necessary at all to know the history of the Kik Messenger app (application) in order to use it and enjoy its many benefits, but we will assume that since you are reading an article entitled “Kik Logo & History”, you will be a least slightly curious about it. We will walk you through the short but intense history of the Kik Messenger app and its logo in this article.



A Little Bit on the History of Kik Messenger

The Kik Messenger app was originally launched back in late 2010 (specifically in October 19, 2010). In the last five years Kik Messenger has become so popular that most of its users may be forgiven for thinking that it has been around for much longer than that. It is often the case with popular apps, such as the Kik Messenger. People use apps like Kik Messenger so regularly than even after a short time using them, they feel like they have been using them for a lot longer. In fact, no smart phone app has been around for that long because smart phones themselves have not been around for that long, either.

There are other similar services out there, many of which date from more or less the same time period. These instant chat or messaging apps include the following:

  • BlackBerry Messenger.
  • Facebook Messenger.
  • Google Hangouts.
  • Google Talk.
  • Microsoft Messenger service.
  • Skype.
  • Snapchat
  • Telegram
  • WeChat (which, as we will explain later, is part of the same family).
  • Yahoo! Messenger.
  • WhatsApp.

The Kik Messenger app came about at the time when smart phones started to become popular and widespread in many countries around the world. It was thought at the time that smart phones had a clear advantage over computers (even laptops). Developers rightly thought that smart phone users would embrace apps that would allow them to communicate with each other at any time.

The application is own by a Canadian company known as Kik Interactive. At the time when Kik was launched, back in 2009, Kik Interactive was just a bunch of students from the University of Waterloo Velocity Residence in Ontario, Canada.


The popularity if the Kik Messenger app was almost immediate. Within a couple of weeks of its original release (just 15 days after launch), there were already more than one million registered users.

Why did the Kik Messenger app become so quickly? Many believe it was because some Twitter users signed up and starting sharing their Kik messenger usernames with their followers on the hugely popular social media site. Whatever the reason for its phenomenal initial success, the Kik Messenger app has remained popular in its five years’ existence.

Kik Messenger is not only popular with its millions of users but has also attracted the attention of important international investors. For example, back in 2014, Kik received enough capital from investors, SV Angel, Millenium Technology Value Partners, and Valiant Capital Partners that it could by the GIF Messenger known as Relay. It is estimated that the capital Kik Messenger was able to raise was $70.5 million (US). Not bad at all for a then 3 year company founded by Canadian college students!

More recently, in 2015, the Chinese company Tencent, which owns the also hugely popular instant messaging app WeChat, invested $50 million (US).

Not everything has been that good in the history of the Kik Messenger app, although it is true that the positive far outweighs the negative things that may have happened in the company’s brief history of meteoric rise.

There have been some controversies mostly revolving around minors using the Kik Messenger app, but as we have explained in other articles about the instant chat app, Kik Messenger goes to great lengths to ensure that its users’ privacy and security are protected and make this one of the very top priorities. It must be said that these kinds of controversies are not unique, as they have also affected other similar online products and services.

There have even been lawsuits in the history of the Kik Messenger. The most notable of them is probably the one the company had to face approximately a year after its launch in 2010.

At the time Kik Messenger was removed from the BlackBerry app store (App World) over an issue of misuse of trademarks and patent infringement but the lawsuit was settled between Kik Interactive and the company that sued them in 2013.

The Kik Messenger app now has 300 million registered users in more than 230 countries around the world. This means that, as a user, you will be able to message with all kinds of different people located worldwide. Kik Messenger is a truly international phenomenon.

If you want more numbers, Kik Messenger claims that there are 2.5 million Kik optimized mobile websites that are shared by Kik registered users every day. That is indeed an impressive number and one that is not easily rivaled by other similar instant messaging applications.

The Kik Messenger Logo

Image result for kik logo

The Kik Messenger logo is very distinctive and effective in establishing a strong brand image. As with every successful logo, the Kik Messenger logo hasn’t changed much since the app was launched back in October 2010.

At its core, the Kik Messenger logo has barely changed, in fact. The same font spells out “kik” in small case rounded letters in an attractive and lively lime green color; and a blue dot to the right of the lettering. The Kik Messenger logo’s appeal rests mostly it is simplicity and the friendliness suggested by its roundness and appealing colors.

The logo originally had a black or a dark gray slightly metallic background. A far more welcoming white background has now replaced this. This seemingly small change has made the Kik logo more in line with the logos of other apps.

Nobody needs to know the history of the Kik Messenger app or its logo to enjoy the full benefits of using this wonderful free instant messaging app. Having said that, it is always interesting to know more about the apps that we use regularly and perhaps take for granted oftentimes. The Kik Messenger app has a very short history but in just a few years it has grown to become a hugely popular instant messaging app platform. As we have seen the history of the Kik Messenger app has not been exempt from some controversies but even this has not affected the instant messaging app at least not in terms of popularity. The Kik Messenger history may yet be brief but it could not have been more successful. What is next for Kik Messenger? Well, we cannot answer that question but if the first few years of Kik Messenger are anything to go by, there is probably a lot of good things to look forward to.

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