How To Register For Kik & Sign Up Online

Depending on what device you’re using and how familiar you are with typical sign-up steps, it can be difficult to register for Kik so you can start to text your friends.


Below, I will walk you through some steps and tips to get you up and running using Kik Messenger, even if you don’t have a smartphone and don’t have an account.

I’ll also walk you through the standard Kik register process if you are new to iPhone, Android or Windows phone. I’ll also give some tips on coming up with a great username that shows your personality and is safe.

If you’re new to Kik Messenger, it’s basically an instant messaging app that allows you to send text messages to your friends completely over the internet so you won’t have to pay for text messages through your mobile carrier. You can use the in-app web browser, send stickers, play games, send pictures or video, and even group chat.


Kik Register Steps

You can follow these steps to sign up for Kik Messenger on an iPhone, iPad, Android device, or Windows Phone. If you find that you can’t register or it says “Oops. This is taking longer than usual. Please try again.” then that probably means your internet connection is bad. Try to get on a different internet connection or go to a different area. You can also try to force quit the app and open it again or delete and reinstall the app.

kik register steps

  1. First, go to the app store on your phone and tap on the search icon. Search for “Kik Messenger” and tap the install button. Note, you may need to enter your email address and password.
  2. Now that you’ve gotten Kik on your phone, go ahead and open it and you will see the home screen has the option to sign in or “create new account” which is what you want. Go ahead and tap on it.
  3. You will need to enter in some personal information, including your first and last name, your chosen Kik username, email address, and a password of your choosing.
  4. You can take a photo with the phone’s camera or select a previous one to have a profile photo and tap the “Register” button to complete the signup process.

Username TIP: When you enter in your Kik username you are stuck with that username as long as you want to activate that account. Unfortunately, you cannot change the username associated with the account. Also, it may be easy for people to mistake you for someone else, or for creepy people to message you. Therefore, I suggest coming up with a username that is both unique to who you are, but also hard to guess. It’s best to add a few numbers in there if you don’t already have any.

Password TIP: You should make sure your username and password both are hard to guess. A good and strong password will be at least 8 characters, have lowercase letter and uppercase letter and include numbers. A good strategy is to make your password a combination of letters or 3 words with numbers sprinkled in there.


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Register Kik Online

As you may know, Kik Messenger does not currently have an online version of their app. That doesn’t stop us, however, as there is a quick and easy and free workaround that will let you text people online.

The best option is to use an Android emulator that will mimic an Android device and allow you to use the app anywhere on a PC, Mac or online. The best emulator out there is Andyroid in our opinion. However, other good options are Manymo and BlueStacks. All three have pluses and minuses that are covered in the Android emulator comparison article on this site.

Both Andyroid and BlueStacks will require you to download the apps onto your computer and then to install Kik onto the apps. This method is more stable and easier to use if you plan to access Kik from that computer regularly. However, if you want to truly register for Kik online you can use Manymo, which is an online emulator.


Follow the steps provided for the given emulator to install the software or launch the emulator online. One thing to note is that you will need to download Kik .apk file, which is the software file. To get this, you have to have a registered Google Play account. So make sure you sign up for Google Play and verify an Android device on the account.

After you get it up and running the registration process is the exact same online or on your PC or Mac than it is on an iPhone or Android mobile device. In fact, it should be the exact same as on Android as the app’s whole purpose is to emulate an Android.

Do you have any other tips for registering for Kik Messenger? Have you had luck using the normal app or using one of the emulator options above? Let us know if you have tips or tricks that can help the readers make the process easier and quicker. Remember to never download an apk file from an unknown source as it could contain a virus and infect your computer or smartphone.


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