How To Use Kik Messenger On WiFi Only

Kik messenger is one of the most popular messaging apps with a million of active users around world today. It is an instant messaging app that is available for all Android, iOS, and Windows operating system. The messenger is modelled after blackberry messenger. It enables the users to share photos, videos and text messages in real time over data connections and Wi-Fi networks. The app is known for its privacy and the unique feature that does not allow other users to locate each other; it has over two hundred million users with over 40 % based in the United States.


Kik Messenger has not established its own active, supportive means to send and receive files online. But this does not stop the users from accessing it online as they use other emulators to pass their way around that challenge. Unlike many other messaging apps that offer the premium of one-time subscription version, Kik is completely free to download although some data charges incur during its use. It utilizes the existing data plan or Wi-Fi to send and receive messages and other related things.

How to use Kik Messenger on Wi-Fi only

It doesn’t matter if it’s a wireless or wired network. I think network management can be introduced that is equally sensible.- Vint Cerf

When the user is using a data plan, the cost they incur is regulated by their wireless network provider. But when the users are using Wi-Fi, the data plan is free [1]. However, some networks block users from accessing their favourite website or apps. For instance in schools, they prevent students from having full access to the Wi-Fi hoping the restriction will make the student more productive. Education is passed through learning and interacting with other people. Some sites like YouTube, which offer great video tutorials that are educative, are blocked and users cannot access them. Certain things need to be put in consideration when the user wants to use Kik Messenger on Wi-Fi on their PC or smartphones, but there are restrictions.



Using a smartphone: This is done through a mobile VPN called The Hotspot Shield. It connects the user’s device to the network provider and connects to their servers. The user then searches for all their need through the servers and the feedback is sent back to the user in an encrypted form that will enable their servers unable to block. The app is very safe as it works on encrypting data sent and received by the user. The app has a trial version and a premium subscription.

Using a PC: it is quite difficult, but it can be managed. The user may download and install the hotspot on the computer and uninstall it after each session has ended. These computers are usually in a deep freeze, and they are reset to their default state automatically after a period. The process will erase all the traces of the uninstalled files.

Using Wi-Fi on Kik Messenger to send video files


The user has to enable their Internet Access or Wi-Fi connection on their smart phone devices. Unlike other messenger apps, Kik has unique features that allow the user to edit video files before sending them. From the interface, the user should click the + button. The user should choose a recent video and or use the camera option to take a new video. If the user wants to trim the screen, the video edit option opens immediately and allows the user to edit the video. To send the video, the user should tap the chat bubble and send it.


The app allows the user to trim a saved video and preview it before sharing it.

Users with iOS device have the option to cut and edit their videos before posting it on the message type field. Videos, which are over two minutes long, should be cut before sending. Users can always swipe right from the phone’s gallery to access the camera feature. Video lovers will also be able to preview videos once they are done a recording. If they fail to get a photo they love, say a safe side, they could always tap the following icon on the bottom left corner to begin the session again. Access to gallery photos and videos that are recent has been made as easy as clicking the picture. To see more requires just a tap of the icon on the top right corner. The name of the album will appear at the head of the screen. Another collection can be selected by tapping the drop down arrow. Users using an old Android version will be able to receive videos and photos but will not be able to send them.


Meaning of “Connection Failed” message? (IOS)

This message indicates that the internet connection cannot be established. Some tips can be used to rectify this problem. First, confirm that the Wi-Fi connection on the user’s device is functioning. Switch on and off the links on the iOS setting. The user can opt for the data plan if Wi-Fi is not working properly. Turn on the Wi-Fi connection when using Kik by first disabling the cellular data connection on the device. Refresh the link after force closing the app and switching it on. Force closing the app will require the user to double-click on the Home button to display previews of the running apps then the user swipes until they locate Kik app. Swipe on the Kik app’s preview and shut it down. Re-opens the Kik app, it should have established a connection.

When the Wi-Fi connection is poor users cannot log into their Kik account. However, the user can perform simple actions to strengthen the connection. Switch off then back on the current connection on the users’ device. After this step, the user can switch to Wi-Fi by disabling the data plan on the device. If the connection is still weak, the users can then move to a different Wi-Fi network and see the results. Then the user can force close the app and open it again. The process is like a walk in the park, for smartphones users and those who have the app on their PCs or Mac.

WI-FI security and encryption

Some messengers have incurred the wrath of the users due to lack of security especially when used over a public WI-FI networks. Kik provides anonymity over such networks and makes it impossible for hackers top detect the user’s IP address. The lack of phone numbers and the fact that Kik can be used across all spectrums of mobile phones make it very attractive to users. The lack of cell phone number increases privacy among users over public networks. Users of the messenger only share screen names and no email address or phone numbers. Another feature that has developed for uses interface has been the development of the blurring function. This feature blurs the message from strangers and gives the user the option to view or block visitors. The block prevents cross-app and ensures privacy is enhanced in public networks. The users’ safety and confidentiality is therefore guaranteed while using Kik messenger app on Wi-Fi.

A new feature has been developed where users can share web content; this was a result of a new feature where the messenger generates Kik code names for the users, which allowed them users to connect and chat. This feature is important for people in public networks and they can easily share information from what they are accessing on the internet.

Playing Kik Games Online

Playing games online may require a lot of data and a robust connectivity for the smooth running of the games. Using High-Speed Wi-Fi is the most suitable means of the users enjoying the best of Kik games such as Kill, Marry, Kiss, Wasabi, and words with friends. Kik offers a wide array of online games to suit every age. The design of this chat app is just fantastic and with free connectivity from Wi-Fi, it becomes remarkable.

Common Wi-Fi related problems on Kik Messenger

Sometimes when the app user is connected to Wi-Fi the messenger can keep on promoting this message, “Connection failed” or “Network Unavailable”. This indicates that the device cannot connect to the intended servers. The user should make sure the device in use has an active connection and try again [2]. This problem is usually experienced by users who are using I-pod to connect the Kik messenger on WI-FI although other devices may also experience the problem.


The user should go to the device settings, select the WI-FI prompt and then select the network in use. The user should click the button that is next work to the current system in use; >. Then they should scroll down to the option “renew lease” and accept. This process usually works on many devices.


Wi-Fi enables users to explore the full potential of Kik Messenger as they can send and receive large files like videos and audios without worrying about the charges of the service providers. But like any other program, it is bound to some failures, but users can navigate around it to make it function properly. Kik is a well-designed app that integrates with Wi-Fi connection.

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