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There are multiple ways that you can use to sync contacts on Kik Messenger. Here, I will discuss how to use the Address Book Matching feature on iPhone and Android. This is an easy and efficient way of searching for existing people in your phone on the Kik app with Kik Address Book Matching.


Find Contact on Kik

On a phone, you identify people by their phone numbers. Many instant messaging apps like Facebook Messenger have come under scrutiny for a myriad of application permissions that allow the app to access and share one’s private information, like phone numbers, without one’s knowledge. Well, Kik stands above such scrutiny because Kik doesn’t really identify people by phone numbers.

Instead, Kik uses usernames much like Twitter and Instagram such that you never have to give your phone number to Kik. Kik names are how you are identified. They take the place of phone numbers and protect your information. So, on a regular phone, you would send a text message to a friend’s phone number, but on Kik, you would send a message to a friend’s Kik chosen name. It’s that easy.



How do you find friends on Kik?

Here’s a scenario. You download the Kik messenger app for free on the App Store to your phone. However, you have no friends in your contacts to talk to. But you think you have some friends who may have Kik that you already know. How do you find them? What’s the easiest way to see which of your existing friends is on Kik or not?

Kik has a great feature called Address Book Matching that searches your phone contact list, with your permission, to seek out people in that list who have Kik accounts. Then it gives you the chance to add them to your Kik contacts and message them at will.

How to use Kik Address Book Matching

If you want to use Kik Address Book Matching, you have to make sure that you have downloaded the latest updates to the Kik messenger app for your device. If you’re running an older version, then it may not work properly or you may not even have this awesome function.

First, make sure that you have registered your phone number with your own Kik account. This way, Kik can accurately search your contact list. The Kik for Android app does this automatically.


To use this feature on your iPhone or iPod touch,

  1. Tap Settings in the top left of your screen when you’re in a conversation.
  2. Select and tap Privacy on the menu that appears.
  3. Find Address Book Matching on the privacy menu.

To use this feature on your Android device, the process is very similar except that the Settings icon is located at the top right of the screen, not the left. On a Windows Phone device, you process is also identical, but you will find the Settings icon at the bottom of the screen, under the conversation. It looks like a little gear.

What this does, once you tap “Address Book Matching” is allow Kik to match your address book on your phone with Kik to see who has a Kik account and who doesn’t. From there, you can select who you want to add and who you don’t want to add to your Kik. When you find them, you should send them a message to say hello and so that they’ll be saved to your Kik contacts.

How to Add Friends Who Aren’t On Kik



If you have friends who aren’t on Kik, but you think should be and they are in your phone contacts, then it is really easy to find them and invite them to join you on Kik. The process is very similar to the Address Book Matching.

On Android and iPhone, you will see an option to “Tell Friends about Kik” under Settings. On Windows Phone, this option is called “Invite a Friend”. You can then select the friends you want and how you want to invite them – via text message, social networks, or email.

kik usernames

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How to use Address Book Matching on Kik for PC

If you’re running Kik for PC or Mac, then you can still use the Address Book Matching feature. The great thing about this is that you may have a lot of contacts on your computer that are not on your phone and would like to add them to Kik or find them on Kik. the good news is that you can find them just like you would on your mobile device. Go through the same steps that I outlined above. Using an Android emulator only creates a virtual version of your mobile device to display on your desktop screen. All the functions are pretty much the same though. So, you can easily look up contacts and find friends from the comfort of your desktop or laptop.

If you have any more questions, or maybe suggestions about using the Address Book Matching feature, then leave a comment in the box below and let us know your thoughts.


  • so will people know if you didn’t add them using the address book mathing? for example, you turn it on and find a lot of people. will you be automatically added to their contact list?

  • Hi I’m just wondering if I allow kik to search my phones contacts for people using kik, will they automatically know I’m using kik ? Or can I just allow the function and have a look without any of my contacts knowing I’m on kik ? Like do they get a notification that I’m on kik when I allow the search contacts function? Thanks

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