Kik Team: Unusual Activity & Spam Reporting

Many people who use Kik messenger app are lucky enough to never experienced any trouble with it. But if you do, you should report unusual activity and spam to the Kik team. We are not just talking about technical difficulties but about experiencing any unusual activity or spam on their accounts. Unfortunately, the Kik messenger app is not immune to those problems. So it is quite possible to notice some of this or to be targeted by spam when you least expect it. The good news is that, although it can be quite inevitable to be targeted by spam or do you have a usual activity taking place on your Kik messenger account, there are things you can when he happens to you. The best way to deal with any of this is to use Kik team.


If you do not have a clue what Kik team is or what it can do for you, do not worry at all this is where we come in. In this article will explain to you what Kik team is what I can do for you. So, without much further ado, let’s begin!

What are Kik Bots?

Before we go into how to deal with spam and any other in usual activity on your Kik messenger app account, we must introduce Kik team. This is because Kik team is what will actually be of, by far, most help when it comes to dealing with any of this.


If you are a regular reader our website you have probably already read a few articles about c if you are a regular reader our website you have probably already read a few articles about Kik bots. We have written extensively about different kinds of Kik bots, such as beauty bots or those that you can use for fun.

Just in case you do not know what a Kik bot is, let us just go through the general idea because you will not understand what Kik team is unless you understand what Kik bots are.

Kik bots are a kind of chat enhancer that was introduced last year (2016). If you are put off by the term bots, perhaps because you associate this word to spam, do not worry. Kik bots are genuine and bona fide chat enhancers that have been designed to improve the Kik messenger app user experience.

Kik bots are all available for free at the Kik Bot Shop. If you head over to that store and have a look at all the available bots you will see that there are all kinds of them and they have all been helpfully organized by category. You can interact with bots on a one to one basis or you can also, if you so desired, include them into your chats with one or more other Kik messenger users. Depending on the kind of bought you may get weather information, translations, fashion tips, jokes, etc. from them.


So, now that you should know what Kik bots are or at least have a very general idea of what they can do we can go ahead and introduce Kik team.

What is Kik Team?

Kik team is a thought created by Kik interactive (that is the name of the Canadian company behind the Kik messenger app).

The point of Kik team is to help users with any questions they may have as long as they relate to using the Kik messenger app.

Even if you have never used a bot before, you sent Kik team is easy and, very often, also fun quotation even if you have never used a Kik bot before, you sent Kik team is easy and, very often, also fun! If you have just joined the Kik messenger app you probably have already encountered Kik team since its creation Kik team bot greets every new user. So if you have joined the Kik messenger app very recently you probably remember having been welcomed by it.


If Kik team where an actual Kik messenger or user, they would be by far the most popular one. Did you know that Kik team and deals with more than 45,000 new messages every single week?

But the purpose of the Kik team bot does not end after you sign up to the instant messenger app. You can always interact with him at anytime and ask any questions that you may have. You might ask Kik Team anything you want in some people just use it for fun. You can interact with it just exactly like you were interact with anybody else on the app. So you’re not really limited to just asking questions you can have a full on conversation with that as well.

Next time you are bored and none of your friends seem to be available, you can go ahead and interact with Kik team. Some people even like to think of Kik team as he or a she, rather than in it. If you have ever interacted with him or her or you probably understand why.

How Can Kik Team Help?

As much fun as using Kik team just to chat and kill time, the true value of Kik team is not on that. Kik team can also be used when you run into trouble using your application. Anything from span or anything unusual happens on your account, or anything technical that you experience, you should feel like you can go to Kik team for help. It is why it is there.

There is so much useful information that Kik team can assist you with that you may not even realize it. If you have any question at all, your first port of call should be in fact Kik team. If you ask Kik team to provide any information it does not have then it would direct you to the right place for it.

Whether you have a general question for it such as “how to deal with spam?” Or “how to block someone?” or something a lot more specific, the Kik team but will have the right answer for you.

Of course, if you do not find the answer that you are looking for or would like something in more detail you can always head to our website and search for an article or tutorial on whatever it is that is bugging you. Having said that, generally, you should find what you need by talking to the bot. Alternatively, you can also go to the help center.

One of the things that they can help you with is with spam. Spam, despite all efforts made to counteract it, it’s still a huge problem when it comes to the Kik messenger app and other apps or Internet activity. Unfortunately, spam gets more sophisticated and increasingly, therefore, more difficult to detect.

Normally, you will get spam on the Kik messenger app in the form of bots. But these are not the bots that you will find on the Kik bot shop. No, the spambots will mask themselves always as actual users. In fact, they very often make a big effort in appearing and sounding like real people. You may be chatting with a spambot right now thinking that you have made a new friend.

So how can you know if you are chatting to a spambot and not a person? You will have to be very cautious when you’re chatting to people you have never tried it before. Of course, the best way to avoid chatting to a spambot is not to except any chat requests from anybody you have not chatted to before in real life.

We realize that if you are using the Kik messenger app to meet new people and make new friends this is not a real possibility. You may be open to chat requests from people you meet on social media or elsewhere. This should be absolutely fine as long as you are duly cautious.

Here are some quick tips to avoid spam:

  • If you are chatting to someone that you do not know in real life do not reveal any personal information about yourself or anybody close to them, even if you do not have any reason to suspect you are chatting to a spambot. This includes never given your real full name, your relocation the name of your school or where you were, or any of that information about anybody close to you who may be used as a way to identify you.
  • Also, do not click on any links that other Kik messenger users sent you, unless you of course know them and trust them already. It is very common for spambots to send links out, which they use to phish for financial information.
  • Another way of recognizing them is that their English often sounds clunky and unnatural. You have to be careful with this one as many people whose first language is not English also use the Kik messenger app but it is very easy to distinguish between someone who has some difficulties expressing themselves in English and a bot that has been designed to sound friendly.

If you are targeted by spam and would like to report and block that account, leave the chat immediately and open a new one with Kik team. Ask them what to do, and they will tell you exactly the simple steps you will need to follow.

Have you already chatted with Kik team? If you would like to share your experience, why not leave us a message in the comment section below?

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