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One of the most potentially frustrating things about online instant messaging is having to wait in order to get an answer from the people you are chatting with. It is hard to know if the problem is that in this day and age we have all become more impatient or if these kinds of apps and online services are actually responsible for making us all more impatient. What we do know is that there is not really a reason to be impatient at least when it comes to using the Kik Messaging app. That is where the Kik message status comes in.


In this article we will explain all the secrets behind all the Kik message statuses and their symbols. Some people assume they know what is really behind the symbols that appear against every single instant message that is ever sent out or received on Kik Messenger. Other people, however, do not even notice those symbols. Whatever the case is with you, in this article to will find answers to any doubts you may have about those symbols and what they really mean. Even if you think you know what those symbols mean we would still you read this article, as those symbols may not ultimately mean what you think they do.

You may be new to the Kik Messenger app or you could have been using the app for quite sometime. Regardless, the more you know about how the popular instant messaging app works, the more you will be able to make out of it. Sometimes not knowing how an instant messaging app works may create misunderstandings between people. If you do not believe us or think that we are grossly exaggerating consider the misunderstandings that may occur when someone thinks you are ignoring them when, for whatever reason, you may have not received their message or may have received it but had not had time to read it yet. Knowing about the Kik Messenger message statuses will solve those kinds of situations easily.



S, D, R,…

“If it is true that there is always more than one way of construing a text, it is not true that all interpretations are equal.”- Paul Ricoeur

So there are a few message symbols on Kik that would indicate the status of every message that you have sent out or received. Do not assume you know what those symbols mean because even though they may all seem quite straightforward, there are a few things that you will need to know about them. We will go through every symbol and explain what each of them mean.

Basically, there are three symbols: S, D, R; which stand for “sent”, “delivered”, and “read”, respectively. But, as we will see in this section, this is not as straightforward as it may seem at first sight.

  • The first symbol you should see every time you send out a message is “S” for sent. But what does it really mean when a message has an “S” status? “S” means that the message you have composed has now been successfully sent by the Kik Messenger server. If you see this symbol you are guaranteed that the message has been received so if you someone tells you they have not received a message with an “S” symbol you will know that they are lying to you. What could happen with a message with an “S” status is that the person you have sent them to have received it (well, you will know this for a fact) but has not yet read it, for whatever reason (and we will though into possible reasons later on in this article).
  • The next symbol you will need to be aware of is “D”, which stands for delivered. A “D” means that the message has actually been delivered to your friend’s smart phone or mobile device. Watch out, though, because this does not been that they have read it. Okay, but then what is the difference between “S” and “D” as message status. In other words, what is the difference between a message being sent and one being delivered?
    • Well, if a message has been sent and had therefore an “S” status it means that the message has been delivered to the Kik Messenger server. Simply put, nothing has gone wrong from your end (the sender’s end). It means that the message is in transit as it should but it has not been delivered yet. If you see that symbol all you will have to do is wait because there is nothing else you could possible do. At that point your work is, as they say, done. Even if the message remains with an “S” status for a long time (let’s say hours or days), there is not anything you need to do or should worry about.
    • What that is then mean if one of your messages (or several messages) remains as “S” for a long time? Well, first of all it does not mean that you have done anything remotely wrong. The problem, if any, is at the recipient’s end. An “S” status could mean one of several things all of them boiling down to the fact that the recipient has not yet received your message even though there has not been a problem sending it at all. All it could be is something as simple as that the recipient has his or her smart phone or mobile device turned off (either purposefully or because the battery is down) or on airport mode.
    • This could also mean that there is not Wi-Fi where the recipient’s smart phone or mobile device is located at that time. So, as you can see, there is absolutely no reason to think anything bad. As soon as the recipient of one of your messages turns their mobile device back on, or turns the airport mode off, and joins a valid Wi Fi network, the message in question will automatically change its status from “S” to “D”, which means that they will see your message for the first time and you will be notified as long as you keep an eye on the message status.
  • Finally, the last symbol you will need to know all about is the “R” symbol, which stands for “read”. So, once a message goes from “S” to “D”, you know that the message has not only successfully reached the Kik Messenger server but also has reached the recipient’s smart phone or compatible mobile device. To further clarify this, you will need to know that a message being “delivered” does not mean that it has necessarily been read or even seen by the person you have sent it to. How is this possible? You may as well ask. If a message has been delivered to someone’s device that surely means that they have seen it, right? Well, not exactly. A Kik message reaching someone’s phone does not mean that they have seen it. It simply means that they could see it. Consider the following: someone has not opened the Kik Messenger app for a long time. In that case, all the messages that he or she has received since the last time they opened the Kik Messenger app are seating there with a “D” or delivered status. Technically, they have been received even though the recipient has not been able to see them.

If a message has a “D” or delivered status it means that the recipient has not actually seen the message in question, probably because they have not even opened the Kik Messenger app. This is, no way, means that they are ignoring your messages.


If a message then goes from “D” to “R”, from delivered to read then you can be sure that the person you have sent the message to has not only received the message, but also opened it and read it. You should be sensitive and understanding if your recipient takes some time to reply to the message in question. Perhaps they read it and then became too busy to respond or are somewhere where they can either because there is no suitable Wi Fi network available or because they are someplace where they are not able or allowed to use Kik Messenger. There is of course the possibility that, after opening and seeing your message, the recipient has decided to ignore you and your texts. As a rule of thumb, try not to jump into conclusions.

But How About The Other Symbols That Are Not S, D, or R?

There are also their status symbols that pop up for time to time. This is what they all mean:

  • “…” means that the Kik Messenger app is not connected to a server yet but it is attempting to do so. You may see this symbol when you have sent a message to someone on Kik. The “…” should turn into a “S” rather quickly. If your messages are stuck as “…” you might want to check that you are connected to a valid Wi Fi network. If you appear to be connected, then try turning airplane mode on and off so that it reconnects.
  • “!” means that there has actually been a problem sending a message. Normally all this means is that you are not connected to a Wi Fi network, so make sure you are.
  • Gray “D” means that even though the message has reached the recipient’s device, they have not opened their Kik Messenger app yet. Yoi can be sure that they have opened the app is the “D” is blue.

We hope you have found this article useful and informative. We would love to hear about your experience, so please leave a message in the comments section.


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