How To Make Friends On Kik And Meet Your Next Best Friend!

Out of the many great reasons to get the Kik Messenger app, perhaps the one that most appeals people is the possibility to make new friends. Kik Messenger is probably the best instant messaging app to meet new friends.


But how do you just go about making new friends on Kik?

Why Use the Kik Messenger App To Make Friends?

Most of us lead such busy lives that meeting new people has become increasingly more difficult.

It is true that there are many specialized apps and websites that can help you meet new people. But all those apps are geared toward helping you meet people for dating.


Now, not everyone wants to date. How about people who just want to make friends or, perhaps, keep things a lot more casual. It can be difficult for people to use those apps without feeling the pressure of huge expectations upon them.


So, using an instant messaging app like Kik Messenger can be a great alternative to this.

You can also use any of your social media networks (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) for this. But, the best way is to actually combine both your social media profile and your Kik Messenger.


But if you don’t have any social media presence (yes, believe it or not, some people do not have a Facebook or a Twitter account) or if you’re not comfortable using your social media networks to meet new people, then you can just use Kik Messenger.

How To Talk To New People of Kik Messenger

Talking to new people is the first step to making new friends on the Kik Messenger app.

And talking to new people is incredibly easy. But the best thing is that the potential is phenomenal. Why? Because millions of people around the world use Kik every single day. Kik Messenger is particularly popular with teenagers in the United States and other countries like the United Kingdom but, potentially, you could make friends from around the world.

Having said all that, some people are frustrated when they first log in and have no one to talk to. But if you follow our advice, you will be chatting with exciting new people in no time.


Of course, you could use Kik Messenger to chat with your existing friends. Just ask them for their user names, or scan their Kik code.

All, you could enable the Address Book matching feature so any of your contacts who also use the feature and they will be added automatically to your friends’ list. That way, all your contacts will be there for you to chat with whenever you choose.

But, how about chatting with new people? There are different ways to do this but let’s looking at how to combine social media and Kik Messenger to make new friends.

How To Chat With New Friends Using Kik And Social Media? 

This is by far the best and most effective way to make new friends is to use your social media presence to attract new people and then chat with them using Kik.

It does not really matter what social media platform your use. Basically, if you have an account on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, etc. you should be able to find new people to chat to on Kik Messenger easily.


Just share your Kik code on your social media profile or profiles; or your full Kik user name. That way, any new followers you get on social media will be able to chat with you on Kik too.

But how do you get followers who use Kik Messenger? Easy, just use a hash tag. You can just #Kik or #KikMessenger but you can also be more specific and add a hash tag like #KikGuys #KikGirls #Kikfriends or something similar.

If you want to join a group then you should also use the hash tags #Kikgroup or #Kikparty.

Now, if you are interested in the group idea you could start your own group and then collect participants by tweeting a call out using those hash tags. You may want to say what the groups is about or the kind of people that you expect to join. The best groups on Kik Messenger are those that have a specific theme so you may want to include the theme when you are trying to collect users.

The theme doesn’t have to too specific. It could be something as general as “single people”, “girls”, or as specific as any fandom you may belong to and of which you would want to meet other members.

If you want others to join your group or party, then make sure that you share the group’s Kik code on social media.

Find Kik Groups 

You could also search for groups on Kik Messenger. You do not need social media for that.


Social media only plays the part of advertiser here but really all you need to use is Kik Messenger. You can search for Kik groups using the search bar on key. Just enter a keyword (normally what you want the group to be about) and knock yourself off.

Feeling lucky? How about just searching for people randomly? You can use the search bar to look for other users. Just type up a few letters, and you should get a few hits of user names of different users. The great thing about the Kik Messenger search bar is that you will not need to enter full or exact user names to get some hits back.

So, as long as you enter the first few letters in any given user name, you should get some hits of user names belonging to people you could potentially chat and makes friends with.

I hope that these tips are useful and you find new friends on Kik Messenger soon. If you would like to share your own personal experience in meeting people on Kik with our readers or have any tips of your own, please leave us a message in the comments section below.

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