All Your Kik Messenger Questions Answered

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about the very popular Smartphone messenger app called Kik. What is it? Why is it so popular? What are some things you can do with it? If you’ve wanted to get started with Kik, but aren’t sure what to expect, read on. In the following article, you will get a preview regarding what Kik is all about, and get all your Kik Messenger questions answered.


Kik and Social Media

Social media is the ultimate equalizer. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage.- Amy Jo Martin

Social media trends make communicating with friends and family a much easier task. From a computer or smartphone, with a simple push of a button, people can share their memories as they happen with those people who are important to them, but who may live far away. Through social media, people have been able to stay in increased contact with each other, keeping tabs on friends and family much more quickly and easily than ever before.

Social media also influences the apps that emerge on certain smartphones, and can often dictate the popularity of a new application. Any application that offers both entertainment and increased communication while also using social media is bound to be popular nowadays. The more entertaining the application is for social media, the more likely it is to be a modern day hit. That is, in effect, part of the story of Kik. Kik is a social media world in and of itself, which also connects to other social media worlds like Facebook and Instagram. One benefit of Kik is its capability to be a one-stop-shop for all of an individual’s social media and communication needs within a Smartphone.

Kik Questions – Answered

Internet Messenger:


Kik is a new smartphone application that is comparable to Internet messengers like Yahoo Chat and America Online, but the features on Kik are comparably better. Kik includes the ability to send text messages, voice messages, videos, pictures, and much more. Some compare Kik to WhatsApp, but the majority of Smartphone users feel that Kik offers more advantages than WhatsApp because it does not require a person to use his or her phone number to get started; all a person needs to do is come up with a username and a password. Users do not need to provide a phone number information in Kik, unlike in WhatsApp.

Another bonus about Kik is that it is free to install and use, so many find limitless entertainment through experiences with it. Several users also comment about the increased communication value of Kik when keeping in touch with friends and family.

Text Messenger:

Many individuals who have limits on their text messaging plans use Kik because, through the Kik application, a limitless number of text messages can be sent to any other person with a Kik account for free. The usage of the Kik application for messaging, furthermore, is very familiar to most. Kik’s text messaging setup feels much like a typical Smartphone’s text messaging system does. Kik utilizes the data plan a person has connected with his or her Smartphone to both send and receive messages. That does mean that a person using Kik needs to have a hotspot to use it, but that is not much different than needing service to text when using a typical Smartphone SMS system.

Because Kik is so similar to regular text messages and so easy to use, many people use it to avoid extra charges if they have text message limitations on their Smartphone plans. It also performs well for Email and regular chatting, so it is, in itself, a sphere of public social networking. Kik, therefore, works as an all in one Smartphone option for those who want more than a basic messenger; with Kik, a person can chat, Email, and text—and do much more.


How Can You Get Started On Kik

The first thing any user needs to do is to download Kik. Make sure to install the application on the device you wish to use it on. After installation is complete, Kik immediately asks a new user to make a new account, or sign-in if the user already has an account. Filling out the information to obtain an account is relatively simple and basic; provide information like name, a username, a password, an Email address, etc. If you need a little help getting started and making friends, check out Kik Group Lists for 2015/2015.

What Can Kik Do?


Kik possesses many interesting features that encompass a user-friendly functionality. Because many of the things one can do on Kik resemble what a person could do on a Smartphone, anybody with a Smartphone already knows how to use it. People typically find that it is relatively simple and easy to use. So what are some of the easy to use features of Kik?

  • Notifications. Just like a text message, when messages are sent and received, a notification goes off on the user’s cellphone. Another nice feature is the fact sounds can be customized to individual people, so a user can know by the sound which is sending a message. People can have a bit of fun personalizing this feature by trying to find appropriate sounds that remind them of different people messaging them, giving everybody their particular “theme song” notification.
  • Live TypingLike some other instant messenger systems, Kik allows a user to see a note when the person communicating on the other end is typing in a message, so anybody messaging on Kik knows when another message is possibly coming up. Having the typing feature is a nice way to see that the person tapping the keyboard is in the midst of responding to the user, so people are more likely to wait to receive that response. This feature avoids that reaction of wondering if somebody is taking the time to respond, or simply ignoring the question and not responding at present.
  • Kik code scanning. Each user obtains a Kik code that, if they forget, they can review in their settings in Kik. Locate the settings under the icon that resembles a gear, typically found under “conversations” in Kik. Adding a user is simple if a Kik code is known. Go into the search area, and proceed to the section that says “Find People.” After that, the next step is to click on “Scan a Kik Code.” Make sure, though, Kik can utilize the camera before doing this or there will be difficulty when adding any new users. 
  • Keep it Private: If a user needs more privacy in Kik, he or she can ask Kik not to link up to the contacts present in a user’s phone or various social media platforms. Another option allows a user to stop Kik from bothering the user.
  • Invite Friends. People can invite others to use Kik along with them through a variety of contact features. Users can ask friends to join them on Kik via text message, email and through the wide variety of social networks that work alongside Kik. Even better, when somebody in a person’s contacts in his or her phone or social networks obtains a Kik profile, everybody in that person’s various contact lists gets a notification about the new membership.
  • Send Multimedia Messages. Remember that with Kik; you can do far more than just send text messages, Emails, and chat conversations. The entertainment value in Kik emerges when users start to send audio, video, and picture files.
  • Integrate Your Profiles. Users can have fun customizing their profiles; besides the username and password, a picture with information about the user can be added. To add personality to the profile, find a great selfie that captures the mood of the Kik profile and present to the outside world.
  • Conversations and Chatting. Kik keeps a running record of the various conversations users experienced with others. The running thread can continue, and to contact a friend, all a person needs to do is pull up an old chat string and restart the conversation. Beyond this, users can also pick colors they wish to use for their chat strings, spicing up the presentation of the platform a bit. Want to chat with more than one person? Then select a group chat by again going back to the search icon, which in Kik, much like on your Smartphone, looks like a magnifying glass. After that, select “Start a Group” and Kik will allow a variety of names to add to the group list. Another feature visible in the chat area promoted chats; allows a user to view other interesting conversations, and so he or she can jump in and enjoy the fun.
  • Web Page: Web pages can are accessible by using the little globe icon on the lower part of the “conversation” area. Entering this area lets a user see suggested web pages that give access to more people as well as games and other interesting, entertaining activities.

Now, Remember to Have Fun.

Kik provides users with a fun, entertaining, and integrated social media platform approach, which can open up a whole new world of people for some. Nobody can overlook the benefits of communicating and meeting others in our globalized and technology-driven society. So have a little fun with this app and see what types of interesting people are out there in the world to interact. Hopefully, you have had all of your Kik questions answered.

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