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One of the things that makes the Kik Messenger app stand out among all the many other available free instant messaging apps is their available chat enhancers. Although the Kik bots are the latest and most exciting chat enhancers available, today we want to talk about Kik stickers.


It is true that stickers are not just available on the Kik Messenger app but also on other competing instant messaging apps such as the Facebook Messenger app, the fact that there are also available on the Kik Messenger app makes Kik even more awesome. How can something that is also available on other free instant messaging apps around make the Kik Messenger app awesome? Well, because for one thing stickers on the Kik Messenger app are second to none. They are, quite pure and simple, the best.

In this article we will tell you everything you will even need to know about stickers on the Kik Messenger app. We will begin but telling you what stickers are in this context, what makes stickers on the Kik Messenger so special, and how to get Kik stickers and send them on the app.



What Is A Sticker?

Sticker (noun)- An image used to convey feelings or emotions online

It is no exaggeration to say that before official Kik bots were launched earlier in 2016, stickers were the most exciting things on instant messaging apps. We are not implying here that stickers have ceased to be cool now that everyone seems to be so excited with bots. Stickers are still a great way to enhance your chats. If you still do not know what we are talking about when we mention stickers, let’s take in back another step and talk about emojis first.

Everyone has heard about emojis and seems to know what they are. Sending or receiving messages that do not contain emojis has become a rarity. The reason behind the popularity of emojis and their conspicuousness in the world of instant messaging has to do with how difficult it often is to express emotion on an instant or text message. If you do not know what we mean by this try and read some of your text or instant messages out loud. Depending on the tone of voice that you adopt when carrying out this exercise the results could be quite different. Something as innocuous as “I told you to be there earlier” could sound either friendly or unpleasant depending on the tone of voice you would adopt when reading it out loud. So, how would you then know how to take a message when you do not know the tone they were intended to have? Emojis are designed to express emotion (anything from anger, to hilarity, sadness, etc.) in a clear and unequivocal way.

Emojis are used to express the emotion or, if you like, the tone of voice on messages that could be taken to mean very different things. Therefore, they are used both to enhance the message but also to make it a lot clearer and avoid any potential misunderstandings.

A good way to think about stickers is as even more expressive and fun versions of emojis. So, if you find emojis a great way to express your emotions when you are sending instant or text messages on the Kik Messenger app or any other instant messaging app where they are available, you will find stickers even better. One of the main differences between emojis and stickers is the size of emojis. So, instead of thinking of them as small expressive icons, a good way of thinking about stickers is to consider them animations or illustrations that will enhance your messages or infuse them with more meaning.


So, How About Stickers on Kik Messenger?


In the previous section we talked about stickers rather generally so now we will talk about the stickers that you can specifically find on the Kik Messenger app.

If you are interested in checking out Kik Messenger stickers and perhaps even giving them a try on some of your chats, all you will have to do is visit the Kik store. There are to ways of getting hold of different stickers for the Kik Messenger app. When you visit the store you will notice that all the stickers come in packs and not individually. This does not mean that you cannot get Kik stickers individually. You will either be able to get the sticker or stickers that you are interested in individually or get whole packs of them.


The choice is solely yours. Also, you will be able to “mix and match” different stickers from different packs if you would like to be able to express a wider range or emotions or used different styles of animations. It is entirely up to you what kind of stickers you would like to use in your Kik chats. You have total freedom to mix and match as many different Kik stickers as you would like. Many users, however, prefer to use just one or two sticker packs because they like the style of the animations or illustrations included.

The selection of different sticker packs is phenomenal and keeps growing all the time. So, visiting the sticker store frequently is the only way of never missing out of the best and most exciting stickers available. Even if you already use Kik stickers is never a bad idea to go to the sticker store and see if there are any new or existing stickers that you could use in your Kik Messenger conversations.

How to Use Kik Stickers?

Now that you should already know what Kik stickers are and how to get them, it is time to go over the list of steps that you will need to take in order to use them on your chats.

So, what follows in this section is a brief tutorial on how to use stickers in your Kik chats. We will show you this in a simple step-by-step format. All you will need to do is follow the steps and before you know it you would have improved your Kik chats with great stickers.

  1. The first thing that you will need to do is to grab your smart phone or nay other mobile device that you use that is compatible with the Kik Messenger app.
  2. Then, you should open the Kik Messenger app, and log in if necessary. If you have recently used the Kik Messenger app in that same smart phone or smart mobile device you will most probably not need to log in again.
  3. Once you have launched the Kik Messenger app, you will head over to you main chats list.
  4. Then, simply find the Kik friend (or Kik group) chat you would like to use stickers with.
  5. Open the relevant chat or start a new one, as the case may be.
  6. When the moment arrives when you need to use a Kik sticker, tap on the smiley face icon located in the bottom right hand side of your screen, right next to the text field (i.e., the box where you type in your messages). This action will cause the tray with all the emojis, smiley faces, and stickers available to you display.
  7. If you have not gotten any stickers yet or would like to add new individual ones or a new pack of many, you will need to tap on the sticker shop icon located in the bottom right hand side of the smiley tray. This action will make the sticker menu display on your screen.
  8. The sticker menu will include all the different stickers and stickers packs that would be available to you. As explained earlier in this article you would be able to download a whole pack (or whole packs) of stickers or just pick individual ones from the different packs available and create your own unique pack.
  9. Select the packs you are interested in to check whether the stickers that you are interested in are free or if you would need to pay for them. Plenty of stickers are completely free but there are other premium packs that are only available if you pay for them. The premium stickers are more often than not created by third-party companies (i.e., not by Kik Messenger). Make sure that you either choose free stickers or stickers you can afford to buy.
  10. Once you have selected all the packs or individual stickers that you are interested in, simply tap on the “done” icon.
  11. After you have selected your new stickers and tap on the “done” icon, all your stickers will appear in the sticker tray that would display when you tap on the smiley face icon from any one of your new or existing chats.
  12. So, tap on the smiley face icon. Remember that this is located in the bottom right hand side of your screen, right next to the text field, and select the sticker that you would like to share.

As you can see getting new stickers and using them in your Kik chats is extremely easy. Once you have stickers in your tray the process gets even shorter and simpler. The great news is that, no matter what smart phone (iPhone, Android, etc.) you use, you will have access to lots of cool stickers.

If you have any questions about stickers for Kik or any feedback about this article, please remember to leave us a message in the comments section below.

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