The Next Big Kik Update

Kik Messenger updates are regular and users are often a keen bunch. Most people who use the popular instant messenger app are constantly looking for updates. We know this because very often readers are drawn to this website in search of what is new for Kik messenger. This is probably because they know that they can rely on us to give them accurate and up-to-date information about one of their favorite apps but also because they know from experience that the Kik messenger app is constantly improving. So, very often users ask themselves when is the next big Kik update happening?


We are not fortunetellers, nor do we claim to be. We cannot look into the future and guess what will happen randomly. But we do have a lot of experience using and writing about using the Kik messenger app. In our experience, Kik interactive (the company behind the Kik messenger app) tends not to make big updates. This is nothing to be disappointed about, however, because it means that instead of doing one big announcement, there are almost always new things coming to the app.

We know full well that Kik interactive is constantly working on improving the Kik messenger app. This normally takes one of two shapes: they either improve on existing features making them even more awesome than they already are, or they release brand new features that greatly improve user experience. Either way, the Kik messenger app keeps getting better and better month after month.

So, since there is not really going to be a big update coming out anytime soon (because in the years that the Kik messenger app has been active it never has been the one), what we will do in this article is go over some of the most recent improvements that have been taking place as they and only they can give us an indication of where the Kik messenger app will be heading toward at least in terms of innovation and updates in 2017.


Video Chat


It was only in late 2016 that the Kik messenger app finally released a video chat feature. This may seem like a simple thing to you, particularly if you are used to the likes of Skype, however, it has been kind of a big deal for people who use Kik.

We have decided to put the Kik video chat on top of our list of recent innovations for two main reasons:

  • The first reason being that this feature was only released very recently 
  • The second reason being how revolutionary it has proved to be

But, mainly, in terms of Kik updates the fact that the app developers decided to release the video chat feature is a very good indication of where they are trying to take their app. For years, ever since its original release, the Kik messenger app has exclusively focused on text based messages. While it is true that the Kik messenger app also offered its users at the possibility of exchanging and sharing pictures, video and audio files before, its main focus was always text messaging. This strategy made the app very competitive vis-à-vis the likes of WhatsApp or WeChat. However, making text messages the center of its offer put the Kik messenger app at a disadvantage compared to other services such as FaceTime or Skype.


Based on this, we would predict that the video chat feature will continue to get improved and updated this year. More broadly, we would say that the Kik messenger app will most probably continue to expand its features to make it even more competitive not only with the more obvious competitors that we have mentioned but also to, let’s say, more “out there” messaging platforms such as Snapchat.

“Life becomes celebration when friends keep in touch, so let’s celebrate our life by keeping in touch with each other”

Chat Enhancers

We have written about different chat enhancers many times on this website. By chat enhancers we mean features such as stickers and bots. In other words, features that enhance your online conversations by adding more nuance to them or by making them simply more fun.

Kik bots, in particular, approved not just to be really popular but clearly a great focus for Kik interactive. Since their original release, Kik bots have been imitated by other apps, which is a great credit to cake which was the first one to introduce them. But, apart from this, we have witnessed how the Kik bots themselves improved over time and how much wider the offer at the Kik Bot Shop has grown over time as well. Although it may not seem so at first sight, the reasoning behind the introduction and constant improvement of Kik bots is similar to what prompted Kik interactive to finally allow Kik messenger users to chat to each other on cam. Behind both innovations in the constant updates, lies a new emphasis in trying to make the Kik messenger app more distinctive.


The instant messenger arena is a hugely crowded one. We could list literally hundreds of different instant messaging platforms, all vying for your attention. There are there more obvious ones (some of which we have already mentioned in this article) but there are dozens of others which may not be globally popular, but which may dominate some local or regional markets around the world. Some of them may seem kind of obscure in the United States or Western Europe at the moment but they may be growing they are at home base and bidding their time until the conditions occur for them to be released here as well.

Kik interactive is fully aware of this and about how competitive this all gets by the second. This is one of the reasons why the company keeps on innovating an update in their app. And it is also most definitely one of the reasons why we have been and continue to be huge fans of the Kik messenger app. Granted a lot of what the Kik messenger app does is also available on other apps. But it is very rare to find one that has so many awesome features. What we find with the others is that you will need to combine two or more different apps in order to have as many awesome teachers as you could just have just used the Kik messenger app.  

Expanse of this instant messaging app, we are constantly encouraged but when he seems to be the companies constant need to innovate. And, although if you are reading this article, you expect the company (or us) to be able to tell you when the next big update will take place, we actually expanse of this instant messaging app, we are constantly encouraged by what he seems to be the companies constant need to innovate. And, although if you are reading this article, you expect the company (or us) to be able to tell you when the next big update will take place, we actually think it is a plus that they never have a big releases or updates. There is a clear advantage of constant innovation and updating is that almost every time you launch the Kik messenger app to use it, you find that there is something new for you to enjoy your experience even more, or that something you already used has been greatly improved. This means that users do not get bored with the app and feel like they are always using something new and exciting. But not only that, means that because the police things gradually for any so-called big updates, nothing major ever goes wrong. 

The Kik messenger app is incredibly stable (it is not perfect, nothing ever is, so if you’re reading this and you are feeling that the kick messenger app is not as awesome as we are making out to be, you are entitled to your opinion). The Kik messenger has great technical support and you can always report to them anything that goes wrong with it when you are using it. Even, if the problem is not technical, if we just don’t know how to use the specific feature or if a member is bothering you, you can always report that to the Kik messenger app and they will do their best to help you. No matter how much they improve the app technically and however many update on existing features or you features they do launch (and, as we have said, they do this literally all the time) you can always rely on getting great service and you will never feel like you are dealing with some faceless app.

So, just to conclude kind of summarize the main drive of what we have been saying in this article, there is not going to be a big update as such but we do predict that video chat feature is going to continue to improve as are the chat enhancers. If you are reading this I have not yet used to video chat or interacted with some of the many different Kik bots available, why don’t you go ahead and give those features a try? You will not be disappointed.

If you have any feedback about this or any questions about Kik updates, please leave us a message in the comment section below!

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