How To Send Kik Video Messages

Kik is emerging as everybody’s favorite new thing. Millions of people currently use it and find it incredibly immersing. The attractiveness of Kik has to do with its entertainment value; filled with contact options and other technical necessities, the opportunities seem endless. Best of all, it is free. Most people would compare Kik with Internet messengers like AOL and Yahoo since it includes many comparable concepts. However, the amazing thing about Kik is that it continues to evolve and improve, and goes beyond the basic idea of an Internet messaging program. For instance, did you know Kik can also send video messages as well as images? Now, are you wondering how to send Kik video messages? First, you need to learn a bit about Kik.


What Is Kik?

So, what is Kik? Kik is a messaging program that allows a user to send and receive as many instant messages and media as he or she likes, as long as the people on the receiving end also have Kik accounts. The messenger uses a phone’s data plan to send the messages and data. Many individuals enjoy using it as a more enjoyable and entertaining way to communicate with others. It provides a new and fun way to replace boring Email messages, for instance, with media messages. Do you want to know how popular Kik has become? See Is Kik on Fire?



There is a lot of entertainment value behind the concept of Kik. People can personalize messages much more by using their voices, pictures, or videos to add a bit of spice to their communication. Many users find that Kik provides an increased amount of personalized communication value between them and their friends and family, something that can often be both humorous and priceless. Who wouldn’t want to feel more connected to their friends and family by simply taking the simple extra step of using Kik? The communicative value of the tool for personalized communication is making it a popular alternative to text communication. If you are curious to know more about what Kik means to its users, check out What is Kik Me?

Cellular Bills

My cell phone bill and my cable gets cut off all the time. Not because I don’t have the money, but because I just forget to pay my bills.- Erin Cummings

Many also use it to avoid high cellular bills—because it allows for unlimited text messaging to other Kik users; some people use the app to replace text messages if their cell phone plan has a text sending limit. Others, however, simply use it for the fun and entertainment value, as it can be much more enjoyable to get a video or audio message sent from a person instead of a flat text or Email message. One thing Kik certainly does is add character and personality to all messaging concepts. The entertainment value of Kik is certainly incomparable to the entertainment value of a text message or simple, plain email.

If you haven’t gotten started yet with Kik, and would like to, there are a lot of great advice guides that can walk you through the installation process step by step. One great website that guides users through this process, with pictures, is the Kik Wiki How. Using this website should help get you started if you do not already have the application, so you can better utilize the pointers in this article.


Kik and Video Sharing

One of the most internationally loved concepts Kik encompasses is its media sharing capabilities. Users can share not only photos but videos and other types of media, including voice recordings. On the Kik application, there is a small plus (+) button on the left. This little button is any user’s best friend; it provides instant access to the ability to share all kinds of media attachments. Also included in the application is a handy gallery. The gallery is beneficial to users because it allows them to spread their media glory through the video or picture messenger features associated with the app.


With so many features and choices, how can a person utilize some of the entertaining media sharing on Kik? Read on and learn exactly how to get in on the fun by sharing media through Kik Messenger.

Gallery Sharing

  1. First, you need to get the app if you do not already have it. So download Kik here.
  2. Next, get familiar with your phone’s gallery. All smartphones have a gallery area where both pictures and videos you have taken store themselves. You will be able to access the video files you need to send through Kik in your phone’s gallery.
  3. Make sure to open your Gallery (Android) or Photos (iOS)
  4. Whatever video you wish to share with your friends then needs to be selected. To select it correctly, hold down the video’s icon, and that will allow you to select it on your phone.
  5. Next, you want to go to the share button, which you can find on top of your phone screen. A menu of choices will then appear, and you want to pick out Kik Messenger from that list.
  6. You have to decide then upon the conversation you are going to upload the file into. After picking this, you will then have the option to play around and have some fun with the video, adding emoji’s, captions, or other fun concepts to the video.
  7. Last, press the send button. You’ve now successfully sent your video to your recipient.

Sharing Videos From The Kik App

  1. In your phone, find Kik Messenger, then go to the conversation you wish to send videos in.
  2. Next, click on the plus sign discussed earlier to share your video
  3. In your gallery, you need to select the file you wish to share. You will either see this in a new window, or you will need to make sure your phone takes you back to your gallery.
  4. If you are sharing a video you want to create on the spot, just click on the camera icon, and you can create a totally new video to share. This concept allows you to record right in Kik of you wish, and you also get to witness a preview before sending.
  5. Last, hit the chat icon to send the video to the recipient.

Which is Better?

Most users report that the gallery sharing method is the better approach to share videos through Kik. Gallery sharing appears to be more time efficient, whereas sharing from the app takes users a bit more time to setup and share. Whichever route taken is ultimately up to the user and his or her needs and comfort level at the time. Either way, the user winds up with the same ending: a successfully sent Kik video file.

Some Pointers

Use a Newer Phone

To use Kik, a user needs to have a newer phone. Outdated phones are not as likely to be able to utilize Kik successfully, especially if the phone is older than the creation of the app. However, one nice thing is that the older phone can still have videos sent directly to it.

Watch File Size

Another problem is that you need to watch the file size of your videos. Some videos are simply too large to be successfully sent through Kik. It is a best practice to get used to trimming all of the video files sent on Kik, and make sure to preview the video before sharing it. If you are not sure how to do this, it’s quite a simple process. You can press down and hold the video you wish to edit in your gallery, and open Kik’s edit video option. From there, you can experiment with your video and edit it to your heart’s content.

Cell Phone Data

Also, remember that Kik pulls on your cell phone’s data usage to send files. You need to make sure your data plan can handle what you are sending to utilize best Kik. If you aren’t careful and share too many data messages, you can increase the price of your data plan. While the video, audio, and pictures are fun to send, always be wary of staying in the bounds of your data usage plan. Remember, the simple text messages to another Kik user are supposed to be there to save you money.

Start Sharing Kik Videos!

When you first set up Kik and start sharing video and audio files with your friends and family, remember to simply “go for it” and have a good time. There are many advantages to using these personalized messages when you share your ideas and concepts with others. Video file sharing certainly offers a strong personal advantage over, say, sharing an ordinary text message or Email. One of the best things about using the video features of Kik is that it allows you to share some of the best moments you have with those closest to you. What is even nicer is that they can replay the video anytime they miss you.

Now that you have learned how to send Kik video messages enjoy it. Video sharing is a priceless feature for those who are close to each other personally but live far apart in distance. With Kik video sharing, you can create and re-create moments in time you want to share with those that are living at a distance, so they never have to miss a thing. On the other hand, if you are sharing videos, you are also most likely to receive them from others. So you, too, will always be in the loop with your family and friends, no matter how many miles separate you from them.

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