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This guide is meant to answer all of your Kik Messenger questions and give you a chance to leave other questions for me. I’m happy to answer anything that comes up.


If I don’t know the answer, I will be sure to point you in the right direction or give you a resource that goes into more detail on the given topic.

Like with a lot of other apps, Kik can be confusing if you don’t know how to use it. Also, they come out with updates often with new in app games, features, stickers, the new browser, etc. This all can leave anyone with questions about how to do something or what a new feature does.

Below, I’ve outlined some commonly asked questions and try to answer them, of course, I cannot cover everything so if there is something below that is not answered, be sure to leave a comment below and I will submit a response as soon as I can.


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Common Kik Questions

How do I find friends on Kik?

You can find friends either by using your contacts list or by searching for their username. Simply tap the talk icon at the top right and type in the person’s Kik username to find them and start chatting. If you’ve already synced your contacts list with Kik then it will automatically populate with your friends in your contacts. You can start chatting with them by tapping on their name.


How do I deactivate my Kik account?

There are a couple ways to deactivate or delete your Kik Messenger account. The easiest way to do this is to open up your Kik app and tap the settings icon which is the gears. Then go to Your Account and tap the “reset Kik Messenger” button. Then you will get an email with a link that you have to click on to deactivate your account.


How to Block someone on Kik?

If you’re getting inappropriate messages you should not respond and block the person immediately. To do this, go to settings in the app, then tap on privacy. You will see an option for Block List, tap that and the plus icon to add someone to your personal block list. Find the person’s username or select them from the list and tap the Block button to keep them from messaging you. This won’t delete your previous conversation but it will keep someone from messaging you in the future.

Can you get Kik for PC or Mac?

Yes, you can download an Android emulator, which lets you install Kik Messenger on your computer. You must already have a Kik account and also you have to have a Google Play account. For a full tutorial check out this sites main page. If you don’t have a Google Play account you can sign up for Google and login to your account on your Android phone or a friend’s phone.

What do the Kik R, D, S symbols mean?

You may notice that there are three different symbols associated with each message sent. These indicate the status of your message and whether someone has seen or read them. The meanings are:

  • S: Your message was sent to the Kik server but hasn’t been delivered yet.
  • D: The message was delivered from the Kik server to the recipient (your friend).
  • R: This means the recipient, your friend, has read/seen the message. If you see an “R” you know they have at least glanced at the message so they can’t say they never got it or didn’t check their phone.

6. How to make Kik private?

There are several tricks and tips to make your Kik username and account private. One of the most important rules is to never give out your Kik username if you don’t want random, sometimes bullying or inappropriate, people messaging you. It’s best to come up with a random username that doesn’t include your real name and is hard to guess, the longer the better so people can’t guess it. Also, make sure your password is strong and no one would be able to figure it out.

Unfortunately, Kik does not have a setting where new people cannot message you, however, if the person is new it will mark them as new and not in your address book. It will also blur out their photo if they send one. If you don’t know who the person is or are suspicious you should report the person immediately and block them.

7. How do I view someone’s Kik profile?

It’s super easy to view someone’s Kik profile. If you’re talking with them you can simply tap on their name/photo and it will show you their profile. Alternatively, you can click the plus icon or search icon and search for someone then when they show up you can click on their profile photo or name. This will show you their profile, although it’s not a ton of information, just their photo, username, and display name.

8. How Do I send Kik emoticons?

Kik emoticons are a fun way to spice up a conversation without spending money on the stickers that you have to buy. Kik Messenger has made it super easy to send emoticons, all you have to do is look for the “:)” to the left of the send button and tap on it. That will show you a list of all the emoticons available. This only works on the newest version of the app so make sure you update to the newest version if you haven’t already.


If you want to spice up emoticons you can purchase sets of stickers, which are fun cartoons or drawings. They are a fun way to surprise a friend or send a silly message.

That wraps up commonly asked Kik questions. We hope you found this informative and helps you use Kik a bit better. Let us know if there’s anything else we can answer. Leave your question below so that all of our readers can see the answer and help them out too.


    • If you want to use the Address Book Matching feature on Kik you can go to Settings, then Address Book Matching, and turn it on. That will bring all of your contacts in that have a Kik account.

  • So I went to the block list and I pressed on the plus sign. And I see some of the people I used to talk with but I also saw some of my contacts”people I talk with” friends. Well I think beacuse I have never talked with them… is it possible that those are my friends friends?! Please help!!!!

  • Will we be able to save kik videos again on the iPhone. Says the video kik app needs an update but there is not one in the app store.

  • My problem is that I receive people’s messages and I can read them, but they never receive mine. Thei’re never sent/delivered. Please fix that 🙁

    • Go on and search for people when you find the person you removed by mistake click on there profile pic and add he or she .

  • I accidentally clicked send on a text message that I didn’t mean to send. Luckily I had no wifi connection so I immediately went to reset kik. If I log back in, will the message resume sending and reach the recipient?

  • I was talking to this guy, and he told me his phone screen broke and he wouldn’t be able to talk to me until next week, but his profile pic is gone and he’s not in my contacts, but our conversation is still there. Although it’s treating it like a new contact and giving me the option to chat or ignore the conversation. What’s going on?

  • If I message a deactivated account, would it still show a D or would I get that “oops” auto message…… What is supposed to happen if I message a deactivated account.

  • What happens to messages you recieve after resetting your account? For example, I reset my account and someone sends me a message(during the reset). Will I recieve the message when I return or does it just never show that person’s message?

  • I keep getting notified that people are starting new conversations with me and that I have new messages but when I go and check, the new messages aren’t there? How can I fix that?

  • I accidentally deleted a conversation and tried to find the person on my contacts list but could not find the profile. Why can i not find the profile?

    • Try to close out of the app and open it again. If that doesn’t work, try to delete the app and download it again.

  • I had a friend on kik and I know I didn’t delete them and I tried searching this person by their
    username, but I can’t find their account. What does this mean?

  • Can the blocked user still see your messages sent out if he or she is in a group chat you are included in?

  • i want to get emails instead, instead of using the app or will it just be a notification email to reinstall when my friend messages me? Thank you

  • I sent a person a message and after a month i received a text from them. But the previous messages i sent was still showing s! What does it mean? Did they see the messages or not?

  • I have a question Trevor! I deactivated my kik account recently and I was wondering will the people who have been in touch with the account be notified it no longer exist or will they still be able to send messages and it’ll remain only as an S? I tried looking up my own account and it says the username doesn’t exist anymore so I’m confused whether or not people get notified if the account is gone

    • I don’t believe they will ever be notified if your account doesn’t exist, it will just remain an “S” for sent but won’t ever change to D. Of course if someone looks up your username they won’t see it but if you’re already in a conversation I believe it will just remain an S.

  • if you send someone a message and it delivers, and you then delete the app straight after (but not deactivate your account) will that person still be able to read the message?

  • 1. I sent a message and it was still S. Then, I deactivated my account. Is there any possibility my message will be delivered?

    2. If I activate my account again, will the message be delivered?

    3. If i activate my account again, will I still be able to see my friends?

  • Please, help. I was at the fair recently, and I gave a new friend I met my kik. I was logged on to my dad’s phone at the time because i didnt have my own phone on me. I put my kik in her phone and sent the message but when i logged on to kik from my sisters phone, I never got the message saying wassup that I sent off of the girls phone. I never got the message or the girls kik. I would like to know is there a way i can get the message so i can get the girls kik and start talking to her

  • i need help my friend on kik has messaged me and i have replied the whole time but he says hes not getting them but it shows received on my phone that he has got them please help..

  • I created an account and accidentally synced all my contacts and sent everyone a notification. I deleted the app and I wan to redownload it, will it ask me to sync my contacts? If I log back into my account will my contacts be there? Will I have to make another account to delete my contacts?

    • Press the picture, hold it, I’m pretty positive it will say forward or save or delete and press forward. If not press save then send it to whoever

  • I just received a message saying your phone contact ******* is now using kik BUT this persons name is NOT in my phone contacts.. how do i find out who it is without opening up chat ??

    • Yes, Jessica, they will be able to see you and your messages in a group chat. They cannot invite you to a group chat, but if the chat is started by someone else and the two of you are invited and accept, then yes, the person you blocked will see you. Hope that helps! Thanks for reading @ Kik for PC!

  • I have a contact I’ve been talking to, but all of a sudden the person is showing up as a New Person with my old conversation and picture is blurry. What does that mean?

  • When making a group chat, can it only be the people I have talked befor?Because I have usernames that I want to make I group of but have never talked to.

  • When you hit chat with someone who is on your phone contact. Does it tell the person if you hit chat or not?

  • How come when i Logout, than log back into my kik account,my kik friends dont show in my contacts or the Chatting With section?

  • When I get a message on kik saying “Your Phone contact *insert name here* is on kik. They won’t see that you’ve read their messages until you tap chat.” Does this mean they’ve sent me a message through kik and I can’t see it until I hit chat or does it only mean that the person I know is on kik?

  • I accidentally deleted friends username don’t have his number but I remember his pic. Is there a way I can search by his pic or not? Plz help you can thank you.

  • Will someone get my message sent before I deactivated my account? Like will it show up even though I don’t have an account anymore?

  • My boyfriend and I usually Chat over kik. And recently we have discovered something odd. Recently, it has been showing the other person typing, but they are not. Even before it shows the message was read. This has happend multiple times to the both of us. And when asked about it, the other always says that we weren’t typing. What could be happening? It only happens with my boyfriend and I’s chat. It happens to him to. But only with me. please reply asap

  • (if this is still open to discuss)
    When Kik notifies me that one of my contacts is also on there, does my contact also receive such a message about me at the same time?

  • I was texting my friend today and now I cant find their account even though I typed in the correct username and they dont show up on my history

  • In the alternative if my friend has not opened his app in a few days (not deleted it) and i text him will i get a D or S with the “oops” message

  • what does it mean when I can see someones ‘tag line” but they have taken down their profile picture, have they deleted me?

  • One of my kik contacts I was having a conversation with suddenly became blurred and a “new person.” It would not let me see messages this contact sent me and now the messages will not go past the “S” stage. I have tried re-downloading the app, re-adding the contact, and nothing is working! Is there a way to fix this?

  • Ok now here’s the problem : I sent a message to someone and there was the D icon. But then I deactivated my kik account permanently. So now I wanna know if my messages will still reach that person or not.

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