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The Kik Messenger app is one of the most popular instant messaging apps around. But there is so much more that can be done with Kik. One of the best features available is Kik video. Yes, users can send and receive video files whether they use their smart phones or any other compatible mobile device for Kik.


Sharing videos on Kik Messenger is a great way to make using Kik even more fun. Of course, we are not saying that sending and receiving video files on Kik Messenger should be (or even could be) a substitute for exchanging text messages. If you already use Kik video, you probably will not need us to explain the advantages of sharing video files. But, if you have never done so or would like to get more tips, then read on!

You can think about this article almost as a tutorial on how to make and share videos for Kik Messenger. But, you could also think of it also as tips for making the most of Kik video.


Videos Are Fun!

Before we go into how you would go about sending and receiving video files on Kik Messenger, it might be a good idea to talk a little bit about some of the main benefits of engaging into this activity.


You could think of videos as “chat enhancers”. Whether you want to use them as “ice breakers” or to move the conversation along, sharing videos on the Kik Messenger app can greatly enhance your online chats.

There are, basically, two kinds of videos that you can share on Kik Messenger: self-made videos (i.e., videos that you make with you smart phone or mobile device and then share with one or several of your Kik friends), or videos that you source from elsewhere online.

Kik Messenger gives users the chance to sending videos without any further comment or including text messages on the videos you send. In that sense, sending videos is no different to sending picture files that can also be sent with a written caption or not. Whether to send a video with or without caption is entirely up to you but you should always consider whether the video will be understood in the way to intend to without a caption or not before you send it.

How To Send Video Files on Kik Messenger



The process of sending video files on the Kik Messenger app is slightly different depending on the model of your device and its OS (mobile operating system).

The good news is that all of the devices compatible with the Kik Messenger app let you receive videos. And almost all of them also let you send them out. The only exception to this is older Android devices. If you have an old Android device you will not be able to send out video files, although you will be able to receive them from other Kik users.

As long as you have a newer version of an Android smart phone, and iOS device (either an iPhone or an iPod) or any other device compatible with Kik Messenger, you will be able to both send and receive videos.

“We’re operating in a world where one good video can lead to a massive social following.”- Mike Henry

If you are not sure whether your device will let you send videos on Kik, the best way to find out is to follow these steps and see how far you get. If you already know that your device lets you send and receive video on Kik, then you can follow these steps in order to learn the most effective and straightforward way of doing so:

  1. The first thing that you would need to do is to is to get hold of your mobile device or smart phone.
  2. Then, launch the Kik Messenger app.
  3. Find the chat (group or individual) where you would like to share a video. Of course, you may just want to create a new chat to send the video but if you want to share a video with someone with whom you have been already chatting recently you can just go ahead and open your existing chat.
  4. Once you have opened the chat in question, find the plus icon (“+”). This icon is on the left hand side of your screen, right next to the area where you type in your text messages.
  5. Clicking the plus icon (“+”) displays a few different options for you to choose from. One of the options would be to attach any video files that you have previously saved in the device you are using. The other main option would be to turn your device’s camera on and record your own video on it straightway. Let’s talk about the first option: if you have saved any video off the internet, someone else sent you a video and you saved it onto your device, or you previously recorded a video using your device’s camera and then proceeded to save it, you would be able to attach it to any of your individual or group chats. Just beware of others’ privacy here.

If someone sent you a video that they made themselves, you should not send it to anybody else unless you have been given permission by the person who made it. In fact, you should not even safe a video that someone else made unless they have given you permission to do so. Now, if you would like to make your own video and send it you are free to do so as long as you know the other person would like to see it. If you are not sure, you can only ask them before you send them your video. If you do choose to make a video there and then, you would need to tap the camera icon. Once your mobile camera has been turned on, simply press down the record button for as long as you would like the video to last while you shoot it.

  1. The next step in the process would involve editing your video. This is purely to do with length. If your video exceeds 2 minutes in length you would have to edit it in order to make it shorter. Kik Messenger cannot currently cope with videos that are longer than 2 minutes. This is not something you should worry about a lot when shooting a video. If any of your videos is over 2 minutes long, Kik Messenger will not be able to send it but you will get a warning and the chance to edit it down for length there and then when trying to send it.
  2. Once you have either recorded or found the saved video that you would like to send, and edit it down if necessary, all that would be left to do is to send it. Sending video files could not be any easier. All you would need to do is to tap the “chat bubble” in the bottom right are of the screen.

Deciding to send on a video that you have found online is very often a no-brainer. Kik Messenger makes this even easier than other apps of its kind because it has an in-built web browser. This allows users to be online while they chat to their friends on Kik. In this case, users are also able to find and share videos they find through the in built web browser directly.

By far, most Kik Messenger users prefer to make their own videos and share them straightaway with their friends. If nothing else, this is the most spontaneous way of using Kik video and enhancing your chats. There are a lot of creative ways to use Kik video. The one you choose would depend on the nature of your Kik chats.

The fact that making your own videos and sending them to your friends straightaway in a spontaneous manner does not necessarily mean (or, at least, it should not) that your videos should be totally improvised and of a poor quality. No one is expecting you produce a potential Oscar winning piece, but there is no reason why you should share a video you made that you are not entirely satisfied with in terms of content and form.

Once you have shot and edited down a video on Kik Messenger, a preview will automatically play on your smart mobile device. What this effectively means is that you will not be able to send a video you have not seen first. If, after seeing the preview of the video you had just made, you find that you are not happy with it, you can always delete it and shoot a new one. To do, simply tap the back icon on your screen and start again following the steps we went through earlier.

But, what about previewing videos (or pictures) that you had previously shot? This is really simple too. All you would need to do is to launch the gallery tray on Kik. If you have not sorted your videos and pictures into different folders, they will all be organized as “recent”. If you have different files and you would like to keep the in order, we would recommend you create different folders.

Do you send and receive videos on Kik Messenger? If the answer is yes and you would like to share your experience with our readers, leave us a comment in the section below.

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