Do You Want to Save Your Kik Messages?

Being able to send and receive instant messages is great! There is something really appealing about the immediacy of it. But there is also something slightly sad about how quickly some messages are forgotten. With the Kik Messenger app not only can you send and receive text messages but also GIFs and other images, audio and video files, etc.


Some messages are certainly worth saving, so if you are wondering how best to do this, in this article we will go over everything you will need to do about this. We will give you tips and ideas about Kik messages, why you should consider saving them, and how best you should go about doing this.

Are Kik Messages Worth Saving?

“You know you love someopne when you save their texts and re-read them when on one is watching.”- Anonymous

The answer to that question would depend on how you use the Kik Messenger app. In any case, it is obvious that not every single message that is sent and received on the instant messaging app is worth saving.



It is worth considering also that there are many different kinds of Kik messages. When talking about Kik messages, many people would just think of text messages but Kik messages can be a lot more than that, as they include many different types of media too. Therefore, depending on what kinds of messages you would like to save, you would use a different method.

We will go into the different methods of saving messages in the next section of this article. Before we do so, let’s discuss some of the reasons why certain Kik Messages are worth saving.

The first reason has to do with the content of the messages you receive. As more and more people rely on instant messaging apps, the usage of more “traditional” methods such as SMS or email has severely declined. What this means, among other things, is that all kinds of information is now sent via Kik Messenger and other instant messaging apps. If you receive any important information that you will need access to at a later date, you should save it for your reference as if you then receive many other new messages from the same person that piece of important information might quite easily become buried in dozens or hundreds of much less important messages. Ideally, you would save any important messages as soon as you receive them so you can get access to them when you need them.

What do we mean by important information? I could be anything from contact information (email or mailing addresses, telephone numbers), to anything that is dear to you (a specific picture), a recipe or instructions on how to do something,… Basically, anything that you consider important will always be worth considering saving. Because of this the decision to save a message or not is entirely personal.


This, of course, applies as much to text messages to any other kind of messages.

How Can You Save Your Kik Messages?


As we said early there are different ways or methods to save your messages depending on the kind of message that you are talking about.


One thing is always the same, though, there is no official way to save your messages on the Kik Messenger app. Luckily, the ways to work around this problem are very simple once you know what to do. And this is where we come in.

  • If you need to save an image you can just take a screen capture using your device. Some devices are different, but generally if you press the home button and the turn on/off button for several seconds at the same time. You should here a slight click sound so that you know the screen has been captured. You should then by able to see the caption on your gallery.
  • If you would like to save text messages (or any other kind), you would need to know depending on what smart phone or mobile device you are using. There are always a number of messages that are automatically saved for a limited amount of time only. The number of messages automatically saved and the amount of time those messages are saved for depends greatly on the device you are using.
    • If your device is an Android, the Kik Messenger app will save your 600 latest Kik messages for 48 hours, and 200 messages older than that. This means that any messages send and received are saved until you have exceeded 200 messages (between those sent and received), only up to 600 will be saved for two days only.
    • If, however, you use an iOS device such as an iPhone or an iPod, the Kik Messenger app you will be able to have access to a different amount of “old” messages. With an iPhone or an iPod, as many as 1000 messages will be saved as long as the messages belong to conversations that have been active (or “alive”). This is an important thing to remark because it means that if you have older conversations (i.e., conversations where no messages have been sent or received within 48 hours), only up to 500 messages will be automatically saved. So, for conversations that are within the last 48 hours, up to 100 messages will be saved, for older conversations, up to 500 messages will be automatically be saved at any given time. This also means, of course, that some messages that had been previously saved will be deleted and replaced by newer ones.

Android and iOS devices are the best ones in terms of how many messages are automatically saved. For any other devices, such as Blackberry or Windows Phone or any other, the amount of older messages that saves automatically is, unfortunately much lower. If you have a smart phone or mobile device that is not Android or iOS, the Kik Messenger app will only be able to save up to 100 messages in each of the conversations you have, no matter how old or recent or how long the conversations have been alive for.

Another thing to bear in mind that applies to all the different devices is that group conversations are included in these messages counts. So, if you belong to many active groups, you will find that you reach the limit of messages saved easily because, as we have said, all messages sent and received count.

Messages are never automatically saved to your device. Instead, they are saved to the app itself. This means, among other things that, if you decide to delete the Kik Messenger app for any reason you will lose all those automatically saved messages and any ongoing conversations. That is why it would be a very good idea to save any messages you would like to keep directly on to your device if you are also planning to delete the Kik Messenger app from your device.

The best way to do so would be by taking a screen shot of any messages that you would like to save. That way, whenever you would like to check your saved messages all you would have to do is to go to your smart phone or mobile device photo gallery. The Kik messages you would have taken screen shots of would be saved there among all your pictures and videos. In that instance, your Kik messages would be saved to your device and not the app so you would need to be aware of any storage limitations. It is very easy to come up against storage problems if you download and install several apps or save many pictures and videos (particularly videos).

Also, if the Kik messages you save are really dear to you, you will need to make sure that you back your phone up. This, of course, should apply to any other important files (pictures, video, etc.) that you save to your device. If you do not back up your mobile device you will lose everything in case it is stolen or broken. If you lose the Kik messages you have saved you will not be able to recover them ever. This is because Kik Messenger does not keep any messages other that the ones automatically save that have a time stamp on them, as it were, and which, also as we explained earlier, are completely lost if you delete the app from your device.

So, although there is not an official method of saving your Kik messages beyond the ones that are automatically saved to the app, depending on the device you use, messages can easily be saved. The important things to remember are a) that the messages you save will take up space on your smart mobile device and b) that you need to ensure you back up your mobile device regularly so that you avoid losing any important files, including any saved Kik messages.

You may never need to save any messages other that the automatically saved by the app but, if you ever do, at least now you know how to do it. What is up to you now is to decide what messages to save. If you save some of your Kik Messages, how do you decide which ones to save? Why don’t you share your tips with other readers in the comment section below?

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