Kik Pics – How to Send Pictures on Kik

Messaging is not just for sending text anymore. That seems ancient. People use instant messaging apps and social media app to send and share millions of pictures a day.


That’s why Snapchat was invented and has become so unbelievably popular. But did you know that you could also share pictures on Kik? It’s called Kik pics. This article will tell you about Kik pics and show you how to send pictures on Kik Messenger.

What Are Kik Pics?

Kik pics is a common name for the photos that are shared on the Kik messenger app. Kik messenger has about 150 million active users and if every single one of them send at least two pictures a day, or a week, then you can imagine how many pictures are being sent on a regular basis. Instant messaging and chat apps have gotten more competitive and are looking for ways to stand out. It’s almost impossible to have a successful app without the basics and Kik has gone over and above. You can not only send Kik pics, but you can send videos and files as well. The coolest thing is that Kik has a built-in browser so that you can search for new Kik pics and share them from within the confines of the app.  With other chat apps, you have to exit the app and go to your mobile browser, find a picture, return to the app and share it.


Sharing Kik pics will vary depending on what kind of device you have. I’ll try to outline them below.

How to Send Kik Pics on iPhone and Android Phone

  1. When you’re in a conversation, look to the left of the screen and you should see a “+” sign. Tap it.
  2. Select “Gallery” to open up your phone’s photo gallery app (if you have multiple photo galleries, apps, and storage spaces on your cell phone, then you’ll be prompted to select one of them) and choose a picture to use as a Kik pic.
  3. Tap “Send” to send the Kik pic to your friend in the conversation, or you can add a chat message to go along with it first.

If you have newer operating systems installed, you may need to first give Kik permission to access your photos. This is simple and you can go to your phone app settings and allow this. If your phone does not have a camera, then you will not have the option to take a new picture with your Kik app.

How to Take a New Kik Pic Within the Kik App (iPhone & Android)

  1. Repeat step one from above.
  2. Instead of “Phone Gallery”, select “Camera” and your camera will launch and allow you to take a new picture.
  3. If you like the picture, tap “Send” and add a message chat if you want. If you don’t like the picture, you can delete and retake it. (I would suggest taking a picture outside the messenger camera app, editing it, and then share it in Kik.)

kik pics tips

How to Send Kik Pics on Windows Phone

  1. Inside the conversation, select the paper clip icon at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select “Gallery” if you want to send an existing photo from your photo albums. Select “Camera” if you would like to take a new Kik pic to send.
  3. Tap “Send” to send the Kik pic or add a message to it before sharing.

How to Send Kik Pics on BlackBerry

As of right now, sending Kik pics doesn’t work on BlackBerry devices. However, you can still receive and view Kik pics from your friends.



How to Save Kik Pics

When you receive a Kik pic from a friend, you can now save images or the photo to your mobile device with a simple click!

  • On iPhone and iPod Touch (IOS Device), tap “Save” in your screen’s right corner.
  • On Android Device, just tap the Kik pic.
  • On Windows Phone, tap the … at the bottom right.
  • On BlackBerry, click the “BlackBerry menu” button.

Kik Pics Tips: Do’s & Dont’s

  • Don’t send pictures you don’t want the world to see or that you fear will fall into the wrong hands.
  • Make sure you allow Kik to access your phone’s photos.
  • Try taking pictures with your phone’s camera app and then share them through Kik – they’ll come out better that way.
  • Don’t save your friend’s Kik pics without their permission, especially if the picture is sensitive.
  • Keep checking back here for updates! Or check the Kik Help Center for more tips.

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These are the ways you can send Kik pics through Kik messenger no matter what kind of phone you have. If you have a BlackBerry, then you may be out of luck for now with sending Kik pics, but you can still receive them. With the updates to their platform, hopefully, you’ll be able to send them as well. If you have any more concerns or suggestions about Kik pics, pictures on Kik messenger, then let us know and leave a comment. Thanks!

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